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Tequila drink

Our favorite tequila drinks, ranked

Looking for a great tequila drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
Waffles on a plate

You need to start adding beer to your waffle batter – here’s why

Using beer in waffle batter is a stroke of genius for a few reasons. This is our favorite recipe.
Foods with prebiotics like chicory, beets, and leeks.

14 of the best prebiotic foods you should be eating – from apples to oats and lentils

Prebiotics help support your overall gut health and optimize digestion. Here's a list of the best prebiotic foods to eat right now.
Cajun food in a pan.

A guide to Cajun food, a Franco-American wonder

Like jazz or basketball, Cajun food is a quintessential American creation rich with history and culture.
Renegade rows

This is why you need dumbbells in your next workout (and every one after that)

Think the only way to fitness is under a barbell? Think again. Trainers are now moving more and more to dumbbells because of their myriad benefits.
Man stretching his legs and arms before working out.

This is why actively stretching is important for you to get a better workout

Do you want to see better gains in your fitness routine? Learn to stretch. Stretching tends to be an overlooked portion of any workout, but it shouldn't be.
Isaac Toups Chasing the Gator Book Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

How to make the best gumbo, according to Chef Isaac Toups

There is nothing more emblematic of Cajun cooking than gumbo. Chef Isaac Toups teaches us how to make gumbo and shares one of his favorite recipes.
Person opening wine bottle

This is how long wine really lasts after you open a bottle

Not all wines are created equal. The amount of time you're trying to stretch that bottle will greatly depend on what kind of wine it is.
man running in shorts outside on the road

6 yoga poses that help with mobility for runners

Boost your strength and mobility ready for running with these 6 yoga poses
Man wearing a clay mask

At-home spa: Make your own exfoliating face mask with ingredients from your kitchen

Create hydrating and exfoliating masks at home using organic, cold-pressed, unrefined ingredients from your kitchen.
A man looking at himself in bathroom mirror.

Having beard struggles? Here’s how to fix a patchy beard, according to an expert

Make patchy beards a thing of the past with derma rollers, microneedling, color enhancements, and the basics of cleansing, moisturizing, and brushing.
ribeye steak roasted potatoes chimichurri sauce

How to cook steak in the oven perfectly every time

While the traditional way of cooking steak might still be the best way to cook it, other contemporary methods can bring you a different mouthwatering taste.
A man putting on lip balm

Keep your lips moist and smooth with the 11 best lip balms for men

Investing in the classic routine of lip protection can help you prevent dry, cracked, and even bloody lips. We've rounded up the best lip balm products.
TSA going through toiletries

The 8 best travel-sized men’s grooming products to please TSA officers

Get friendly with the TSA staff with the best travel grooming products, all chosen to help you look good without sacrificing suitcase space.
Man outside holding a cut head of lettuce

Can you freeze lettuce? The do’s and don’ts of making your produce last

Frozen lettuce may not be the best for making salads, you don't have to toss it just yet.
Foods high in antioxidants

Dark chocolate, beets, kale, and more: These 15 foods are high in antioxidants for optimal health

Foods high in antioxidants can reduce your risk of cancer and certain diseases. Find a list of antioxidant foods here.

11 best coffee books: Brew up a pot of knowledge

Coffee has a background and history that is as full-bodied as its taste and aroma. Read these best coffee books from its sociology down to its history.
Man cooking in his kitchen

Skillets, flatware, mixing bowls, and more: Here’s the ultimate list of kitchen essentials every home chef needs

Your kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to properly stock. To help you out, here are some of the top kitchen tools and appliances to add to your home.
BBQ Brisket being sliced by hand.

Here’s all you need to know about brisket: A comprehensive guide

There aren't many foods more heartily satisfying than slow-cooked meat. Here's all you need to know about brisket.
st lucia

Dining at Sandals Grande St. Lucian: A Caribbean paradise with 11 all-inclusive restaurants

Sandals Grande St Lucian has 12 great restaurants in its all-inclusive resort, and we tried them all
Coffee cup on a surface

Coffee pros say these trends will dominate in 2024

From coffee memberships to organic coffee, these are the coffee trends to look out for in 2024.
A male athlete doing leg extensions on a machine in a gym.

Don’t waste time on useless exercise equipment: These gym machines offer an efficient workout

Discover which seven pieces of gym equipment are a must for your full body workouts.
Instant ramen

It’s time to stop fearing MSG: Here’s why

There's hardly a more contested additive in all of food than MSG. The ingredient, derived from seaweed in 1908, is pretty complicated.
A man walks up a mountain in deep snow with a snowboard.

The 6 best hotels for IKON pass holders this ski and snowboarding season

IKON pass holders, read up: These are the 6 best hotels to stay at after a long day on the mountain
Man shaving

Shaving tips for Black men: Best products and practices

Black men — or anybody with facial hair that is tightly curled and thin — can get ingrown hairs and razor bumps from shaving. Here are some solutions.
Applie bourbon

How to make apple-infused bourbon

Infused bourbon isn't hard to make. All you need is bourbon (even if it's not good bourbon!) and some time.
A tractor hauling a float with lobster on the street at night.

A brief history of Mardi Gras – find out how this tradition with beads started

Mardi Gras is a holiday known for beads, cocktails, and king cake, but do you know its origins? Check out our brief history of Mardi Gras and find out!
Whiskey in a glass

Yes, bourbon can be aged too long – here’s how to pick the best-aged bourbon

Did you know bourbon can be aged too long? It's true - in certain scenarios. We tell you everything you need to know
Brazilian picanha on plate with sides.

Secrets revealed: Chef shares his best tips for cooking a picanha steak

Brazilian picanha is a must-eat for any meat lover. We learn all the tips and tricks from a chef.
Gin cocktail

Our 5 favorite gin drinks, ranked

Looking for a great gin drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
A passenger plane flying in the sky

Delta Air Lines just made it much easier to get elite status (for some of us)

Delta Airlines made unpopular changes to their loyalty program last year, but travelers are going to like this change.
Ruins of Tulum, Mexico and a palm tree overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the Riviera Maya

Winter travel tips: 13 of the best things to do in Tulum, Mexico

Learn 13 different activities you can do in Tulum, Mexico this winter.
Eggs Benedict on plate

You can make a quick hollandaise in your microwave in under 2 minutes – here’s how

By swapping egg yolks for mayonnaise in this simple hollandaise recipe, you can have a sauce on the table in no time.
Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein ad

Jeremy Allen White is hot right now – thanks to calisthenics

Jeremy Allen White is all over the place thanks to his new Calvin Klein ads, and it seems calisthenics is to thank for his new physique.
Guanella Pass Brewing

Another fan-favorite craft beer is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Another fan favorite brewery has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Stanley bottle against gray background

The Stanley Tumbler is hot right now, but the classic Stanley Bottle is much cooler

Everyone is going nuts over the Stanley Tumbler, but we prefer the original Stanley Bottle - here's why.
Pocket Tripod

This $35 accessory is my secret weapon to great travel photography – and it fits in my wallet

If you are a seasoned traveler, you need this incredible phone stand for your travel photography.
Brown bear in the woods

The best bear spray for keeping safe in the backcountry (the one thing you should never leave home without)

The best defense for surviving a bear attack is having and — more importantly — knowing how to use a reliable bear spray.
Cup of bone broth

Bone broth benefits: 9 fantastic reasons to add it to your diet

Bone broth is nourishing and provides protein, collagen, and many valuable vitamins minerals. Find the benefits of bone broth here.
Burger with egg on plate.

A pro chef gives us tips on how to make a great breakfast burger

Who wouldn't want a burger for breakfast? A pro chef gives us all the tips and tricks you'll need.
Healthy foods with fruits and vegetables

From Mediterranean to Paleo, these are the best diets for men to look and feel great

There are many popular diets these days, but what are the best diets for men? Find out the top diets for health, weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and more.
Man making a protein shake.

Add these superfoods to your protein shakes to get more nutrients and vitamins

These best superfoods are not called "super" for nothing, as they're guaranteed to power pack your protein shakes and keep you pumped up for the day.
Man doing pull-ups

How to do pull-ups (and master them once and for all)

Pull-ups strengthen your back, core, chest, and arms, making them a great upper-body exercise for men. Learn how to perform pull-ups ahead.
Champagne coups

Every type of champagne, explained

Champagne can be confusing. Brut, dry - extra dry? - it's a minefield of terminology. We demystify it for you.
Man standing on a body fat scale.

5 ways to measure body fat percentage and why it matters

Body fat percentage isn't the only health metric you need to track, but it's critical. Here are 5 ways to measure yours
Businessman's hand brushing off fallen dandruff from shoulder

How to get rid of dandruff fast: What you need to know

You don't have to search far and wide as we've rounded up here some fast and effective ways to get rid of dandruff — once and for all.
Healthy foods

High protein diets: Everything you need to know

There are many benefits to a high protein diet, including weight loss, muscle recovery, and satiation. Learn what foods to start incorporating.
nuts, oats, oils, and various gluten free food on a tray.

Weight loss 101: 10 surprising foods that can interfere with your goals

Weight loss is top of mind for many, and we've tracked down 10 foods that you might be eating - but can ruin your goals
Chef's knife on a cutting board with food around it

The 10 best Japanese knives: Upgrade your cooking tools

Japanese chef knives are lighter and sharper than German knives. Here are the best Japanese chef knives you should consider buying this 2024.
A Floyd furniture living room setting.

22 of the best home furniture brands to check out now – Restoration Hardware, Thuma, and more

Surrounding yourself with who and what you love might just be the best thing. And while this pertains to your loved ones, it can also refer to your furniture.