Explore Game Of Thrones’ Best Filming Locations Thanks to CheapOair

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It’s August and Winter is officially here. At least in Westeros, and while there’s a fair amount of bloodshed and scheming in the world of the HBO hit Game of Thrones, you gotta admit, it usually happens in gorgeous places. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Daenerys, Arya, Tyrion, or even Samwell, CheapOair can help get you there without needing a loan from the Iron Bank.

Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead. Though the deals and hotels we’re going to talk about are based on travel from October 15th, 2017 to October 20th, 2017, (other dates may be available) so read fast. Also, obviously, this is all subject to availability and wouldn’t it be great, but taxes and fees are not included.

Spain has played host to a number of filming locations for the show, famously stepping in as Essos, the land across the Narrow Sea. A bullring in Osuna was transformed into the fighting pit of Meereen. The scenes with young Ned at the Tower of Joy were filmed at the Castle of Zafra in Spain’s Guadalajara province. Samwell Tarly’s home, Horn Hill, found the perfect location in Castell de Santa Florentina in Catalonia, a remarkable castle built on top of an ancient Roman house. So, if Spain is calling your name, CheapOair can get you from New York to Barcelona for $770.33 a person with a 5 night/6 day stay at Hotel Mas Salagros EcoResort & Aire Ancient Baths. Or, if you want to explore all Dorne has to offer, like the Alcazar of Seville which stood in for the Dorinsh capital, fly to Seville instead, for $888.17 person, staying 5 nights/6 days at the Aguilas5 Sevillasuites.

The Royal Alcázar of Seville, Spain AKA Dorne in Game of Thrones
The Royal Alcázar of Seville, Spain AKA Dorne in Game of Thrones

Maybe the chilly, imposing Vale of Arryn is more your style. Plus who doesn’t want to visit Iceland these days? Fairly close to Reykjavik you’ll find the hauntingly beautiful Thingveillir National Park where many of the Vale’s scenes took place. Bonus points, it’s also the place where the North American and Eurasian plates meet! Leaving from New York, you’ll get 5 nights and 6 days to march in step with Knights of the Vale, (or maybe you’re off with the Black Ears), resting up at the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura for $827.14 per person.

A bit off the beaten path and into King’s Landing is Malta. The capital city, Valletta, served as some streets in King’s Landing and Fort Riscaoli transformed into part of the Red Keep; the crumbling site of Manikata served as the backdrop in season one when Khal Drogo met a witch. If you’re looking for happier times with the Khal, go to the nearby island with the Azure Window, where he and Daenerys had their wedding reception. Rabat has St. Dominic’s Priory, which is the Red Keep’s courtyards– a lot goes down in there. For something a little saucier, go to Mdina where you can see the exterior used for Littlefinger’s brothel. The entire city will feel distinctly familiar for avid fans and maybe make you want conspire to get your favorite on the throne. CheapOair can get you a deal for $947.15 per person from New  York for 5 days/6 nights at Dragonara Court.

Blackwater Bay Game of Thones
Fort Lovrijenac, Croatia AKA Blackwater Bay in Game of Thrones

You should really visit Croatia anyway, but they get to brag about a number of Game of Thrones locations. If you want to look out over Blackwater Bay, head there, or explore the medieval Bokar Fortress that’s prominently shown in King’s Landing scenes. Daenerys meets Qarth’s Spice King on the nearby island of Lokrum. In reality, it’s also supposedly where Richard the Lionheart chilled for a bit coming home from the Crusades, so if you’re a Game of Thrones fan and a huge history nerd,  you’re in luck. CheapOair gets you from New York to Dubrovnik for 5 nights/6 days for $1,064 per person, staying at the Apartments Mandy.

Now get out there and scope out the terrain– you’ve got an Iron Throne to win. Or at least some sweet Instgram pictures to take.


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