Buy It Once, Have It Forever: The Big List of Brands with Lifetime Warranties

No matter how well-constructed something is, it’s likely to eventually break or wear out with regular use. That’s just the way things go. You buy something, use it for a while until it falls apart, and then buy a new one. Until you learn that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are hundreds — maybe even thousands — of brands with lifetime warranties. Buy these products, and when they inevitably kick the bucket, you can send them in for repair or replacement completely free of charge. This list of brands with lifetime warranties will help you figure out where you can get gear that will last forever. Every company on this list offers either a limited lifetime warranty or a full-on, unconditional lifetime guarantee.

We rounded up as many as we could, but this list isn’t quite complete. If you know of any companies we missed, tell us! Here goes nothing:

Shoes and Apparel

Let’s face it, wear and tear (or plain dissatisfaction) with a pair of boots or new winter coat is an inevitability. Brands who offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on such products include Eddie Bauer, Rainbows Sandals, Orvis, L.L. Bean, and Duluth Trading; Dr. Martens offers a similar full-on warranty on their FOR LIFE selection of boots and shoes.

Filson, Tilley, Columbia, and The North Face (at its own discretion) protect against rips and damages incurred during their intended use. The warranties do not cover normal wear and tear from accidents, improper care, or alterations. However, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and most other brands listed will repair worn damages for a fee.

Bags and Luggage

If your bag’s zipper malfunctions or your strap wears through, JanSport, Osprey, Red Oxx, and Briggs & Riley have warranties which cover full repairs and product defects for life — no exclusions. Dakine, Away, and Filson packs will repair or replace any products used appropriately and that are protected under its limited lifetime warranty.

J.W. Hulme products are backed for life and can be sent in for repairs for free. Unless, of course, your new puppy decides to use it as a chew toy.

Tools of the Trade

If your Craftsman or Mastercraft hand tools ever fail you during normal utilization, they will be repaired or replaced for free. The warranty doesn’t cover the blade or other expendable parts that wear with use within the warranty period, though. Kobalt, on the other hand, supplies a mix of warranties for different tools based on use and durability.

Kershaw Knives, Chicago Cutlery, Calphalon, Buck, and Gerber carry a limited warranty for the lifetime of the original owner, which means fixing any tears in the handle of your knife or other manufacturing defects. If you accidentally break your Kershaw folder’s blade, they’ll replace it for a paltry 10 bucks. ESEE Knives will go a step further and replace any knife that is broken or defective, no matter how many times it’s been traded or sold.

Gear and Gadgets

When it comes to camping gear, Big Agnes, Maglite Flashlights, and NEMO Equipment guarantee against manufacturing or material defects, but do not warrant damages from wear and tear or alterations. Damages during use of their products can be returned for repair, though with a fee. Zippo Lighters and Cross Pens offer a simple forever warranty: the product works or they’ll fix it.

If your Davek umbrellas turn you into a B.J. Thomas song, they’ll happily repair or replace any registered products at no charge, except shipping and handling. Kryptonite products also come with a lifetime warranty that covers defects through normal wear and tear, but it won’t cover a mistake like putting the wrong keys in your lock or losing keys that are not registered. MEC goes a step further and guarantees not only the quality of their products, but the quality of their employees’ advice too.

If your pet has a penchant for chewing, pawing, or otherwise causing destruction, Lupine will replace any collar, harness, or leash that they manage to gnaw through (even without a receipt). And, no matter how it happened or whose fault it was, Vortex Optics’ VIP (Very Important Promise) Warranty will take care of you and the entire cost of repair or replacement.

Article originally published by Drew Prindle on August 24, 2016. Last updated by LeeAnn Whittemore on December 22, 2017. Feature image courtesy of Shinola/Facebook.