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The big list of ultra-reliable brands with lifetime warranties

The best brands usually offer the best warranties

Red and black Columbia baseball cap on a white background

Simply put, a solid brand with a lifetime warranty will rarely let you down. It’s a promise that says, “Our stuff is built to last.” Whether it’s the latest athleisure apparel, a premium Yeti-like cooler, or the best fishing rod you can buy, these things will stick by your side like a trusty sidekick, even if you have to replace them.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of brands with lifetime warranties that promise to put their customer first. Buy their products, and if they ever kick the bucket, you can send them in for repair, replacement, or even a full refund, completely free of charge. This list of lifetime warranty brands will help you figure out where you can get gear that will outlast you. Every company and manufacturer on this list offers either a limited lifetime warranty or a full-on, unconditional lifetime guarantee. (We rounded up as many as we could, but this list isn’t quite complete. If you know of any companies we missed, let us know.)

Tervis cup
Tervis / Facebook

What is a warranty?

Before we get to the list, we should probably clue you in on exactly what a warranty is and the different types of warranties out there. The basic definition of a warranty is a promise by the seller to repair or replace a faulty product within a defined time window after purchase. Some warranties are for a set period of time, like one year from the date of sale, and if the product breaks after that, you’re out of luck.

The terms of the warranty are usually included in the product’s packaging, either as part of the owner’s manual or in a separate document, which lays out just what is covered, and if the warranty doesn’t cover everything, it’s considered a limited warranty. An unconditional lifetime warranty covers the entire product for the entire time you own it. A company with an unconditional lifetime warranty, like Tervis, pictured above, will replace a broken or defective product no matter how long you have owned it. With that, let’s take a look at those brands that stand behind their products for life.

Blundstone men's boots

Shoe and apparel brands with lifetime warranties

Let’s face it, wear and tear (or plain dissatisfaction) with a pair of boots or a new winter coat is inevitable. Brands that offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee on such products include Eddie Bauer, Rainbow Sandals, and Duluth Trading; Dr. Martens offers a similar full-on warranty on its For Life selection of the best men’s boots and shoes.

Filson, Tilley, Columbia, and The North Face (at their discretion) protect against rips and damages incurred during their intended use of their warranty service. The one limitation is that these warranties do not cover normal wear and tear from accidents, improper care, or alterations. However, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, and most other brands listed will repair even worn item damage for a fee.

Group of four young people toting Away luggage in a field of straw standing near a four-wheeler.
Away Travel

Bag and luggage brands with lifetime warranties

If your bag’s zipper malfunctions or your strap wears through, JanSport, Osprey, Red Oxx, and Briggs & Riley have warranties that cover full repairs and product defects for life — no exclusions.

Dakine, Away, and Filson will repair or replace any products used appropriately and protected under its limited lifetime warranty. “Limited” can mean a short period of time or just for certain implied damage or malfunctions that can occur with the product. Many of these best luggage brand warranties are great for everything from everyday bags to carry-on luggage.

  • North St. Bags

A man wearing leather gloves using a Dewalt axe chopping wood
Dewalt / Facebook

Tool brands with lifetime warranties

If your Craftsman or Mastercraft hand tools ever fail you during normal use, these companies will repair or replace them for free. The warranty doesn’t cover the blade or other expendable parts that wear with use within the warranty period, though.

Kobalt, on the other hand, offers a mix of warranties for different tools based on use, durability, and workmanship. Whether you’re looking for the best EDC knives, hatchets for camping or backpacking, or the right multi-tool, there is a lifetime warranty out there for you.

Kershaw Knives, Chicago Cutlery, Calphalon, Buck, and Gerber all carry a limited warranty for the lifetime of the original owner, which means fixing any tears in the handle of your knife or other manufacturing defects. If you accidentally break your Kershaw folder’s blade, for example, the company will replace it for just ten bucks.

The ESEE Knives warranty department will go a step further and replace any knife that is broken or defective without a limitation on how many times it’s been traded or sold — which is one of those specific legal rights that is good to remember.

Paddlers standing on boulders near the ocean with their outdoor gear in Pelican cases

Gear and gadget brands with lifetime warranties

When it comes to the best camping gear, Big Agnes, Maglite Flashlights, and NEMO Equipment all guarantee against manufacturing or material defects but do not warrant damages from wear and tear or alterations. Damages during the use of their products can be returned for repair, though with a fee.

Zippo Lighters and Cross Pens offer some simple warranty information: The product works, or they’ll fix it. If your Davek umbrellas turn you into a B.J. Thomas song, the company will happily repair or replace any registered products at no charge, less shipping and handling.

Kryptonite products also entitle you to a lifetime product warranty that covers defects through normal wear and tear, but it won’t cover a mistake like putting the wrong keys in your lock or losing keys that are not registered. MEC goes a step further with its customer service and guarantees not only the quality of its products but the quality of its employees’ advice, too.

If your pet has a penchant for chewing, pawing, or otherwise causing destruction, Lupine will replace any collar, harness, or leash that your pooch manages to gnaw through (even without a receipt). And, no matter how it happened or whose fault it was, Vortex Optics’ VIP (Very Important Promise) Warranty will take care of you and the entire cost of repair or replacement.

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