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Katie Dickens

Katie Dickens

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Katie Dickens is a Manhattan-based beauty and grooming writer. She has held staff positions at Glamour, In Style, People StyleWatch, and Nylon/Nylon Guys magazines. As a freelancer, she has contributed to,,, plus Marie Claire, Town & Country Travel, and Self magazines. When she's not pounding away at her keyboard, she globe-trots, runs, and coaxes her husband into being her grooming human guinea pig.

flip-flop feet.

Best Products to Treat Your Monstrous Flip-Flop Feet

If you spend a lot of time barefoot on the beach, your dogs are probably a little worse for wear. Here are six way to treat flip-flop feet
healthy scalp product roundup best products for

A Healthy Scalp is the Secret to Good Hair: Best Products for a Healthier Scalp

If you’re having issues with your hair, you need to get to the root of the matter, your scalp. These are the best products for a healthy scalp for men, right here and now.
old school grooming products

Throw it Back with These Old School Grooming Products

Mix up your modern routine with this collection of old school grooming products and classic heritage brands.
mens grooming products

6 Men’s Grooming Products to Spruce Up Your Routine and Your Bathroom

To make your bathroom a more attractive place, here are some nice-looking men's grooming products worth displaying (and using).
skincare for men

Skincare for Men: 6 Steps Every Man Needs to Add to His Grooming Regimen

Skincare for men doesn't have to be complicated. Adding two or three of these targeted options to your daily routine will make a visible difference.
Kingsman art of shaving

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Inspires New Grooming Collection for the Aspiring Spy

The Art of Shaving partnered with the team behind Kingsman: The Golden Circle to produce a grooming product collection fit for a spy.
Fall 2016 Haircuts Bedhead, fall haircuts

Four Awesome Fall Haircuts to Consider in 2022

We asked AXE Master Barber Pedro Rosario to recommend four fall haircuts. Request the next time you’re at the barbershop.
Haeckels Secret Ingredient Seaweed

The New UK Grooming Brand Haeckels Secret Ingredient is Seaweed

Always on the hunt for the latest handcrafted, artisanal, locally sourced grooming brand? Then you’ll want to get to know Haeckels.
Older man-in bathroom

Give Your Dad the Gift of Good Grooming this Father’s Day

For the special day that celebrates all that he’s done for you, consider giving him one of these best Father's Day grooming gift boxes.

Kiehl’s is Getting Into the Grooming Game

To help dude’s step up their game, Kiehl’s is introducing a six-piece range it’s calling Grooming Solutions.
post-workout grooming, molton-brown-sport-body-scrub

Sporty Products You Need Post-Workout

If you're looking for the best post-workout grooming products, consider picking scents and formulas designed specifically for use after the sweat fest.
spring grooming

New Ways to Spring Clean Your Face, Body and Beard

Your winter hibernation has come to an end & so should your winter grooming habits. For spring grooming we recommend these four go-to warm weather products.

Meet Lockwood, Your New Favorite Natural Skincare Line

Lockwood creates grooming goods on an idyllic 165-acre family farm in the Hudson Valley. Not only is it good for your skin, but good for the environment.
cartridge razor

Jack Black Breaks into the Cartridge Razor Market

This spring, upmarket grooming brand Jack Black is getting in on the cartridge razor game just in time for pre-summer beard removal.
lab Series new Gel Skincare

Lab Series Partners With a Pair of Surfers to Introduce its New Gel Skincare

Introducing Lab Series new gel skincare line, with light-as-air textures that literally take the weight off your grooming routine.
oud shaving fragrance

The Art of Shaving Goes All Out for Oud

The Art of Shaving repurposes its masculine Oud Suede fragrance for a new grooming routine. You can find it in after shaves, pre-shave oils, & shaving cream
Acqua di Parma Miami

First Acqua di Parma Boutique and Barbershop Opens in Miami

Acqua di Parma has finally graced the U.S. with its first stand-alone boutique: Acqua Di Parma Miami. Stop by for a luxurious grooming experience.
shower beer

Shower Beer: 6 Good reasons to Bring Beer into Your Grooming Routine

We found a handful of other beer-based grooming options that will help you clean up nicely. Try these out with a shower beer for full effect.
cold remedies

Kick the Sick with These At-Home Cold Remedies

Stock up on botanically-based solutions. Their perfect drug-free at-home cold remedies that, if they won't cure you, will definitely make you feel better.
Three Seat Espresso & Barber

Get a Cut and Coffee at this New York City Barbershop

Now you can get your caffeine fix while getting a shave and a haircut with new downtown Manhattan spot Three Seat Espresso & Barber.
mood boosting scents bottlesfeat

Stock Up on Mood-Boosting Scents to Get Through Winter

Immersing yourself in mood-boosting scents, like lemon and fresh mown grass, might be just the thing to snap you out of that grey-for-days funk.

Snap Up This Cool Candle Collaboration

Francis Kurkdjian teams up with another big name in travel, The Standard, to come up with a set of candles inspired by a few of the hotel chain’s home cities.
Best Holiday Candles

6 Holiday Candles That Don’t Smell Terrible

If your idea of a holiday candle brings to mind the cloying aromas of Yankee Candle monstrosities, then consider giving these best holiday candles a try.
Customized Gift Sets

Customized Gift Sets are the Best Way to Show You Care

Tthere’s something about putting together your own bespoke set that shows you really care. Check out our guide to the best customized gift sets for men.
best winter balms

5 Does-It it-All Balms to Save Your Skin this Winter

Winter weather can do harsh things to our skin. Fight nature and remedy dryness and chapping with these best winter balms for men. Slather up!
Aveda men shop

Aveda Grooms Guys with Aveda Men Shop

Aveda is hoping to lure more dudes with the launch of the aptly named Aveda Men Shop, which recently opened in St. Petersburg, Florida.
shaving soap

Here’s Why You Should Consider Using Shave Soap

The difference between a professional shave and an at home one often comes down to the shaving soap. Here are some tips and tricks on using using shave soap
Art of Shaving cologne

The Art of Shaving is Getting Into the Fragrance Game

Specialists in maintaining facial hair and taking off said fuzz, The Art of Shaving introducing its new The Art of Shaving Cologne line.
CO bigelow

CO Bigelow Introduces Newness for Your Face

CO Bigelow, the old-school apothecary from 1893, introduces a new daily skincare essentials line called the Face Care Collection. Your skin saviors are here
Old Spice Red Zone

Go Wild West with New Old Spice Red Zone Scent: Desperado

The latest range of deodorants, body washes and shampoos within the Old Spice Red Zone Collection is Desperado, a scent evocative of a devil-may-care dude.
indie fragrance

Two new indie fragrance’s you should know about

We profile two new indie fragrances for gents to consider this fall
art of shaving, get rid of razor bumps

The Secret Weapon for Beating Razor Bumps is Here

Dermatologist Jared Jagdeo explains how the new Power Brush from The Art of Shaving helps you get rid of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
Harry's razors, harry's new razors, razors, cheap blades, shaving

Harry’s Introduces a New Generation of Razors

Harry’s latest launch is going back to its razor roots and proving the devil is in the details with Harry's new razors. Impressive.
philosophy introduced a skincare line just for dudes philosophylede

Philosophy Introduced a Skincare Line Just for Dudes

mr porter assembled the ultimate grooming travel kit

Mr. Porter Assembled the Ultimate Grooming Travel Kit

best new shave cream

4 awesome new shave creams to help you save face

With summer approaching, you probably want to shave the beastly thing on your face. Here are four of the best new shave creams on the market. Happy shaving!
6 hangover helpers for cinco de mayo featuredetoximage

6 Hangover Helpers for Cinco de Mayo

Grooming Hangover Remedies
a new grooming line proves you can look good without blowing your budget marlowe assortment shot

A New Grooming Line Proves You Can Look Good Without Blowing Your Budget

marinate in a new trio of fragrances inspired by booze robert graham blended essences 2

Marinate in a New Trio of Fragrances Inspired by Booze

scent your home to prevent cabin fever until spring finally arrives feat 2

Scent Your Home to Prevent Cabin Fever Until Spring Finally Arrives

derek zoolander is opening the center for people who dont age good ridiculouslyyouthfulcollectionsm 2

Derek Zoolander is Opening The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good

David Arbuthnot context

Grooming Guru: Founder of Context Skincare David Arbuthnot

Less is more on your mug
dollar shave club gets all up in your face with big cloud skincare 8 bigcloud white

Dollar Shave Club Gets All Up in Your Face with Big Cloud Skincare

Dollar Shave Club launched moisturizer and lip balm.
grooming guru advice from celebrity stylist vaughn acord v76 by  2

Grooming Guru: Advice from Celebrity Stylist Vaughn Acord

naturals brand yes to carrots says men feature

Naturals Brand Yes To Carrots Says Yes to Men

you need this filson x juniper ridge candle in your life 2

You Need This Filson x Juniper Ridge Candle in Your Life

grooming guru francesco clark founder of clarks botanicals

Grooming Guru: Francesco Clark, Founder of Clark’s Botanicals

Francesco Clark of Clark's Botanicals Grooming Advice
soap on a rope is the greatest thing since sliced bread feature

Soap-on-a-Rope is the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

best five soap on a rope
a healthy scalp is the secret to thicker hair

A Healthy Scalp is the Secret to Thicker Hair

These scalp-targeting offerings can only help your strands’ chances of growing.
these five indie fragrances may give you the travel bug cologne

These Five Indie Fragrances May Give You the Travel Bug

best five travel-inspired fragrances