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How fast do Formula 1 cars really go? How much do F1 drivers make? The Manual is your go-to source for everything that matters in the high-speed world of Formula 1 racing.

Direct front view of a 2026 F1 racecar according to new FIA regulations.

FIA releases details on next-gen 2026 F1 racecars – DRS is gone

The FIA announced the first round of specifications for the next generation F1 racecars to start in 2026.FIA releases details on next-gen 2026 F1 racecar.
Side view of Aston Martin Formula 1 car

This luxury cruise is perfect for Aston Martin, F1 fans

Sim racing at the F1 Arcade

The largest F1 Arcade ever is coming to the Las Vegas Strip

Heineken at F1 race in Miami.

Heineken and Formula 1: An unstoppable partnership at the Miami F1 Grand Prix

F1 graphics for Formula 1 streaming channel content.

Formula 1 has a new subscription-free ad-supported streaming channel

April 2006. F1 World Championship. Grand Prix of San Marino. Michael Schumacher, Germany, Ferrari, winner, celebrating on the podium with Fernando Alonso and Juan-Pablo Montoya.

F1 driver Michael Schumacher’s watch collection to be auctioned (and it’s great)

ferrari niki lauda car

F1 helmet Niki Lauda wore in infamous crash will be auctioned for the first time

first lotus f1 car auction image ef6c6e

You can buy the very first Lotus F1 car

Red Bull F1 race car in pit for tire change with pit crew in motion

How much do Formula 1 pit crew and mechanics make?

Yuki Tsunoda driving a Formula One racecar for Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda.

What does interval mean in Formula 1?

Lewis Hamilton driving a Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 race car.

How do you become a Formula 1 driver?

Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

How much does a Formula 1 car weigh?

BWT Alpine Formula 1 race car.

What happened to the Renault Formula 1 team?

Fans have wondered why Renault has no F1 team can be reassured, the team is still there, now rebranded as BWT Alpine. Here's why they changed.
Pirelli F1 racing tires on Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car.

How do Formula 1 teams make money?

F1 team budgets aren't public information, but the massive expenses of F1 teams begs the question: How do Formula 1 teams make money?
Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

A new poll suggests F1 2024 has a viewership problem — here’s why

Contrary to an early viewership poll, there are more stories to excite viewers about F1 2024 drivers and teams in addition to Max Verstappen and Red Bull.
Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

How much do F1 drivers make?

In the scrutiny of the intensely data-centric F1 world, F1 driver performance is measured in many ways, including salaries and overall income.
Red Bull's Max Verstappen driving a victory circle.

How much horsepower does a Formula 1 car have?

Formula 1 cars combine output from internal combustion engines and regen energy from batteries, but how much total horsepower do they have?
F1 starting grid for the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

How does qualifying work in Formula 1?

F1 qualifying is the event in which drivers focus on winning the best possible Grand Prix starting grid position.
Haas F1 team Formula 1 race car on the track.

How much does a Formula 1 car cost? You might be surprised

F1 race cars cost millions, but without FIA spending caps the sport would be reduced to a competition between rich owners and sponsors.
Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

Why do they weigh Formula 1 drivers?

Monitoring F1 driver weight matters because it helps keep the sport competitive and safe.
Lewis Hamilton (44) driving for Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team during The Australian Formula One Grand Prix Race on April 02, 2023, at The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park, Australia.

What engines do Formula 1 cars use?

F1 race cars routinely exceed 200 miles per hour during Grand Prix races, which begs the question, "What engines do Formula 1 cars use?"
Aston Martin Formula 1 race car driving directly toward the camera.

How many teams are there in Formula 1 in 2024?

The ten F1 teams have two drivers in each Grand Prix to compete for World Championship Driver points.
F1 race - Ricciardo sparking past Grosjean for 4th in 2016.

Why do Formula 1 cars spark? (It’s a feature, not a bug)

The sparks from F1 cars show that optional titanium skids are doing their part to help keep F1 drivers safe.
Pirelli F1 racing tires on Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car.

How long is a Formula 1 race? Laps, time, and distance, explained

If you're new to F1 races, you probably have a ton of questions. One of the most common queries is, "How long is a Formula 1 race?"
DHL Biofuel trucks deliver team equipment for F1 races in Europe.

How do Formula 1 teams travel? It’s a complex process

Transporting an F1 team's equipment and supplies are immense challenges, but the teams make it work by engaging a combination of transportation modes.
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix - view from Heineken House

What is DRS in Formula 1? This speed boost, explained

F1 drivers can use DRS to temporarily reduce drag and downforce to increase speed to try to pass another race car.
Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull F1 race car.

How fast do Formula 1 cars really go?

There are many perspectives in the question of how fast Formula 1 cars go, so it's important to define and qualify any answer.
Formula 1 race cars rounding a corner.

F1 live stream: How to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix for free

The 2024 Formula 1 racing season is underway, and if you're looking around to find the best way to watch every F1 live stream online, we've got you covered.
Alfa Romeo final 2023 season Formula 1 race car rear view against a silver background that appears to be an F1 race pit lane garage.

F1 loses the Alfa Romeo team (but history tells us they’ll be back)

When the 2023 F1 racing season ended, Alfa Romeo officially announced its departure from Formula 1 after six seasons.
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix winner's stage

The 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix aftermath: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Now that the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix has ended, F1 has a lot of work to do. This is the goodl the bad, and the downright ugly I witnessed this week
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix - grandstand seating

F1 Las Vegas: The best ways to watch the race live and survive Las Vegas during race week

F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix is a spectacle. It's also a dizzying myriad of options. Here's where I watched the race, where I stayed, and how I survived Las Vegas
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 Las Vegas: Here’s how much it all costs, and what you get, starting at $500

The inaugural F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix is here - but how much does it cost? We've got all the details.
A nighttime photo of the Las Vegas skyline

What to do at the 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix: The hottest parties and events (for when you’re not watching the race)

If you will be in Las Vegas for the F1 Grand Prix, you will have an unforgettable experience if you attend these cool parties.
McLaren F1 racing simulator driver's view from inside the simulator

This is how virtual reality and simulators are used in F1 racing

Virtual reality plays an important role in F1 racing. This is what you should know.
Lewis Hamilton (44) driving for Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team during The Australian Formula One Grand Prix Race on April 02, 2023, at The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park, Australia.

F1 Brazilian GP live stream: Watch Formula 1 for free

The F1 Brazilian Grand Prix is sure to be a thrill ride to watch and we've got all you need to know about how to see the live stream for free.
Cars on the track during the Formula One Abu Dhabi 2020 Grand Prix.

From F1 to drag racing: Here’s a breakdown of all the major types of car racing

From Formula One to NASCAR, there’s plenty of professional racing to follow. Read on to learn more about the different types of racing cars and their races.
brad pitt f1 movie films at british grand prix close up

Why was Brad Pitt at an F1 race this weekend?

Filming on Brad Pitt's new F1 movie has commenced, and he's already showing up at actual races.
An image of the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix mid-race.

F1 just announced their 2024 schedule — here’s every race

The 2023 season isn't over, but F1 has its 2024 schedule set. Here's the full list of races.
A view of the Vegas strip at night.

These are all the premium packages for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

If you want to watch the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix live in Las Vegas, there are different tickets available depending on your budget.
Formula 1 driver exiting turn.

F1 Bahrain GP Live Stream: Watch Formula 1 for FREE today

The 2023 F1 racing season starts today with the Bahrain Grand Prix. If you're looking to watch the F1 Bahrain GP live stream, here's what you need to know.
watch austrian grand prix live stream online competitive image

Austrian Grand Prix Live Stream 2021: Watch for FREE Today

Want to watch the free Austrian Grand Prix live stream online today? Here's the best way to do so.
daniel ricciardo amazon storefront feature dr3 5913

F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Talks Wide Hips, Amazon Storefronts, and Netflix Fame

Thanks to Netflix's recent documentary, the Australian-Italian driver has shot to American stardom.
2019 mclaren senna supercar news pictures mclauren 8

The 2019 Senna is McLaren’s Most Outrageous Car Yet

The McLaren Senna is the most hardcore road car the British brand has ever created, with numbers to back up its legendary name.
Ford F 150 Raptor, Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor is More Truck than You Deserve

The Ford F-150 Raptor proves its versatility, capability, and effortless fun in the mountains and deserts of Southern California.
throttle jockey honda finally brings the africa twin to usa adv riding dr650 top

Throttle Jockey: Honda finally brings the big Africa Twin to the USA

The long wait for a modern dual-sport from Honda is finally over. The Africa Twin arrives early next year.
precision power shrink size audioflys new af180 audioflyaf180stoneblue

Precision and power shrink to fit inside Audiofly’s new AF180 in-ear monitors

Audiofly's latest in-ear headphones pack a cocktail of powerful bass and crystalline precision into a sleek, portable design.
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This Fall Burgundy Pours Over

Fall 2013 beckons a movement back to solid hues in menswear especially burgundy hues. See our picks for the top burgundy picks of the season.