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Shower Beer: 6 Good reasons to Bring Beer into Your Grooming Routine

shower beer
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Okay, so when something called Shower Beer popped up in our Instagram feed in April, we immediately thought it must be an April Fool’s joke.

Sure, we’re all for multitasking products but a brew that’s designed for drinking and washing up simultaneously seems wrong. But it appears to be a real collaboration between Snask, a Swedish creative agency, and a local Pangpang brewery, or we fell for an elaborate hoax.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Either way, it supposedly sold out, so because you can’t get your hands on the pale ale that does the work of a body wash, we found a handful of other beer-based grooming options that will help you clean up nicely. Bonus: None of them leave you smelling like a dank dive bar. Just remember to use them responsibly (i.e. do not attempt to drink them.)

Broo Craft Beer Barber Collection

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The new collection from beery brand Broo (get it?) focuses aims to take care of all your grooming needs with just a few products. Condi-shave Cream, Shower Session Wash, Mug & Mane Lotion use malted barley and hops flowers to nourish you from head-to-toe. $6 each,

Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap duke cannon beer soap

Suds up with a soap roughly the size of a can of beer and containing the same stuff. Duke Cannon teamed up with Old Milwaukee to create a bar that repurposes the brewery’s skin-loving beer ingredients. $10.50,

Duffy’s Beer Craft IPA Beer Conditioner

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Sure, beer makes hair shiny and luxurious but we wouldn’t recommend dumping a can of it over your head. Because the smell. Formulated with craft beer, which is rich in strand strengthening roasted barley and malt, dandruff killing hops, and some not-found-in-beer, naturally good-for-your-hair ingredients, like Acai, Sunflower Seed and Aloe, this conditioner makes your mane look awesome. $19.95,

Lush Cynthia Stout Shampoo

 See above for why not to wash hair with your brew. But lathering with this stout inspired suds is another story. Made from what you’d get at a British pub, this protein-packed shampoo softens and thickens hair better than a pint. $36.99 for 8.4 fl. oz.,

Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace Beer Soap

Another brewed bar, this one from Brooklyn Brewery, which brought their Sorachi Ace over to local soap and candle maker Apotheke to infuse into one of their gloriously scented soaps. This one smells of lemongrass and cedar. $9,

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