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Diamond Dogs: An Argyle Sock Gift Guide

It’s the gift-giving version of a turducken–that is, stuffing a related item into another. But if you’ve ever tasted turducken, you know that’s hardly a problem. Truth is, a fresh pair of socks is an ideal stocking stuffer: they’re small, don’t require elaborate packaging and, if chosen correctly, are a terrific, practical “token gift” that can actually reflect the recipient’s personality unlike, say, a generic $10 Starbucks gift card or an on-sale bottle of perfectly drinkable but otherwise nondescript wine that is priced exactly within your office’s Secret Santa budget.

And since this festive time is all about tradition, argyle, a tried-and-true sock pattern, remains my go-to for holiday hosiery gifting (and personal shopping/wearing as you distribute those presents).

Supposedly first donned by Scottish clansmen in the 17th century, argyle socks went mainstream 400 years later when aristocrats, golfers and then in-the-know collegiate types adopted them in the 1920s-40s.

Today, said socks are considered classics but modern interpretations continue to reanimate these diamond-heavy Caledonian mainstays with new abstractions and colors.

Here, spanning a wide range of holiday budgets, are some of my favorite argyle (or argyle-influenced) sock styles for you to potentially put in those carefully hung Yuletide ones….

Green crew socks by BROOKS BROTHERS, $22.50

Orange over-the-calf socks by BROOKS BROTHERS, $27.50

Black classic argyle socks by COLE HAAN, $12.50

“Carlyle” three-pack by GOLD TOE, $12.75

Bright multicolor socks by HAPPY SOCKS, $12

Three-pack by JOCKEY, $9.99

Multicolor argyle/stripe sock in cotton by LORENZO UOMO, $12.50

Argyle-top sock by LORENZO UOMO, $12.50

Blue melange three-pack by MERONA, $19.29

Navy crew-length socks by MERONA, $4.19

Orange socks by ORIGINAL PENGUIN, $15

Purple cashmere socks by PANTHERELLA, $85

Argyle-inspired “Andarson” socks by STANCE SOCKS, $14

Multicolor socks by UNSIMPLY STITCHED, $12

Green and blue “Diamond” socks by UNSIMPLY STITCHED $12