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Christopher Blomquist

Christopher Blomquist

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Christopher is a native New Yorker who lives and works (mostly) in Manhattan. A longtime fashion journalist, he served as North American Bureau Chief of Sportswear International for over a decade. As a freelance writer he has also contributed to Nylon, Surface, MR, West Hollywood Magazine and WeSC Magazine. He continues to lead an often unsuccessful yet ever-optimistic campaign to teach the world that automatically shortening his name to “Chris” is, well, just lazy, rude and presumptuous.

Detroit Denim Co

Detroit Denim’s Handcrafted Jeans Are Built to Last a Lifetime

Detroit Denim is one of those rare fashion labels that's still made in the U.S. Its raw denim jeans are 100 percent locally designed, sewn, and sold.
grey plaid jacket by ring jacket japan

Dress Like the Japanese with Ring Jacket and Its Perfect Professional Wardrobe

Longstanding Japanese menswear brand Ring Jacket has been stylishly suiting upTokyo and Osaka salary-men for years. Now they'll suit you, too.
Shuttle Notes

Shuttle Notes: A Japanese Brand Worth Noting

Shuttle notes Master Cloth is a brand that embodies decades-old Japanese craftsmanship with masterful and modern wearability.
Daniel Hechter

Daniel Hechter Brings Effortless French Flair to Everyday Menswear

A longtime designer brand from Paris, Daniel Hechter is making an American comeback in October — and that's good news for guys.
Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck is Hatching Cool New Products Based on Customer Input

Ball and Buck's new in-house crowdfunding platform, The Hatchery, allows customers to play designer and create items that they want to see made.
Slate Denim & Co.

Slate Denim & Co. Forges Quality Jeans in The Lone Star State

Based in the great state of Texas, Slate Denim offers terrific jeans and tops that blend modern fashion with classic style and down-home Southern heritage.
Pocket Square Clothing

Improve Your Wardrobe by Pocketing Pieces from Pocket Square Clothing

Pocket Square Clothing and its flagship store in downtown Los Angeles will boost your style game with quality menswear and accessories.
Matt Baldwin

Award-Winning Menswear Designer Matt Baldwin is ‘Ready for What’s Next’

With three new stores opening in 2017, Matt Baldwin's clothing brand is bringing its all-American designs (and the stories behind them) to a wider audience.
social fabric series kyle ng p 20170509 02856 news 1  featured

Kyle Ng Explores Origins of Menswear in Cool New Series ‘Social Fabric’

Hosted by streetwear designer Kyle Ng, the new online series 'Social Fabric' explores the history and social significance of iconic apparel items.
Eredità Shoes

Eredità Shoes: Italian Excellence Meets Affordable Elegance

A new online-only footwear brand, Eredità Shoes serves up classic styles that are customizable, handcrafted in Italy and won't bust the bank.
musika frere ferrari fashion suiting mf designers davidson and aleks

Is Musika Frère the Ferrari of the Men’s Fashion World?

Young luxury brand Musika Frère has already reinvented and modernized bespoke suiting – now it's aiming to become a full-on lifestyle label.
Avanti Designs

Add Some Aloha to Your Apparel With Shirts By Avanti Designs

A Hawaiian shirt brand that's actually based in Hawaii, family-owned Avanti Designs uses authentic retro prints for its super summer shirting.
step corridor clothing brand thats well worth investigating into

Step into Corridor, a Clothing Brand That’s Well Worth Investigating

Created by a former FBI employee, clothing brand Corridor offers a swell and wearable collection of clothing and accessories that are all made in the USA.
Linjer Watch

Get Great Leather Goods without the Luxury Markup with Linjer

Online only brand Linjer have found great success with its line of quality leather goods and attractive watches that don't have steep price tags.
FACTO Bacchus Lamb Streeta

It’s a Fact: Your Feet Will Look Fine in Shoes by FACTO

FACTO is a new line of luxury sneakers for guys who want a hot look and attention to quality that combines the best of Italy, Tokyo and New York City.
lth jkt leather jackets, man in alley wearing leather jacket sitting on steps

These Leather Jackets from LTH JKT are Your New Style Staples

Brand new men's and women's leather jacket line LTH JKT offers these iconic wardrobe pieces at prices that won't skin you.
cohen & sons

Cohen & Sons Clothing Seamlessly Blends Authenticity and Modernity

Menswear brand Cohen & Sons is rolling down a new road with classic-looking moto-inspired items that are re-imagined in high-tech fabrics.
Kotn Crew t scoop t and hensly t

Kotn’s Egyptian Cotton Clothing Bolsters the Basics

Kotn, a new brand from Canada, sells tees and other timeless items you'll want to live in since they're all made with supersoft Egyptian Cotton.
Stock Mfg. Co. Interior of Shop

Stock Up on Stock Mfg. Co.’s Locally Made Menswear

Chicago-based Stock Mfg. Co. puts a modern spin on men's staples – and produces everything in the heart of the Windy City.
rails shirting

Rails Rides into Menswear with Super Soft Shirting

This L.A.-based brand, Rails, (which might be one of your gal's faves) now offers men's tops that are both highly wearable and cray cray comfortable.
Paul Evans

Just Wear Nice Shoes! (Paul Evans Can Help You Do That)

Online venture Paul Evans offers a splendid selection of super high-quality Made in Italy men's shoes and accessories for half the price of luxury brands.
Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers Will Have You Looking Shipshape

Drenched in history, Rowing Blazers is a new line that celebrates the history and heraldry behind everyone's favorite go-to jacket.

Devereux Can Properly Outfit You Day to Night

Devereux, a golf-inspired collection of resort wear, offers clothing that's tailor-made for looking great while kicking back.

Head to Elk Head Clothing to Score Some Ruggedly Refined Togs

Atlanta-based label and store Elk Head Clothing will end your hunt for unique yet wearable menswear with its terrific assortment of apparel and accessories.
Rodd & Gunn

New Zealand’s Rodd & Gunn Brand is Conquering America

A fashion lifestyle brand from the Southern Hemisphere, men's label Rodd & Gunn is growing its presence and influence in the USA.

Saturdays NYC Moves Beyond the Beach to Become a Major Player in Menswear

It started as an urban surf store but today Saturdays NYC has evolved into a full-on, fantastic menswear lifestyle collection for sophisticated city gents.
publish brand

Publish Brand Offers a Novel Approach to Casual Clothing

SoCal-based brand Publish rewrites the street-meets-contemporary story with apparel and accessories that are runaway bestsellers.

Stewart Christie & Co is the Oldest Bespoke Tailor in Scotland

With roots dating back to 1720 and now under new ownership, Edinburgh's Stewart Christie & Co is the go-to shop for traditional Scottish tailored clothing.
grahame fowler

NYC’s Graham Fowler Store is the City’s Menswear Gem

For a decade now British native Grahame Fowler has run one of NYC's best independent menswear shops (and he makes fantastic clothes too).

Find Fine (and Hard-to-Find) Accessories at Fine and Dandy

Men's accessories brand and store Fine and Dandy offers a complete and beautiful line of unique fashion add-ons guaranteed to reinvigorate your wardrobe.
salt optics

Prize Your Eyes with Glasses by SALT Optics

SoCal brand SALT Optics is marking 10 years of offering superior eyewear that is meticulously handcrafted in Japan from the highest quality materials.
Darby Scott

Darby Scott Designs Leather Goods for the Discerning Gentleman

If you’re seeking a super-luxurious leather bag or wallet that doesn't scream, “This is a super-luxurious piece," American designer Darby Scott is for you.

Vest Wishes: 15 Outerwear Vests to Wear During March (Weather) Madness

Here are 15 of our favorite outerwear vests that will keep you warm – but not too warm – during March's wildly inconsistent weather.
Dickies Construct

Dickies Construct Reimagines the Iconic Workwear Brand

Launching in August, Dickies Construct is a new higher-end, more fashionable spinoff of the famous workwear label.

Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Has a Knack for Making Magnificent Menswear

Produced in an old factory in NYC, menswear brand Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. proves that fantastic garments can still be made locally.
& Sons Garment Co

& Sons Garment Co. Makes Some Wonderful Woven Shirts

While there is a veritable sea of woven shirt options in the market, Canadian label & Sons Garment Co. stands out from the pack.
Country of Origin

U.K. Brand Country of Origin is the Antidote to Fast Fashion

Meet Country of Origin, a London-based knitwear label that aims to be the "antidote to fast fashion" thanks to timeless designs and a dedication to quality.
Jean Shop

Jean Shop is Still Serving Up Denim’s Creme de la Creme

The NYC-based store Jean Shop and its eponymous in-house brand continue to reign as a Holy Grail among denim devotees--it's THE place to find the best jeans
belts fh wadsworth blue ribbon worthy by 1

Belts by FH Wadsworth are Blue-Ribbon Worthy

Belt brand FH Wadsworth makes your waist a winner.
Brand Litoral

Discover Tomorrow’s (Timeless) Fashion with Portuguese Brand Litoral

Litoral, a fantastic new men's brand from Porto, Portugal has landed on North American shores and is totally worth exploring.
luxury meets laid back new vk nagrani store vkfeat2

Luxury Meets Laid-Back at the New VK Nagrani Store

Menswear designer VK Nagrani sets the traditional retail model on its head at his expensive yet inviting new store in New York.
Kai D.

Kai D. Makes and Sells Keepsake Clothing

Winning NYC-based menswear brand and shop Kai D. offers exquisite apparel and accessories that are made to last decades.
flip your lid a guide to winter appropriate ball caps

Flip Your Lid: A Guide to Winter-Appropriate Ballcaps

Score a stylistic home run with this dark and dressy ballcaps that are perfect for winter weather.
Mugsy jeans

Mugsy Makes Jeans for The Modern Man

Leo Tropeano's Mugsy Jeans outfit blends embarrassment-free masculine looks, comfort, and affordability all in one pair of denim.

Heighten Your ‘Basics’ with Clothes by Handvaerk

Clothing line Handvaerk-from the Danish word for “craft”-offers amazing “everyday” items that quietly ooze quality, craftsmanship and timelessness.

Improve Your Everyday Climb in Shoes by Fronteer

Fronteer, a new shoe and accessories brand, adds color and everyday use to rugged-looking footwear. Creator, Jon Tang gives us the lowdown on his brand.
a guide to printed swimwear shorts

Trunk Show: A Guide to Printed Swimwear

Sure it's chilly out but that's all the more reason to look at our favorite new men's swimwear options that come alive thanks to vibrant prints.
kevin shahroozi custom makes modern clothing img 6034

Kevin Shahroozi Custom Makes Modern Clothing

NYC-based designer Kevin Shahroozi offers made to measure and customs made apparel that's modern and not at all stuffy.
todd snyders new flagship is really great snyder 5

Todd Snyder’s New Flagship is Really, Really Great

Menswear maven Todd Snyder has just open his first-ever flagship and the NYC store is a definite winner.

Langly Focuses on Picture-Perfect Bags & Apparel

Camera-bag brand Langly is now expanding its range with clothing that will help you get the best outdoor shots.