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Our honest review of Souper Cubes, the Shark Tank product you need in your life

Souper cubes aren't just for freezing food

Souper cubes
Souper Cubes

If you’re like the rest of America, you enjoy watching Shark Tank from time to time. Sitting comfortably on your couch, contributing your two cents about whether a product or business is a good idea or a ridiculous one, whether or not it will receive an offer, and at what price. It’s a great show, to be sure, but over the last 15 seasons, we’ve seen some great ideas get heart-wrenchingly squashed, and some ridiculous products and businesses inexplicably launch into giant success. But when Souper Cubes creators Jake and Michelle Sendowski went on the show in 2020, everyone – both in the tank and on their couches at home – instantly agreed that the product was a winner.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

What are Souper Cubes?

Souper Cubes are portioned freezer trays that allow you to freeze perfectly sized servings of just about any food you can think of. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes, including two tablespoons, half cup, one cup, and two cups, and are made from 100% food-grade silicone. They’re extremely durable, easy to use, and safe for both the oven and the dishwasher.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

What can I freeze in Souper Cubes?

The short answer to this question? Everything you’re already freezing, but make it better. Made too much chili or marinara sauce? Simply ladle those leftovers into the one-cup-sized trays and pop them in the freezer. When you’re ready for a single serving, pop one out and leave the rest. The one-cup size is perfect for sauces, soups, homemade stocks or broths, leftover ground beef or turkey, and mashed potatoes.

The two-cup-sized tray is perfect for plan-ahead meal prepping. At the beginning of the week, make a big batch of chicken with rice and vegetables, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or short ribs and grits. Fill each cube up to the indicated fill line, pop it in the freezer, and your lunch and dinners for the week are completely taken care of.

Use the half-cup-sized cubes for leftover canned goods after a recipe has only called for a small amount. This is a great way to save money on things like tomato paste or canned fruits and vegetables.

The two-tablespoon size is perfect for freezing fresh herbs in olive oil or any other small ingredient you’d like to have at the ready when it comes time to make dinner. Just pop them out of the tray and straight into the saute pan.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes are not just for freezing

Not only are these little bad boys great at preserving your food, but they can bake all of your favorite desserts, too. Souper Cubes can take the heat up to 415F and make for excellent loaf pans that release your cakes and breads with ease.

And if you prefer stoneware for your baking, Souper Cubes makes those, too.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes will save you a lot of money

Far too often, leftovers and unused ingredients spend a few days in the refrigerator before ultimately being thrown out. The amount of money that most of us toss out with the trash is startling when we do the math. With Souper Cubes, those ingredients and leftover meals that would otherwise be tossed can be saved and easily reheated and enjoyed with ease.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes are good for the waistline

Souper Cubes are also wonderful for those of us trying to maintain healthy eating habits. By portioning out meals beforehand and keeping them handy and ready to go in individually frozen blocks, there’s no risk of overeating. For those who are set on healthier eating habits in the new year, this reason alone is worth the investment of a few trays.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes will help keep you organized

Speaking of goals for the new year, many of us are trying to reduce stress by de-cluttering and getting organized. If your freezer is anything like mine, you know that between the frozen tundra of chicken breasts, bags of meatballs, and an embarrassing amount of ice cream, it’s easy for things to get messy in there. Souper Cubes’ easily stackable trays and convenient block shapes save space in one of the biggest places we need more of it.

Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes are better for the environment

Another important reason we love Souper Cubes is because they are a great way to reduce plastic waste in the kitchen. By eliminating the need for single-use plastics like zip-top bags or flimsy Tupperware, Souper Cubes are saving both dollars and the planet at the same time.

Souper Cubes
Souper Cubes

Are Souper Cubes worth it?


Admittedly, at first glance, Souper Cubes don’t seem like the thriftiest option for someone who’s trying to save a few dollars. But if you consider the money saved in the long run, the slightly higher price tag is more than reasonable. After using Souper Cubes for a few months now, our food waste is down, meal prep is easier, and everything in the freezer is easy to find and enjoy.

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