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Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill on Grooming With Axe, His Game Day Routine, and Growing a Beard

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Miami’s star player is usually clean-shaven, both his head and face, but this year he had some momentous hair moments—he sprouted a beard for a good cause and grew out his buzz cut for the first time since he was a kid. So you could say the past few months have been a learning experience, grooming-wise, for Tannehill. (Though that’s nothing for a guy who transitioned from star receiver to starting quarterback in college.) For this past Super Bowl, he put his new hairstyling talents to use, teaming up with Axe to teach other guys what he’s learned off the field. Tannehill sat down with us to discuss his the new skill set, looking good for the camera, and using protection (of the SPF variety).

What is your first memory of using Axe products?

In junior high, Axe had just become popular and guys in the locker room were using them. So I begged my parents to buy some of the body spray and deodorant for me. I loved the scent.

What do you like about the Axe White Label hair products?

I’ve had a buzz cut since high school and it was so simple. But I wanted to try something different so I grew out my hair. Now, that I’ve got more of a hairstyle, I need to style it. I was introduced to the White Label line. I like the Cooling Styling Cream because it has a great smell, doesn’t get sticky, and it doesn’t make your hair hard. It makes it easy for me to style my hair.

What’s your usual hair styling regimen?

I wash my hair with the White Label 2-in-1, towel dry it or leave it slightly damp, and then squeeze a small amount of the styling cream into my palms and rake it through my hair. It’s so easy. You just style it by running it through your hair and you get a neat and sharp look.

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Does wearing a helmet for most of your waking hours affect what you do with your hair?

I’m usually in a rush after games or practice, so you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair. I mean, I don’t think guys ever want to spend a lot of time doing their hair. So it’s great to have a product you can just mix it in your hands and you’re good to go.

Did you feel more pressure to look good once you became a starting quarterback?

For sure. Everyone wants to look good but once you’re on TV every week and doing on-camera interviews, you really want to represent yourself by looking good, especially when you’re in front of the camera. When I was at Texas A&M, this was important to me on a smaller scale. There weren’t as many cameras and I wasn’t on TV as much, but I was still on the screen so I wanted a good look.

Do you make a point of using SPF as you live in the Sunshine State?

Constantly. I’m a fair skinned guy so I only tan to a certain level. I use sunscreen every day before heading to practice. I put sunscreen on my face, arms, and neck.

What was it like to have a beard for No-Shave November?

It was great. I’ve never grown out my facial hair before, but I did it to support a great cause and raise money at the same time. Any time someone asked about my beard, I could mention the cause and drive more awareness for men’s health issues. I was able to direct people towards the cause and help promote donations. A bunch of guys from the team do it and that’s what makes it fun. We would all give each other a hard time about it. It’s definitely more fun when a bunch of guys you spend a lot of time with are participating in the same thing.

What was your grooming regimen when you had the beard?

I learned that you need to trim it regularly and keep it looking neat because you don’t want to look like you’ve been living in the mountains for months.

A grooming website conducted a study that found quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Andrew Luck played better when they weren’t clean-shaven. Did you play better with the beard?

One of the assistant coaches showed me that stat after I had been growing out the beard for a few weeks. I though that was pretty funny. I had actually been playing better. But I don’t think the beard was contributing so much as No-Shave November happens towards the end the season. You have time to settle in and become more comfortable so it’s probably just coincidental.

What’s your typical post-game routine?

During the regular season, my regimen is a little more scheduled. So I tend to shave on the same days every week and get haircuts every couple of weeks. On the off-season, you have more leeway with your schedule so you can be a little more lax with grooming.

Do you have any grooming superstitions during the season?

I try to shave on Saturdays before the game except during No-Shave November obviously.

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