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This is the amazing watch brand you’ve been seeing pro golfer Chris Kirk wearing

The partnership between Zenith watches and golfer Chris Kirk is a hole in one

Pro Golfer Chris Kirk wearing Zenith gear while playing.

Golfers know keeping time is crucial when on the green, and the pros put their trust in Swiss watch company Zenith for a reason. The watch powerhouse has learned a thing or two about making quality luxury watches in the 150-plus years the company has been in business. The latest athlete to give the wristwatch maker praise is golfer Chris Kirk. His collaboration with Zenith watches serves nothing but aces.

The Chris Kirk treatment

Chris Kirk wearing Zenith gear.

Six-time PGA Tour Title winner Chris Kirk knows how to keep it together on the course. The Knoxville-born golfer has been winning tournaments and championships since 2007, but his current partnership is reaching for something a little higher. 

The “Time to Reach Your Star” campaign by Zenith is the crossover between an athlete who knows the meaning of commitment and passion and a company that defines the meaning of precision and innovation. Whether you are on your start to greatness or are a multi-time winning pro, you should never let your star burn out. 

Fresh off his sixth PGA Title Tour win at The Sentry in January of 2024, Kirk set his sights on working with Zenith watches to bring attention to a few beauties. Chris took to his Instagram to boast about the partnership, showing off the three gorgeous pieces he would wear in upcoming appearances.

The Defy Skyline Skeleton

The Defy Skyline Skeleton watch by Zenith.

Kirk’s Instagram shows off three gorgeous watches in his lineup, starting with an El Primero with a stunning green face and a classic Zenith with a funky green rubber band. But it’s the Skyline Skeleton turning heads.

You get everything you look for in a Zenith watch with the Skyline Skeleton, from the water resistance to the stainless-steel bracelet to a 60-hour power reserve, so you know you have time to finish the round. All the basics are covered. Collectors and wearers will appreciate that in addition to the stainless steel bracelet, the watch comes with a whimsical blue rubber strap with a starry sky motif on it. We love options.

It’s the face we can’t keep our eyes off of. The face of this watch is so cool and so intricate that it immediately pulls your attention to it. The black dial with the four-pointed star has us in the zone. It’s a little throwback to the double Z from the 1960s logo, and we love a good nod to nostalgia.

The unique look gives it an edge, but the El Primero automatic high-frequency skeleton movement with the 1/10th of a second indicator keeps this watch at a level only Zenith delivers. Plus, the stylish octagonal shape of the face makes it stand out more against the other circle ones.

From Aaron Rodgers to Felipe Pantone to Mahatma Gandhi, the watchmaker has teamed with celebrities of all types. As athletes live and die by the clock and need to rely on the most precise of timekeeping, companies like Zenith have been able to shine with their watchmaking. You can’t deny the craftsmanship of Zenith watches, and pros like Chris Kirk know when it comes to the final swing, you want nothing but the best at your side (or on your wrist) to make sure you don’t miss your shot.

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