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Date Night with Your Dog: Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

dog restaurants in los angeles ayara thai cuisine
Ayara Thai Cuisine
When was the last time you invited your dog out for night on the town? When we go to a bar or restaurant, they’re usually stuck at home, dreaming up the next great American novel and suffering from a lack of typing skills (doomed to never write it). Or maybe they’re just sleeping. Regardless, rarely do they get to just hang out with their humans at a cool spot. Below are some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles where both your two- and four-legged friends can enjoy good food, good scenery, and a nice change of pace.

Ayara Lūk

If you’re looking for incredible Thai food, look no further. Ayara Lūk is a pop-up eatery in connection with Ayara Thai, which is currently being remodeled. You and your pup are welcome to hang out on the fantastic patio, tucking into Thai food inspired by family recipes with first-generation American influences. The roasted duck flatbread should not be missed, but save room for the ice cream tacos made with crispy waffle shells stuffed with dairy-free coconut ice cream and mixed fruits. Even your dog gets a delicious meal: house-made doggie treats. Plus, all of the ingredients are environmentally-conscious.

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The Standing Room

Maybe you and your dog are beach bums. The Standing Room is for both of you, with locations at Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. The covered patio is the perfect place for Fido to recharge after a day on the coast. Stick with the sea theme and try the Oscar Sammie with soft shell crab, avocado, onion, and Thai crab mayo. Or, if you want more turf than surf, the Napoleon Burger is unparalleled: caramelized onions, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, smoked gouda, American cheese, braised short ribs, Korean aioli, tomato jam, and truffle parmesan fries. The Standing Room has live music Wednesday through Saturday, and a perfectly paired cocktail and beer list.

Doma Kitchen

Located in Marina del Rey, this delicious, cozy restaurant has a great patio that’s perfect for people- and dog-watching. The food at Doma Kitchen uses a fusion of Eastern European and Central Asian cooking methods — and culinary inspiration from the owners’ treks around the world — making it one of the more inventive menus you’ll come across in Los Angeles. Every dish is made from scratch, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and house-made spices. Try the lamb stroganoff or the “plov” braised rice, which features Uzbek-style spiced rice served with tomatoes and onion relish; add on chicken, lamb, or meatballs. The chicken “pelmenti” soup is also worth a mention — after all, when was the last time you had Siberian-style stuffed dumplings? The breakfast menu is equally delicious, with dishes like eggs Benedict served on latkes and eight-layer Russian honey cake. Just be prepared for the begging eyes from your favorite dog.

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