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Study says this airline is the most reliable, and we can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of it

The most reliable airline is small, regional, and on-time

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Many airlines claim to be the most reliable, but which one can actually take this title? According to new market research from Anuvu, a leading aggregator of U.S. airline operating data, Avelo Airlines comes in at #1 on the list of best airlines in terms of reliability. This small Houston-based airline is unknown to many, but if you want to get to your destination on time, then you may want to see if they serve an airport near you.

Avelo Airlines
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The success of Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines was introduced in April of 2021 as an ultra-low-cost carrier, focusing on providing affordable air travel to various destinations. The airline is based in Houston, Texas, and operates flights from its primary hub at Hollywood Burbank Airport in California. 

Avelo Airlines’s top airports by destinations include New Haven (HVN) with 17 destinations, Orlando (MCO) with 15 destinations, Burbank (BUR) with 14 destinations, Wilmington (ILG) with 13 destinations, Raleigh/Durham (RDU) with 12 destinations, and Wilmington (ILM) and Las Vegas (LAS) each with 7 destinations. 

The airline offers a variety of domestic routes, connecting passengers to smaller airports and regional destinations that may be overlooked by larger carriers. This allows Avelo Airlines to thrive using a business model that is centered around providing budget-conscious travelers with access to a range of destinations at affordable prices. 

In the report from Anuvu, Avelo ranked #1 in on-time performance and achieved the lowest flight cancellation rate among all U.S. carriers through the first 11 months of 2023. During this time, 83.3% of all Avelo flights arrived at their destinations within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, beating the industry average on-time arrival rate of 77.3%. 

It was also reported that Avelo had a cancellation rate of only 0.1% during the first 11 months of 2023, which is well below the industry average of 1.4%. 

Avelo Airlines Plane
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What’s next for Avelo Airlines?

If you want to take a ride on Avelo Airlines, then you will receive a wide variety of benefits. One notable advantage is the airline’s customer-friendly policy, allowing travelers to change or cancel their itineraries without incurring extra fees. Families, in particular, benefit from Avelo’s commitment to hassle-free travel, as children aged 13 and under are automatically seated with accompanying adults at no additional cost. 

Additionally, Avelo provides travelers with the option to purchase advanced seat assignments, with many extra legroom seats available. Customers can also pay for amenities such as priority boarding, checked bags, carry-on overhead bags, and pets.

Today, Avelo serves 44 destinations and 23 states and Puerto Rico with a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, and the airline doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Avelo Airlines was projected to fly more than 160,000 customers during the 2023-2024 holiday season, which is a 43% increase compared to the same period last year.

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