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Coffee pouring over the sides

All energy, no jitters: The best CBD coffee brands

CBD coffee will wake you up, but also help you avoid the jitters and chill you out. It's pretty much the best of both worlds.
Plant-based noodle salad

Plant-based diet facts: A beginner’s guide to this lifestyle

Plant-based diets focus on plant foods, but grant some latitude for animal products. Find out more here.
Person smoking meat

How to smoke meat like a pro: Everything you need to know

Prepare to be the next pitmaster with our comprehensive guide on smoking — a traditional cooking method that rewards you with tasty, flavorful slabs of meat.
measuring tape wrapped around a silver fork on orange background

The pros and cons of counting calories for weight loss: What you need to know

Here are the pros and cons of calorie-counting for weight loss
Roasted chicken

You’re probably making these 3 mistakes when you’re preparing baked chicken

Whether you're roasting an entire bird for a group, or preparing a single baked chicken breast for one, here are some mistakes we all make from time to time.

Our 4 favorite mezcals for sipping

Looking for a mezcal that's great for sipping instea dof mixing into a drink? These are the 4 best we've tried
Las Vegas

This gross thing has been found at 4 Las Vegas Strip hotels (but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting)

In a recent report from the Southern Nevada Health District, it was revealed that inspectors found bed bugs in several Las Vegas hotels.
Rum drink

Our 6 favorite rum brands and bottles in 2024

Looking for a great rum? These are our favorite brands and bottles in 2024
Baggage claim in airport terminal. Suitcases on the airport luggage conveyor belt. 3d illustration

Air travel tips: If you have to check luggage, be sure to do these 4 things

If you need to check your luggage at the airport, then there are a few travel tips you should consider to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.
HIker standing in the sunrise

Hiking for beginners: A guide to hitting the trail

Our hiking for beginners comprehensive guide has all the tips and tricks you need to hit the trail with confidence this year. So, start your journey now.
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Elm House

Want to live in a tiny home? Here’s how much it would really cost, land and all

Here's the scoop on Tumbleweed tiny homes, land costs, and the specifics of settling down in popular tiny home destinations like Oregon, Utah, and Colorado.
Three athletes running on treadmills at Stride.

The 5 best treadmill workouts to gain fitness fast (and feel great after)

Bored of running on your treadmill? Let's spice up your fitness routine with these treadmill workouts.
Jump rope with shoes and weights

The 12 benefits of jumping rope (it’s not just for your inner child)

It’s deceptively simple, but jumping rope is one of the single best cardio fitness exercises.
Man brushing his beard in the mirror

Get your facial hair in order: The best beard combs

Help your facial hair look great with the best beard combs, crafted from the finest materials to better shape and style your beard.
Man doing child's pose stretch

These are the benefits of stretching to help you avoid injury

There are many benefits to stretching before and after a workout. Here are the top reasons that you don't want to ignore this important step.
Bodybuilder training doing crunches

The right way to do crunches and get rock hard abs

Working on your physique? Try one of these techniques to do crunches correctly and produce excellent results.
Man looking at hair loss

Hair loss treatment: Best options for men with thinning hair

Between genetic predisposition for male pattern baldness and other outside factors, what's a dude to do? Look for the best hair loss treatment.
Man clapping hands with chalk powder before workout

The 5 best body powders for men to help avoid embarrassing odors

Don't wait for the chaffing to start. Keep your body cool and comfortable year round with these best powders that are proven effective.
Fresh home made Tom Collins cocktails with lemon

How to make the finest Tom Collins cocktail, according to experts

The Tom Collins is a classic cocktail made of gin, soda water, simple syrup, and citrus. Here's how to make the very best version of it.
Bowl of Vietnamese Pho with rice noodles, mung beans, cilantro, spring onions and limes

How to make Vietnamese pho, a perfect soup for any time of the year

A steaming bowl of rich beef broth brimming with noodles and fragrant herbs, pho is widely considered the most famous dish of Vietnam.
Grindwittryz dish

The founder of Pacific Rim cuisine shows us how to make the perfect Hawaiian BBQ

Hawaiian BBQ is a diverse and tasty food category informed by many cultures and perfect for life outside.

Bourbon snifters: What they’re good for, which bourbon you should drink from them, and more

Everything you want to know about bourbon snifters, from their shape to which bourbons to drink from them
a man doing pull ups

Can’t do pull ups? You need this simple addition to your workout routine

Even for people who regularly do killer back exercises at the gym, a pull up is a different type of motion than that of many strength training exercises.
man doing pilates leg and arm stretch seated wooden floor

4 easy Pilates exercises to shrink your love handles

Implement these four Pilates exercises into your ab routine consistently to get rid of your love handles.

Genius hack for reheating rice takes seconds, uses only water

Reheating rice is a hot-button topic, and the latest hack takes seconds and only requires boiling water
Charred lemons

Want a truly special margarita? Burn your lemons (yes, really)

Charring lemons adds completely new flavors while heightening the already acidic, citrusy, juicy flavors.
Southwest Airplane

There’s a new easy way to get a Southwest Airlines companion pass

Getting a Southwest Airlines companion pass is now easier than ever with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Consumer Credit Card.
Bourbon glass

Our 6 favorite bourbon brands and bottles in 2024

Looking for a great bourbon? These are our favorite brands and bottles in 2024
Raw spaghetti

It’s been scientifically proven that pasta makes you happier

At long last, science has confirmed what most of us have known since childhood. That this life-giving ingredient actually makes our brains happier.
TSA Agent

Some European airports are ditching carry on liquid rules, but will the TSA liquid limit follow?

Many European airports are implementing new scanners which will allow passengers to travel with more liquids. But how will this affect the TSA liquid limit?
Raw salmon filet

The 5 biggest lies you’ve been told about salmon

Because of its sparkling popularity, salmon - inevitably - is bound to be the victim of some rumors. Here's the the truth.
Wine being poured at dinner table

How many glasses of wine are actually in a bottle? You might not like the answer

No matter the size of your glass - however comical - that pour should still just be five ounces. Sorry.
Whiskey in a glass next a person

7 fan-favorite budget whiskey bottles, ranked

Great sipping whiskeys, versatile mixing whiskeys, and everything in between. There’s something for every palate when it comes to budget bottles.
Cleat hitch sailing knot

These are the 8 sailing knots you need to know when out to sea

Take it upon yourself to master these sailing knots that will not only impress the skipper but will also come in handy when you least expect it.

Why glasses made for bourbon actually matter

If you enjoy bourbon, you should probably invest in at least one whiskey glass.
single tea bag, white background

Chamomile tea only gets healthier when you add lavender — here’s why

From helping to fight against inflammation to supporting healthy sleep, the benefits of chamomile lavender tea might just surprise you.
Man running on snow-covered field

The 9 best cardio workouts to shake up your routine

Bored with those plodding runs? Mix up your cardio workouts with different ways to burn calories and develop your aerobic system.
Man doing dowward dog pose

The best calf workouts, according to a functional training expert

How do you know if your calves are in sorry shape and in need of a boot camp? Here's what our expert says.
a man doing a side plank

These 7 yoga moves are an effective arm and shoulder workout

Want a mean arm and shoulder workout? Don't discount yoga — seriously. These yoga poses will leave you feeling longer and stronger.
Food ranger eating noodles

How to find the best street food (and other travel tips), according to YouTube megastar, The Food Ranger

Looking for travel tips? From the best street food to digital safety, YouTube megastar The Food Rangers share his best tips.
man blue hair exercising on a bench outside by the trees

5 effective Pilates exercises for core strength

A strong and stable core is important for sports and regular everyday activities, and we've listed the top 5 Pilates moves for core strength.
Banana bread

Why you can (and should) add bourbon right to your banana bread batter without cooking it first

Bourbon and other spirits typically ned to be cooked before using them in baking, but not in banana bread - here's why
A biker drinking an electrolyte beverage from his water bottle while cycling on the street.

Get your hydration on with the 9 best electrolyte drinks

Drinking electrolyte drinks can aid in recovery and hydration. We scoured the internet looking for the best electrolyte drinks for your next workout or game.
Man preparing a breakfast smoothie in the kitchen

How to make a nutritious smoothie you’ll actually want to drink

Making the perfect smoothie is harder than you think! We reached out to former chef to the pros, Joshua Ingraham, to tell us how.
A close-up of a vitamin D capsule

Here are the benefits of taking vitamin D supplements – what you should know

If you're not getting enough vitamin D by consuming vitamin D-rich foods, then taking a supplement may be what you need. Read about the benefits here.
A working bartender.

The drinks pro at the Four Seasons Oahu shares his twist on 5 classic cocktails

Classic cocktails don't have to be boring. Here's how they shake up the recipes at the Four Seasons in Hawaii.
A cluttered garage with tools on shelves and a dirty floor.

Simple garage organization tips for better car and motorcycle care

You don’t have to be wealthy to have a functional garage to work on projects and store bulky items. With these tips, you can have an organized garage.
Car warning light on a vehicle dashboard.

Check engine, tire pressure, and more: The most common car warning lights explained

Wondering how serious that car warning light on your dash is? Here are the most common ones you'll see and what they're trying to tell you.
Front left golden wheel on a yellow Lamborghini

Follow these car tire maintenance tips for long-lasting tires

Tire maintenance is just as important as gas and oil. Follow these tips to get the maximum out of your tires without sacrificing safety.
man doing pilates leg and arm stretch seated wooden floor

3 Pilates exercises to strengthen and tone your arms

Discover three Pilates exercises that will take your arms and upper body progress to the next level.