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Vacheron Constantin says this is the world’s most complicated watch

Intricate doesn't begin to describe this Vacheron Constantin watch

close up on The Berkley Grand Complication
Vacheron Constantin / Vacheron Constantin

Although watches tend can come in various colors and designs, they are timeless and elegant. These sleek accessories have earned their spot in all wardrobes as they make for the perfect touch to any look and make for a wonderful collection to start. However, when it comes to the overall make and model of watches, it’s rare to see them stray from the typical design. That notion is being tested and challenged by Vacheron Constantin, who has designed the world’s most complicated watch. 

Although it seems like a tall task, Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication is unlike any timepiece you’ve seen yet. True to its word, this watch contains intricacies that you won’t find anywhere else, truly giving it the moniker of the world’s most complicated watch. With stellar craftsmanship and unique details, this watch is about to become a stellar item for any watch collector.

What to expect from Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication

Man working on The Berkley Grand Complication
Vacheron Constantin / Vacheron Constantin

While some watch companies have designed intricate watches before, Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication is the first Chinese perpetual calendar programmed 2200. Apart from this detail, the watch has broken a world record by containing a total of 63 horological complications in one piece. Taking a total of 11 years to develop and research, this latest timepiece is a lesson in the art of watchmaking. 

While the inside of the watch is an art form itself, the outside is an equally marvelous feat. With a start, stop, and reset chronograph push piece and secret alarms that reveal themselves, there are plenty of details to discover on the watch. The case is composed of 18k white gold and has a thickness of 55mm. With a hand-wound Calibre 3752 and a 60-hour power reserve, this watch is much more than just a beautiful timepiece. Crafted upon commission, it’s also a one-of-a-kind piece that any watch collector would be honored to receive. 

Everything you need to know about Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication

The Berkley Grand Complication sitting on table
Vacheron Constantin / Vacheron Constantin

With its 11 years of research and development behind it, it’s no wonder why Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication has so many intricate complications to explore. Along with 11 complications for the Chinese perpetual calendar, the watch also contains nine complications for time measurements and regulation, including world time indications for 24 cities. Also, the watch has seven complications for the Gregorian calendar, including Gregorian months, retrograde date, and days of the week. 

For anyone interested in the stars and more, Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication also contains the ages and phases of the moon, ten celestial stems and five elements, retrograde seconds, and the Chinese zodiac sign. Besides taking the time to craft these precise and punctual pieces, the timepiece also contains seven complications for alarm functions. With pushpieces that reveal secret compartments to wind and maneuver the watch, it’s simply a work of art. Besides being the most complicated watch in the world, Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication is one of the most skillfully crafted and designed pieces to be revealed yet.

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