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Bowl of bone broth.

Everything you need to know about the bone broth diet

We dig into the facts behind the bone broth diet so that you can decide for yourself if it's the right option for your health journey.
Absinthe with sugar cubes and spoon

How to drink absinthe and live to tell the tale of the Green Fairy

We’re all familiar with the mechanics of drinking, but not everyone is acquainted with the nuances involved in learning how to drink absinthe.
Milk bubble tea

Bubble tea: A brief history and the best flavors to try today

Bubble tea has been around since the mid-1980s and has taken the world by storm. Here's what you need to know about the boba-filled beverage.
Spanish bikini sandwich on plate.

Meet the Bikini sandwich, Spain’s answer to the Croque Monsieur

Have you ever heard of a bikini sandwich? It's Spain's version of a Croque Monsieur, and it's incredible.
rum cocktail

Our favorite rum drinks, ranked

Looking for a great rum drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
Honolulu at night.

The best hotels in Honolulu for an incredible trip to paradise

An estimated 47,000 hotel rooms exist in Honolulu. This is where you should stay.
Barbecue ribs with sauce

This secret ingredient will make your crock pot ribs so much better

Is there anything better than crock pot ribs? Add this secret ingredient to your ribs recipe.
Peanut butter

Can eating peanut butter reduce stress? The answer might surprise you

Peanut butter can reduce your cortisol levels, which can help eliminate stress
Hand holding water bottle

There’s a dangerous, gross new reason to toss your plastic water bottle into the garbage

Plastic water bottles have been found to contain microplastics, per a new study
Vermont Wagyu Beef

I’ll only buy wagyu beef from these two mail-order farms – here’s why

Wagyu beef is still a delicacy, and this is where you should buy it.
A man walking past an airport security station in motion

Clear airport security has a secret program that makes even TSA PreCheck look outdated

Precheck is great. So is Clear. But Clear recently purchased Whyline, and is now offering scheduled security check-ins.
Whiskey drink

Our 7 favorite bourbon drinks of all time

Looking for a great bourbon drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked

How to make better tacos at home: 5 can’t-miss tips

Want to make better tacos at home? Our 5 tips for a delicious meal.
airplane seats

Main cabin vs basic economy: How to pick the best option for your next flight

Main cabin vs basic economy - it's one of a traveler's most frustrating decisions. We help you figure out which is best for you.
Aerial view of two men snorkeling in clear, shallow tropical water.

Grab your mask and fins, and head to the best snorkeling spots in the U.S.

The U.S. offers many breathtaking snorkeling spots with glimpses of underwater volcanic craters, tropical fish, sea turtles, whales, eels, and more.
Pacific Coast Highway, Big Sur, California

From Alaska to Maine, these are 12 best road trip routes in the U.S. for embarking on an adventure of a lifetime

You needn't look far and wide for bucolic routes, as the best road trip routes in the US are captivating enough to offer you an adventure of a lifetime.
Couple outside an RV during a road trip

How to survive a long-distance RV road trip with your significant other

Long-distance road trips can be stressful, tiring, frustrating, and unpredictable -- sometimes even more so when you add a partner into the mix.
Traveler pulling a rollaboard suitcase outside an airport, sun shining directly into the camera.

These are the travel memberships and subscriptions that are worth the money – CLEAR, Global Entry, and more

Some subscription services make sense — and cents — for travelers. These are the best travel memberships and subscriptions that are worth the money in 2024.
Foam rolling legs.

A foam roller can aid your workout routine: Benefits, tips, and more

Learn about the different types of foam rollers and why you should use one.
Bird's-eye view of two celery juice drinks on white stone table

Is a celery juice cleanse really beneficial?

Should you go on a celery juice cleanse? These are the benefits and side effects of this trend.
Dessert wine

Winter is the best time for dessert wine: Every type worth drinking

Dessert wine isn't as popular as its dinner-time counterpart, but we love them anyway. Here's how to pick a great bottle.
Selection of ETTORE Wine bottles on wooden table.

There are several health benefits of wine – we explain them here

ETTORE, an organic winery in California, shows its expertise on the health benefits of wine.
Carrot soup

Soup is trending: Here are 4 great soup recipes from a top chef

Winter means soup, and we've got four incredible soup recipes from a top chef you're going to love.
Man choosing a product at a store

The 12 best almond milk brands to check out – Califia Farms, Silk, and more

Making dietary changes is a leap of faith. Check out our roundup of the best almond milk brands for 2024 to fuel your health and fitness journey.
Egg salad

Low carb foods: These egg salad lettuce wraps are delicious, and take minutes to make

Looking for low-carb foods that aren't difficult to put together? We've got you covered - our egg salad lettuce wraps are amazing
man doing pilates leg and arm stretch seated wooden floor

Why strength training like Pilates and calisthenics are hotter than lifting weights in 2024

Are pilates and calisthenics better than lifting weights? Functional strength
Dante's Hot Buttered Rum cocktail.

The best hot cocktails to make this winter

When the temperature drops, you can't go wrong with the best hot cocktails to turn your cold-weather blues into cold-weather booze.
Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

Resistance band workouts: Build toned, impressive arms with these 6 workouts

Check out these six essential resistance band exercises for your next arm day.
Coffee cocktails

Forget the espresso martini, these two cocktails from Mexico and the Canary Islands are better alternatives

Everyone loves a good espresso martini, but these two options from Mexico and the Canary Islands are better
liver and onion on skillet on wood on table next to onions and herbs

Why liver is a superfood (and the best ways to include it in your diet)

Is liver good for you? These are the health benefits you should know.
Lamborghini countach

Porsche, Land Cruiser, and more: 10 incredible cars that best define their automakers

These 10 game-changing cars from legacy brands like Jeep and Ford have set a high bar for automakers and modern vehicles.
Car towing an RV

A newbie’s guide to safely towing an RV (or just about anything)

The idea of hooking up a multi-ton rig to your vehicle and barreling down the interstate at 65 miles per hour, sounds intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.
Man with blue resistance band

Resistance band workouts: How to build and tone your shoulders

Learn about five effective resistance band exercises to build your shoulders and see the progress you desire.
Bowl of popcorn

I add this one unique ingredient and it makes my microwave popcorn absolutely incredible

Looking to amp up your microwave popcorn game? Use this one unique ingredient - the results speak volumes
chicken Schnitzel

Dredge your chicken with this controversial ingredient for the most flavorful dish ever

Mayo is essentially just a mixture of egg and oil, so of course, mayonnaise is a great way to ensure deliciously juicy (and moist) chicken.
airplane flying in sky

You can track a flight in your iPhone’s Messages app — here’s how

You don't need a special app to track a flight - all you need is the flight info and your iPhone.
private plane during sunset

New service wants to get you on a private plane with flights starting at $111 (yes, really)

Want to book a flight on a private plane? A new service is trying to make it less expensive - and flights start at $111
plane ticket

How to book the cheapest flight for any trip, any time

Air travel doesn't have to be expensive. This is how to find the cheapest flights every time.
man doing pilates leg and arm stretch seated wooden floor

The best pilates apps, rated and ranked

These pilates apps will help improve your at-home or on-the-go workout.
Steak on cutting board

This is the only type of cutting board we’ll buy – here’s why

Cutting boards come in a variety of materials, but we've got one good reason to buy one type over the rest.
mezcal cocktail

Our 5 favorite mezcal drinks, ranked

Looking for a great mezcal drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
bowls of green food

Weight loss tips: How to recover from a diet slip-up, according to experts

You vowed to eat better in 2024, but it's not even the end of January, and you found yourself slipping up. Experts offer their weight loss and diet advice.
spinach and avocado on toast

How to lose weight: Eat these foods that help you feel fuller longer

Weight loss doesn't mean starving yourself. You just have to eat the right foods.
Two fighter planes, one yellow one black, sit facing an aircraft hangar.

Wineries, golf courses, museums, and more: Here are 12 of the best campground alternatives for RVs

Take a break from campsites and spend the night somewhere unique with some of the best RV campground alternatives out there.
Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland

Take a dip in these 9 hot springs across the globe – from California to Iceland

Relax and rejuvenate in one of these nine best hot springs around the world, where you'll be treated to wondrous views and therapeutic waters.
Ghost ranch New Mexico

New Mexico road trip itinerary: These 3 incredible routes feature highlights and hidden gems

The ultimate New Mexico road trip consists of delicious food, vintage Americana, stunning backdrops, hiking, and relaxation.
Salmon entree

Here’s why the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest and most well researched diets in the world

What does the research show about the Mediterranean diet? Here are the evidence-based benefits you should know
A podcast microphone

Mental health podcasts that may teach you something new about yourself

This podcast roundup not only provides perspective and tools to improve mental health, it describes mental health challenge of being an American man.
two people doing lunges outside

Experts reveal how to find a workout you will actually stick to this year

The key to a a solid workout routine is finding something you enjoy, but how? Trainers shared top tips to help you nail your goals.
Woman at airport

What happens if you miss a connecting flight? These travel tips will help you save your trip

Missing a connecting flight can be very stressful, and many people don't know what to do when it happens. Here's what to know.