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Littlenecks: A Guide to Micro-print Ties

Despite the fact that men’s designer and street fashion is clearly in the midst of a stylistic revolution, all it takes is a brief scouting trip to any major city’s business center to be reminded that most guys – and rightfully so – prefer the tried-and-true combo of a classic suit and tie that has done them right, and numerous generations before, decade after decade.

While most of us males have been brought up to shun flashiness and trendiness, the fashion laws of the last 100+ years have made it OK for us to express just a snippet of what we are missing out on via our neckwear. Although we’re generally loath to wear prints or graphics on most of our other wardrobe essentials, a necktie with a very subtle graphic or pattern remains our one very chance to be a subdued, office-appropriate peacock who knows that less really is more – whether that’s at work or at this year’s (“I really have to dress up again to please your family???”) Easter dinner.

That said, here are are some of my favorite new small-graphic neckties from a wide variety of brands that will help you and your neck and chest make a strong, yet paradoxically quiet, stylistic statement this spring….

The Little Guy Tie by ALEXANDER OLCH, $160

Silk/cotton Geometric Tie by BILLY REID, $125

Silk/cotton Jacquards Tie by BILLY REID, $125

Sailboat Print Tie by BROOKS BROTHERS, $79.50

Seagull Print Tie by BROOKS BROTHERS, $79.50

Black Diamond Tie by DESCENDANT OF THIEVES, $60

Ditsy Floral Tie by J. HILBURN, $89

Floral Tie by JACK SPADE, $108

Wishbone Tie by JACK SPADE, $108

Irish Poplin Tie by SID MASHBURN, $110

Silk “Forest Fox” Club Tie by SID MASHBURN, $110

“Cubes” Silk Tie by TURNBULL & ASSER, $195

“Leaves” Tonal Blue Silk Tie by TURNBULL & ASSER, $195

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