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Hotel Jerome Aspen

Headed to Aspen for skiing or snowboarding? Here are the 5 hotels you should stay at

These Aspen hotels are great for a skiing or snowboarding trip.
A pitcher of avocado oil beside a sliced avocado on a wooden board.

5 benefits of healthy fats and which ones you should be eating

Learn about which fats are actually good for you, what the benefits of consuming them are, and what foods to include in your diet.
Foods high In gluten

11 foods high in gluten to avoid on a gluten-free diet

Need to go gluten-free? Make sure to avoid everything on this list of foods high in gluten and learn about possible alternatives.
Person running with a knee brace

Cambivo, Bracoo, and more: The 10 best knee braces for running support

Knee injuries are a big no-no for runners, so we've rounded up the best knee braces for running.
Road trip

Jerky, trail mix, chickpeas, and more: Here are the 18 best healthy snacks to munch on during road trips

Road trips are a great way to get away and you don't have to derail your diet. Ahead, find the best healthy road trip snacks that you can pack or pick up.

Fried calamari: Learn to make everyone’s favorite appetizer at home

Calamari is an easy-to-make crowd pleaser. This recipe is our favorite version, complete with tips and tricks for getting it just right.
Man drinking a protein shake before exercising.

After eating a meal, this is how long you should wait to exercise

Exercising immediately after eating can cause cramps and indigestion. Learn how long to wait to work out after eating.
Low fade with beard Emmanuel Sanders

The best short beard styles for men: Find the perfect look for your face

With the proper information, you can have one of the best short beard styles around using our guide.
Harry Styles at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

How to wear 1970s fashion if you aren’t Harry Styles

Even if you aren't Harry Styles, you can still wear 1970s-inspired menswear and look fashionable.
Man in glasses

Ditch your boring old wardrobe: 3 key steps to reinventing your style

Don't let your style continue to keep you stuck in yesterday. Here's how to reinvent your style for tomorrow.
man doing lunge exercise with resistance band indoors

Resistance band workouts: How to get stronger legs

Need some great resistance band leg workouts? Our guide will tone and strengthen your legs without any added equipment
Pot of green tea

8 incredible reasons you should be drinking green tea – from helping with weight loss to boosting brain function

Green tea is touted for health benefits ranging from weight loss to cancer prevention.
Porter road cuts of meat picahna

The 9 best lesser-known cuts of beef for grilling anytime – flank, tri-tip, and more

Do you consider yourself a grill master? If so, you should be familiar with these nine lesser-known cuts of beef for grilling.
Hot sauce peppers

These are the hottest hot sauces in the world – are you brave enough to try them?

We’ll let you in on a secret. We’re not brave (or crazy) enough to try the hottest hot sauce in the world. No way. But here's the list.
Avocado cut in half

1 of 2 American adults aren’t getting enough magnesium – these foods will help (avocado, tuna, and more)

Foods high in magnesium are vital for many functions in the body, from heart health to quality of sleep. Here's what to eat to get enough of the mineral.
multiple indian spices

Turmeric, cardamom, and more: Indian spices and their surprising health benefits

Indian spices have some amazing health benefits. This is your guide to turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cumin, and more.
bulky clothing packing tips suitcase with sweater jeans and shoes 1

How to pack luggage: Tips and tricks for your bulky winter clothing

Sometimes you can't pack light -- here's how to save space even with bulky clothing items.
Someone filling up their gas tank with fuel rewards app.

Upside, GasBuddy, and more: Save money on gas with these fantastic fuel rewards apps

Gas is expensive, but with the right fuel rewards apps, you can save money each time you fill up and often earn points to use on drinks, food, and more.
Large steak on an open grill

The low-carb diet guide: How to eat better and optimize your health

Here's our guide to a low-carb diet that can help you lose weight and improve your health.
humidifier in bedroom

Humidifier benefits: 4 ways owning one will improve your life in winter

A humidifier is a great addition to your bedroom for the winter. Here's why.
casa bond lobster guacamole.

Secrets revealed: A chef shares a guacamole recipe upgrade you won’t be able to resist

Everyone loves guacamole, but with this chef's tips and recipe, your guac will be even better.
food in air fryer

If you absolutely need an air fryer, you should get a stainless steel one — here’s why

A stainless steel air fryer is a better choice for your health. Here's why.

Study says this airline is the most reliable, and we can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of it

A new study claims one airline you've probably never heard of is more reliable than any other, and saw its passenger count rise in 2023
Yosemite Falls

Reservations required: You’ll have to plan ahead before visiting these national parks in 2024

Going to visit national parks in 2024? Make sure you get reservations for these popular attractions.
Las Vegas Strip at night

What to know about the new law that bans a common tourist habit on the Las Vegas Strip

There's a new law for pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip. This is what you need to know.
Cos Mcs McDonalds

McDonald’s is taking on Starbucks with its latest spinoff restaurant – a coffee shop

McDonalds selling coffee was always weird, and now. the brand has its own spinoff coffee shop to rival Starbucks
Palapas at the beach in Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun officials warn travelers about this growing danger — here’s what you need to know

Cancun is a great place to visit, but officials say travelers have to be mindful of this danger.
a man in a therapy room

Will the ‘shadow work’ TikTok trend dominate 2024?

What is shadow work? Your guide to one of the biggest mental health trends.
Raw steak on cutting board

You’re probably making these 5 mistakes when cooking steak

Steak is delicious when cooked right, but there are so many ways to mess up. These are the most common mistakes
Hand holding a leech

How to safely remove a leech (or avoid them altogether)

Leeches love to latch onto a passing hiker, so learn what to do to avoid becoming a host, and how to remove a leech if you do get sucked.
Dumbbell weights on a gym rack in a gym.

How to lose weight at the gym: Helpful tips everyone should follow

Going to the gym is a great way to start losing weight, and it can be especially effective if you also properly fuel your body, and get enough sleep!
Using a French press

It’s time to learn how to use a French press coffee maker

If you want to learn how to use a French press coffee maker, look no further. We've got all the information you'd ever want or need.
Man doing push-ups at a gym.

Pushup training tips: Give your upper body strength a boost

By strengthening the core, triceps, and chest, you can take your pushups to the next level. Here are some of the best tips to try.
Collagen supp[lement.

Collagen supplements: We have all the answers to the question – should you take them?

Collagen supplements can provide you with multiple health benefits. Find out more about collagen supplements here.
A bowl of cereal and a spoon

From Bob’s Red Mill to McCann’s, these are the best healthy cereals for men, according to a registered dietician

Cereal is a popular breakfast food, but not all of them are healthy. Find out which cereals are the healthiest for men.
High cholesterol burger.

How to lower cholesterol without medication: You can do it naturally

There is good and bad cholesterol. You should try these tips in order to help keep it all under control.
Blood pressure monitor.

Here’s how to lower your blood pressure without using medication

Breaking down the best ways to lower high blood pressure, or hypertension, without medications. Best, they're pretty easy to execute.
is peanut butter healthy close up of on bread

Is peanut butter healthy? All your questions answered about this popular pantry staple

Being a pantry staple in many homes, you might question the healthiness of peanut butter. Fret not as we will address some of the common concerns about it.

Veggies, seeds, and more: These are the best foods for prostate health (and what to avoid)

Eat these nutritious, tasty foods to take care of your prostate health and help delay or prevent prostate issues.
Man wearing resistance band on his ankle in blue tennis shoes

Resistance band workouts: Strengthen your core with these 4 workouts

Looking to strengthen and tone your core? These resistance band workouts will help you get the job done.
Person thrift shopping

Thrift shopping: How to do it like a pro

Here are our tips and tricks for learning how to thrift like a pro, even if you've never done it in your life.
Salad greens high in vitamin K

These 14 foods will add essential vitamin K to your diet

F4od is a great place to find supplemental nutrition. Here are foods high in vitamin K that you should be eating now.
man wearing shorts no shirt working out exercising on bars calisthenics

The best calisthenics apps, rated and ranked

These calisthenics apps will help up your fitness game.
Pouring milk from a glass bottle into a glass with a black background

These are the foods high in calcium you should eat (and why it’s important for your bones and beyond)

Foods high in calcium support bones. teeth, and beyond. The good news is that if you don't eat dairy, there are still many foods high in calcium to choose from.
Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

These are some of the best cookbooks of all time – one for every type of chef

The world, with all its grandeur, is meant to be relished one dish at a time, which is why we assembled this nourishing list of the best cookbooks of all time.
Ghost Tree Grill pork belly

Our ultimate Bandon Dunes golf resort restaurant guide

Want to dine in Bandon Dunes while you're in town for golf? Here are the best picks, including the resorts new multi million dollar restaurant
Man sleeping in a T-shirt

How to get better sleep with ‘sleep hygiene’

Wake up well rested every morning with these sleep tips.
Airplane in a blue sky

You’re planning trips all wrong – the best hack for the cheapest flights

Travel planning and want to score the cheapest flights? You'll want to read about these unconventional but effective approaches first.
A hamburger on a wooden table

Don’t ruin your skincare routine by eating these 15 foods

Is your diet bad for skin health? Here's what to know about foods and skin health, including clearing up some rumors about diet and acne.
Person looking out plane window

Afraid of flying? 8 effective ways to combat flight anxiety

Afraid of flying? You're not alone. Here are ways you can deal with plane anxiety and its common cause, turbulence.