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A New Grooming Line Proves You Can Look Good Without Blowing Your Budget

a new grooming line proves you can look good without blowing your budget marlowe assortment shot
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We know you are discerning about what products you apply to your person. You are not the kind of guy who indiscriminately lathers his face with Irish Spring or shaves with some crappy foam. So perhaps you would be hesitant to buy a lotion or shave cream that costs less than a tenner but we found a pretty good reason to reconsider—marlowe.

Don’t let the low, low price tag trip you up. While it’s exclusive to that ubiquitous suburban superstore, Target, the brand is more aligned with your favorite niche grooming offerings. For instance, it’s made in the USA and the formulas are packed with natural ingredients, specifically its proprietary M Blend, a potent combination of antioxidant rich green tea extract, anti-inflammatory willow bark extract, soothing sea algae extract, and hydrating passionflower fruit extract. Plus, all products are paraben- and phthalate-free, as they should be. From a unisex bodycare line to a skincare and shave range with cleanser, scrub, beard oil and after-shave to a shower collection that includes soaps and scrubs, nothing is over $13. All is contained in bottles, tubes and jars that have an apothecary-like aesthetic that will probably look right at home with your other fancier products. If that isn’t convincing enough, marlowe has teamed up with the Clean the World program to provide soap, for every item purchased, to help prevent hygiene-related illnesses in at-risk populations.

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