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The best calisthenics apps, rated and ranked

Improve your calisthenics workout

man balancing on hand exercising wearing shorts no shirt on grass outside
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Calisthenics involves movements using your body weight and large muscle groups to enhance strength, flexibility, agility, and balance. If you’re wondering what exercise to try next, a calisthenics app can be a helpful tool to propel your fitness to the next level. You can learn how to perform a specific movement, like a certain type of plank or pushup, log your progress, and more. We’ve found, ranked, and rated the best calisthenics apps available in the App Store and Google Play so that you can get your calisthenics workout on, whether at home or on the go. 

man exercising balancing plank type pose on couch at home wearing sweatpants
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Calisthenics mastery

Calisthenics Mastery has over 150 exercises targeting 27 different muscles in your body. 


You can search by exercise or muscle group, set up a personal plan, adjust the difficulty, schedule your workouts, and track your progress. There’s something for everyone, from beginner to advanced levels. 

We love that Calisthenics Mastery has a free version with five functional exercises in five different categories. You also have the option to purchase the pro version for $14.99 per month, which comes with additional fun workout modes and challenges. 

The intuitive workout player helps you count time, tick off your reps, and show you what’s coming up next. Users love the simple, clean interface and layout, the descriptions and animated icons of the exercises, and the rest timer that reminds you to rest.


4.2 out of 5


We like the free and paid versions of this highly-rated app more than YouTube because the exercises are targeted, and you can set up a personal plan. The free version is packed with key calisthenics moves, such as ten pushup exercises and ten squats. 

man in plank pose one hand behind back on grass outside wearing shorts and shirt
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Mad Barz

Even the accessible version of this cool-sounding app offers over 60 exercises to choose from.


MadBarz provides daily workout routines that allow you to choose your workout duration, the targeted muscles, your experience level, and more. You can save your custom workouts and take part in weekly challenges. We love the easy-to-use interface, the detailed descriptions of the exercises, and the high-quality video tutorials; however, there’s no way to track your performance.

We love the free version and the free 7-day trial for the premium paid version. The premium subscription is $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year and opens the door to an even bigger catalog of exercises, 12-week courses, nutrition guides, recipes, and other perks. 


4.5 out of 5


Mad Barz makes our list because of the extensive catalog and the free version. We prefer Mad Barz to YouTube because you can save your custom workouts and try the weekly challenges rather than trying to find high-quality videos on YouTube, which is time-consuming.

couple man and woman working out plank pose joining hands outside on concrete
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ThenX made our list thanks to the simple design and the range of content designed by professional trainer Chris Heria and professional athletes. 


Just because professional trainers and athletes designed the highly-rated app, and its content doesn’t mean the app is only suitable for athletes because there’s something for everyone at all levels. You can input your height, weight, and goals to develop your workout plan. We love the high-quality video clips and technique guides, the attractive design and layout, the informative blog, and the in-app community. 

The paid subscription for ThenX is $9.99 a month or $89.99 per year, which is more affordable than many other calisthenics apps.


4.3 out of 5


We prefer ThenX over YouTube because professional athletes and trainers have crafted carefully curated content over many years.

man wearing shorts no shirt working out exercising on bars calisthenics
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The movement athlete

The Movement Athlete app is an excellent choice for those looking to get serious about calisthenics, with a huge database of hundreds of moves and a personalized fitness assessment. 


During the assessment, you go over most muscle groups and pinpoint which exercises you passed and failed to set up your personalized workout schedule. You also choose the key skills you want to master.

The Movement Athlete has a 7-day free trial and a subscription of $24.99 for one month and $49.99 for three months, so it definitely requires an investment in your fitness. 

We love the full-body workout programs, the video clips that demonstrate the movements, the performance tracker, and the steady increase in difficulty until you’ve mastered your five main focus areas. The app also has a searchable database of informative articles and fitness questions, so you can amplify your knowledge and fitness at the same time. 


4 out of 5


The mixing of gymnastics and calisthenics and the personalized fitness assessment are just some of the reasons why we feel the Movement Athlete beats YouTube. This highly-rated app has impressive reviews and an attractive, user-friendly design.

man doing handstand outside no shirt just pants in nature
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Caliverse provides a library of over 300 bodyweight exercises and 100 workouts, including full-body programs. 


We commend the app designers for the sleek and easy-to-navigate design and interface of Caliverse because it’s definitely one of our favorites. There’s plenty of free content to check out, and this app is an excellent pick for beginners. The workout plans are categorized into four difficulty levels, and you can set up a weekly schedule.

We love the fact that the free version of this highly rated, jam-packed app gives you access to over ten training plans and hundreds of bodyweight and calisthenics exercises. Upgrade to the premium version for only $4.49 a month or $44.99 per year to access more advanced workouts, live sessions, and more. There’s a 7-day free trial for you to try out the premium version and the top-notch live sessions with trainers.


4.6 out of 5


Caliverse beats YouTube with hundreds of exercises and workouts in one user-friendly place on your smartphone. We love the new workout plans added every month with feedback from the community. 

silhouette of woman doing handstand by the ocean water on the beach at sunset
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Which is the best calisthenics app?

At the top of our list, we crowned Caliverse because the premium version is so affordable, and the free version gives you access to hundreds of workouts and videos by trained professionals. The design reigns supreme, and we love that the online community provides feedback for the new workout plans.

Trying one of these awesome apps is a great way to get you moving and improve your calisthenics performance over time. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best yoga apps, rated and ranked.

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