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Kuju Coffee is Delicious Pour-over Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

Kuju Coffee
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pourover coffee is delicious, and really satisfying to make, but it’s not exactly portable. If you’re on the road, or camping, or hell, even at work, you’re likely relegated to drinking instant coffee or overly expensive coffee shop stuff you have little control over. Kuju Coffee changes all that! They created the Pocket Pourover.

The idea came from two brothers who are also Eagle Scouts: Jeff and Justin Wignua, who have a deep love of the outdoors. And coffee. They developed something so simple and so ingenious you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it forever. Each light, slim package of Kuju Coffee contains the coffee and their small pour-over mechanism. With a bit of hot water and a few minutes, you have a freshly brewed cup of coffee with all the delicacy and control pour-overs allow.

Kuju Coffee
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Kuju’s coffee comes in three varieties: Bold Awakening, Base Camp, and Angels Landing. The darkest is the Bold Awakening, which has low acidity and a full body, with flavors like dark cocoa and dried berries. It’s roasted in small batches and can handle even less than perfect water temperatures without sacrificing taste of consistency. Base Camp is the middle of the road for Kuju: it’s medium acidity with a full body and flavors like honey, chocolate, and surprisingly, oak. It’s made up of a blend of Direct Trade Arabica beans. And finally you’ve got their Angels Landing, which as the name suggests, is on the lighter, sweeter side. It’s floral, nutty, and citrusy, making it a great option if tea just isn’t cutting it for you at the moment.

All of Kuju’s coffee is conscientiously sourced. They wanted their high-quality coffee to make a positive impact on the world, especially on the farmers growing our beloved coffee. A lot of times this means using farms that the coffee industrial complex has overlooked of various reasons. The Wignua brothers found a farm in Thailand that employs former sex trafficking victims where they get the majority of their beans.

Our national parks also benefit thanks to Kuju. The outdoors is a passion for the Wignua brothers and is partly responsible for their invention, so it’s no surprise they’re working to protect it. One percent from each purchase of Kuju goes directly to the National Park Foundation.

When you drink Kuju Coffee you’re not just getting a perfect, delicious pourover coffee literally anywhere– you’re helping people live better lives and protecting our vital national parks.

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