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Big breakfast with bacon, bagels and scrambled eggs on the table overhead

Bacon and eggs? Bobby Flay serves this meat instead (and we have thoughts)

While bacon and eggs may be the quintessential American breakfast pairing, Flay prefers an alternative to bacon.
luggage in airport terminal

Delta is the latest airline to increase baggage fees — here’s how much every major airline charges now

Delta Airlines raised its baggage fees, following suit with other carriers. Here's how much they increased, and how you can avoid paying to bring your bags.

Our 5 favorite vodka drinks, ranked

Looking for a great vodka drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
American Airlines

American Airlines is upgrading its fleet (with a nod to first-class passengers)

American Airlines recently announced that they have ordered over 200 new aircraft. Here are the details.
Knit cozy sweater folded in a pile on wooden background.

How to wash a cashmere sweater without ruining it

Accidentally spilled something on your cashmere sweater? We got you. Read on to know how to wash a cashmere sweater without ruining it.
Bodie, California

Here are the 17 coolest ghost towns in the U.S.

During the 1800s and 1900s, towns across the U.S. seemingly sprung up overnight with the discovery of gold. Many are now the ghost towns we know today.
Person on a phone and computer rating a hotel

How do hotel star ratings actually work? Well, it’s complicated

In theory, hotel star ratings were designed to help travelers comparison shop. In reality, they're often arbitrary and have mostly complicated things.
Razor being rinsed under water.

How often should you change your razor blades?

Not sure how often you should change your razor blades? Here are all the details to keep your razors sharp and your face smooth every time you shave.
Le Select in Chicago.

These are the best restaurants in Chicago for a sublime meal

This is your guide to a few of the best restaurants Chicago has to offer. From Filipino food to French, the city has it all (and then some).
Blueberries in a purple pitcher

A registered dietitian tells us the best foods to eat for an energy boost

Put down the fifth cup of coffee and reach for these foods that give you energy instead. Plus, an RD shares one energy-vampire ingredient.
Man putting beard oil on his beard.

Does beard growth oil work? What you should know

If you've been wondering to yourself, "Does beard growth oil work?" — allow us to offer up some insights into growing the best beard possible.
Man and kids with bocce balls

Bocce ball – here’s everything you need to know about this ancient game

You don’t have to be a professional to play bocce ball. People of all ages, fitness levels, and skill levels can set up a game and play just about anywhere.
A man walking towards a rocky point overlooking a lake

How many calories does hiking burn per hour?

Hiking is a great way form of exercise and can burn a lot of calories. Find out how many calories you burn hiking.
Sole cyclist on an open road

How to train for your first century bike ride (tips to help you get you through all the miles)

Once new cyclists start gaining miles, a century ride, or a 100-mile bike ride, usually becomes a goal. With these training tips, anyone can succeed.
Raw ribeye steak

How to master the perfect ribeye steak: Tips, tricks (and a delicious recipe)

The ribeye is one of the most delicious steaks, hugely popular in restaurants. Here's how to make a perfect one at home so you can enjoy it whenever.
Assorted vegetables sold at a market.

The Whole30 diet: Everything you need to know

The Whole30 diet is a 30-day dietary reset program designed to help you identify trigger foods. Is it the reset you need?
Rum cocktail

5 fan-favorite budget rum bottles, ranked

There’s a lot of value in the rum world. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced everyday sipper or a rum to mix with.

Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico? What to know before your trip

Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico? Here's everything you need to know.
A man sitting on a wall and holding a glass of beer by the sunset.

Should you wait to drink alcohol after working out? Your questions answered

Rewarding yourself with a cold one after exercising seems harmless, but should you wait to drink alcohol after a workout? Let's find out.
Bounty of healthy vegetables

These are the healthiest vegetables you need to start eating now

The healthiest vegetables for men to eat pack the most nutrients per calorie and contain disease-fighting antioxidants. Ahead, learn the best vegetables to eat.
Person on a business trip packing up his suitcase.

How to pack a suit when you’re traveling light

Need help with how to pack a suit for your trip? Pick the method that works best for you and never have to stress about that part of traveling again.
Baby spinach

The important health benefits of magnesium you need to know about

Magnesium is an essential mineral with functions from muscle contraction and relaxation to blood pressure regulation. Find the benefits of magnesium here.
Snow crab legs served with melted butter, garlic cloves, lemon slices, grilled corn in cobs and fresh parsley on wooden cutting boards, horizontal view from above, close-up

The definitive guide on how to eat crab, according to an expert

You might be eating your crab wrong. Here's how to do it right, according to a seafood restaurant veteran.
A man getting dressed, buttoning up his shirt.

How to remove sweat stains from a dress shirt

Sick of checking your pits for those telltale stains? We have easy-to-use pointers for removing sweat stains from shirts to make clothes look new again.
Wood utensils displayed on a counter

This is how to clean wooden kitchen utensils

Wooden kitchen tools like cutting boards and spoons require a different kind of cleaning care. Here's what to do.
Man cleaning his stovetop

How to clean a stovetop: A step-by-step guide

Your kitchen is spotless, but your stovetop? It seems impossible to clean completely. Good thing we have the secret to cleaning your stovetop once and for all.
Cooked white rice

How to cook rice perfectly every time, no matter how you choose to make it

We've got two tried-and-true methods for preparing rice: in a rice cooker and on the stove. Here's how to make sure your rice turns out perfect every time.
Foods high in vitamin A.

Improve your skin and eyes with these delicious foods high in vitamin A

Vitamin A supports the immune system, skin, eyes, and reproductive functions. Find the foods highest in vitamin A here.
Lobster on a plate

How to cook lobster the right way — boiling, grilling, and roasting

You don't have to go out to a fancy restaurant and shell out for lobster. With a little know-how, anyone can learn to make lobster at home.

Our 5 favorite brandy drinks, ranked

Looking for a great brandy drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
Two fried eggs and salmon served on a blue oval plate.

Try these 11 foods high in vitamin D for healthy bones

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health and hormone production. So, start improving your health and diet with these delicious foods that are high in vitamin D.
Bechamel sauce over lasagna

You should know how to make these incredible sauces

A good sauce can take your kitchen game to new heights. Here are some of the best sauces to have in your culinary arsenal.
Fresh broccoli in a bowl

Cruciferous vegetables are the secret to a healthy diet — here are 9 you should be eating

Discover nine different cruciferous vegetables that can give you a health boost when implemented into your diet.
American Airlines

American Airlines makes major change to loyalty program to get you to book direct

Starting May 1, American Airlines has announced a new rule in the AAdvantage program which will only reward for bookings made through preferred travel agencies.
Man with a straightened beard

How to straighten your beard at home safely and comfortably

This comprehensive guide on how to straighten your beard will help you tame your wild facial hair. Here are the best ways to straighten your beard.
Medical CBD oil on dark background with cannabis leaves

What does CBD feel like? All your questions answered

What does CBD oil feel like? Like all legal drugs, the decision to take CBD is up to you, but this guide may prove helpful as you weigh your options.
Hard apple cider in a glass, surrounded by apples.

How to make hard apple cider from the comfort of your home

Ever wondered how to make hard cider? In this article, we'll walk you through the step by step process for making delicious hard cider at home.
Wooden spoon with large flakes of salt

Does salt break a fast? The answer may surprise you

If you've ever fasted, you might have wondered "does salt break a fast"? We'll break down everything you need to know about consuming salt during your fast.
Whiskey cocktail

Our 5 favorite scotch drinks, ranked

Looking for a great scotch drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
Person using Google Maps application on an Android smartphone

Before you travel, make sure you do this to your Google Maps app first

Before you put your trust in Google Maps to get you from point A to point B, there's an important calibration step you should take.

The hotel breakfast buffet items you should eat (and the ones you should always skip)

When browsing the hotel breakfast buffet, there are a few foods you may want to avoid.
Car in the snow under an overpass

How to drive in the snow: The complete guide to staying safe

Want to learn how to drive in snow like a pro? Here are our top tips, tricks, skills, and gear to take the sting out of winter driving.
Two men with a Yeti cooler and a dog

How to pack a cooler for camping (or any outdoor trip away from home)

Packing a cooler for camping comes down to keeping the food as cold as possible. Use ice packs, additional insulation, and freeze the food before packing.
Packing a suitcase.

Flying with alcohol: How to pack beer and wine in your luggage

Can you bring alcohol on a plane? Yes, but you need to know how to pack your wine and beer. Here's how.
Stefan Svitko using a foam roller

Massage gun vs. foam roller: Which is better for recovery?

Is it better to use a foam roller or a massage gun to aid muscle recovery after a workout? We consulted with a specialist to learn their relative merits.
Melissa Boyd

A pro fitness trainer tells us exactly how to do a lunge the right way

Want to learn how to do a lunge properly? Tempo Head of Fitness Melissa Boyd has broken it down from your first lunge to your last. So get to stepping.

Northern lights, Paris Olympics, and more: Airline CEO says these travel trends will dominate 2024

PLAY Airlines CEO Birgir Jónsson talks about the travel trends we can expect to see in 2024.
Person holding passport and luggage at the airport.

Do you need a passport to travel in the U.S. in 2024?

There’s still confusion around the REAL ID Act, particularly when it comes to flying. Do you need a passport to travel in the U.S. once this goes into effect?
Smiling man with a trim beard.

How fast does facial hair grow, and can you speed up beard growth?

Wondering how fast facial hair grows and if you can make it grow faster? We've found the answers to help you grow the facial hair you've always dreamed of.
A man sleeping on white bedding

Get more handsome in your sleep just by tweaking your nighttime skincare routine

Believe it or not, beauty sleep is a real thing. Start your day off right the night before with these nighttime skincare routine tips.