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Clean Up Your Act with Art of Sport Body Care This Holiday Season

Cofounded by the late and esteemed Kobe Bryant, Art of Sport (AOS) is a personal care brand that was developed for the athlete you know you can be. Partnered with world-class athletes such as Kobe, Art of Sport leverages leading scientists to understand the unique attributes and conditions that impact athletes. Leaving out chemicals that your body does not care for, they’ve developed a unique mix that keeps you squeaky clean and fresh without that “athletic odor.” This holiday, whether it’s for yourself or to fill your darling’s stocking, AOS has quite a spread of options to suit your hygiene and lifestyle needs.

Art of Sport Shower Collection

Art of Sport Shower Collection

The AOS Shower Collection with Rise Scent is a 5-piece set that delivers a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, body wash, exfoliating bar soap, daily skin lotion, and a shower scrub tool to top it all off. Who doesn’t need a shower tool this holiday? If 5-piece sets are not quite enough for you, check out the next-level 7-piece men’s body care gift set, Art of Sport Total Routine Kit, with Aluminum-free deodorant and other goodies!

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Why you should try out AOS

Now that you see the value proposition inherent in these products, know that AOS sees the athlete in you, regardless of whether you’re currently a beginner or already a seasoned athlete. AOS sees you as a coiled spring with great potential, ensuring you that the brand’s products are suitable for everyone. Unless you’re a hermit, you’re undoubtedly exposed to the elements and environmental stresses, making you the perfect candidate to appreciate a fresh scent from Art of Sport for your body and skincare needs.

If creating your own personal care stash is more of your style, Art of Sport offers sport body bars, deodorant packs, body soap, shampoo & conditioner, lotions, and more to help build the perfect mix.

There are a broad range of things to do this holiday season beyond filling that stocking on the mantle. However, you should not forget to spoil yourself with Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B and E, and a freshly scented lotion, all of which are included in this line. Despite the year being a huge rollercoaster ride, you still deserve to take that much-needed break.

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