Adventures in Florida: 5 killer outdoor experiences in the Sunshine State

Florida isn't all about day-drinking on the water. Here are five of our favorite outdoor experiences in the Sunshine State that...
don’t involve the beach.

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Fashion & Style, The Manual Wind

The Manual Wind: Tiffany & Co East West Timepiece

Tiffany & Co has released a new line of timepieces baring the its iconic name on the dial. Its most unique design of the...
line, the Tiffany & Co East West will surely place this household name into many more watch collections.

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Fashion & Style

Exclusive: Cole Haan’s American Dream Project

Cole Haan has recently partnered with Happy Marshall Productions to create The American Dream Project, a mini docu-series starring...
James Marshall and his best friend Todd Williams who embark on a cross-country motorcycle trip.

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Fashion & Style, Worn Out Wednesday

Worn Out Wednesday – Akin Akman

Today we speak to fitness coach and model, Akin Akman about his life and personal style

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Throttle Jockey: Just one bike? Yamaha’s FJ-09 triple does it all

One trend I’m happy to see is the return - and update - of the “standard”...
motorcycle, a do-most-everything bike that can zip you to work, capably...
sport-tour or even raise your pulse at a track day. One machine that's caught...
my eye is Yamaha's FJ-09.

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Fashion & Style

How to Dress Appropriately for a Funeral

Funeral attire should convey respect. For help understanding what to wear to a...
funeral, we spoke with Tony Spear of Este’s Men’s Clothing in Portland, OR.

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Food & Drink

Red Clay Hot Sauce: A Southern Twist on a Flavor Favorite

You'll be whistling Dixie once you get a taste of this Southern hot sauce.

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Fashion & Style

Weekend kit: Surviving in a mountain town

From spring skiing to muddy mountain biking to late summer rock climbing,...
living in a mountain town is as close to heaven as some of us will ever get....
Whether you’re a Jackson or Aspen local or just trying to avoid looking like...
a tourist, read on for the best mountain town gear.

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Food & Drink

Ezra’s Speakeasy: Columbus’ Newest Clandestine Cocktail Bar

It's no secret we love a good speakeasy here at The Manual. So we caught up...
with the spirits experts that run Ezra's in Columbus, OH to find out more about...
the inspiration behind their popup cocktail bar.

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Minimize bathroom clutter with these multi-use marvels

Clean up your act (and bathroom) with grooming products that do more than one...

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