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Snap Up This Cool Candle Collaboration

Image used with permission by copyright holder
Legendary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has racked up frequent flier miles and passport stamps circling the globe looking for inspiration (and ingredients) for the countless fragrances he’s created for everyone from Calvin Klein to Burberry to his own namesake niche line, Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

And so it makes sense that the practically professional jetsetter would team up with another big name in travel, The Standard, to come up with something truly transportive, a set of candles inspired by a few of the hotel chain’s home cities.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

While Kurkdjian’s previously worked with NYC’s Baccarat Hotel on the signature fragrance that permeates the crystal-laden premises, this collaboration seems a bit more approachable. Teaming up with The Standard’s creative director Claire Darrow, he picked notes that reminded him of his “scent memories” of New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Luckily, he came up with more idyllic, easy-on-the-nose versions of his chosen cities because the reality is olfactively harsh. For his New York City candle, Kurkdjian turned to his idealized recollections of strolling along Chelsea’s High Line at night, translated via a blend of fresh cut wild grasses, rather than hot garbage and car exhaust. Local flora, like palm trees and roses, not Coppertone and over-served college students, thankfully epitomizes Miami. And the City of Angels candle is meant to recreate the aroma of hiking up a presumably delightfully scented hill to the Hollyweed, eh Hollywood sign. If you don’t necessarily recognize the metropolises in those awesome scents, each of the candles is wrapped in an illustration of its respective skyline to remind you what’s what.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Each city candle will be available on its own or part of a kind of three-city tour set. The latter offers up tiny votives, which are incidentally perfect for toting on your travels (in case of less-than pleasant smelling accommodations). If you happen to be staying at one of The Standard’s fine properties, you can conveniently find the set or individual candles stocked in the minibar. Otherwise, you can get your fix on its online shop.

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