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Radnecks: A Holiday Gift Guide to Scarves

radnecks a holiday gift guide to scarves scarf
At a recent sample sale of an up-and-coming knitwear designer one disappointed shopper turned to me and said, “Damn! He doesn’t have any scarves for sale this season. Those always make such perfect Christmas presents….”

The guy was right, especially in cold weather climes. A good scarf keeps your neck and chest warm and can instantaneously enliven the dreariest, most basic of outerwear with a bit of stylish panache. Just like their sartorial cousins the neckties, a scarf collection should never be limited to just one or two. Different colors, patterns, materials and lengths can be switched up daily so that your outdoor ensemble doesn’t become as consistently predictable and constant as an early evening winter sundown.

So if you still have some guys’ names to cross off your shopping list this holiday season or want to make over your own neck (which you are undoubtedly always putting on the line so, dammit, you’ve earned it!) consider choosing something from this selection of scarves, which runs a wide gamut of prices and style options.

Waffle Circle Scarf  in Charcoal by AETHER ($235)


Alpaca Color-Blocked Scarf by ALTERNATIVE APPAREL ($88)


Merino Wool Stripe Scarf by BROOKS BROTHERS ($88)


Oversized Ashby Twill Wool Scarf in Spruce by FARIBAULT WOOLEN MILL CO. ($64.98)

Oversized Ashby Twill Wool Scarf in Spruce by FARIBAULT WOOLEN MILL CO

Cowichan Blanket Stripe Scarf by FILSON ($125)


Running Wolf Scarf by FILSON ($95)


College Scarf in Burgundy by HYDROGEN ($173)


Military Scarf in Blue by HYDROGEN ($185)


Pure Cashmere Paisley Scarf by RAFFI ($220)


Pure Cashmere Plaid Scarf by RAFFI ($205)


Winter Cashmere Scarf with Inspired by WWII U.S. Marine Corps Camo by RRL & CO. ($295)


Wool Cloud Scarf by SCARF SHOP ($129.98)


Lambswool Scarf in Dress Gordon Plaid by SID MASHBURN ($55)


Lambswool/Angora Scarf in Camel/Army by SID MASHBURN ($125)


Extra Fine Merino Wool Check Scarf in Dark Red Brick/Navy by SUNSPEL ($120)


Infinity Scarf by WIGWAM ($22.98)


Baxter Scarf in Burgundy by ZACHARY PRELL x NAADAM CASHMERE ($198)