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Ketchup Leather is a Real Thing and It’s Weirdly Amazing

Ketchup Leather
Ketchup leather / Ketchup
You order a burger– it arrives in all its heaping, meaty goodness. But you’re not two bites in when it starts gushing ketchup, covering your fingers and face and missing the burger entirely. Or, worse yet, it soaks into the bun, destabilizing it until it crumbles into your hands.

We might’ve had to endure that world longer still except for the culinary wizardry at Plan Check in Los Angeles. It’s a casual hang out offering upscale American fare with incredible whiskey menu and a great list of craft beers. They also offer some pretty phenomenal burgers, like the Southern Fry, which has smokey fried chicken, spicy pimento cheese, duck breast ham and pickles.

They also have Ketchup Leather. It’s the brainchild of executive chef Sean Yontz, and, well, we’ll let him take it from here.

What is Ketchup Leather?

Our ketchup leather consists of housemade ketchup, which we dehydrate in the oven at a low temperature and then slice into a square resembling a slice of American cheese.

How did you come up with the idea?

Our team wanted to bring a new texture and taste to Plan Check’s burgers while also preventing our crunch buns from getting too soggy.

Does it melt once on the burger or will the texture be different?

Our ketchup leather melts once it’s added to any burger right off the grill.

How do you feel it improves the burger?

Since our ketchup leather is dehydrated, its tomato taste is more concentrated and flavorful.

How much did you have to experiment with the process before you found the perfect recipe?

When it comes to our burgers, we definitely like to put our own spin on classic toppings—like our kimchi mustard and grilled schmaltz onions—so we spend time tweaking our recipes until we perfect their flavor and texture.

Any plans for mustard leather or any other condiments?

We offer Sriracha leather too, which we add to our Pork Belly Benedict during weekend brunch.

What’s been the response to Ketchup Leather?

Our new and recurring guests are huge fans of ketchup leather. LA locals especially are always game to try out fresh and different experiences.

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