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Lab Series Partners With a Pair of Surfers to Introduce its New Gel Skincare

lab Series new Gel Skincare
If this early spring is anything to go by, hot temperatures will be here way before the official start of summer. You could be breaking out the shorts and mandals sooner than you think (unless you’re shorts guy and you’ve pretty much been wearing this outfit all winter). As you strip off the layers of clothing, you’ll also need to lighten up your grooming routine. Set aside all those heavy creams and oils and get into serums and gels. Lab Series is offering you two reasons to get into the latter now.

Introducing the weightless wonders of PRO LS All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel ($18) and PRO LS All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel ($30), with light-as-air textures that literally take the weight off your grooming routine. They also streamline it by doing the work of a multitude of products, which works well for the season when you’d probably rather be doing anything other than staying inside making yourself look pretty. They also impart upon your face a cooling sensation that is sure to be a welcome bonus when the temps take a turn for the steamy or you forget to practice safe sunning. “These gels are lightweight enough that after you clean your skin in the morning, you can apply your sunscreen on top of the gel moisturizer without it feeling like too much on the skin,” says Jodie Boland, Lab Series Ambassador and Grooming Expert.


Start your summer time shaving routine by washing up with PRO LS All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel. It goes deep to get all the grime and residual SPF out of your pores, cleans facial hair, and sloughs off any unsightly dead skin cells. And it contains conditioning ingredients so it does all that without robbing your skin of hydration.

After you’ve cleaned up nice, slather your face with PRO LS All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel. Unlike most moisturizers, it won’t just sit there making you feel uncomfortable. It absorbs in an instant to moisturize and help maintain hydration levels without feeling sticky when you get sweaty. But on that note, oil-absorbing powders will prevent your sweaty face from looking like a grease spill.

Who knows better about what it takes to save face in the summer than surfers? So Lab Series wrangled a couple of pros—Luke Davis and Mike Reinhardt—to be the ambassadors for the brand in time for the launch. “I like the All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel because it feels really light, really fresh, and helps to clean the skin, especially when you’ve been surfing all day and exposing your skin to all of the elements,” says Davis. While it’s just the thing for après surf, when salt water and the hot sun have sapped skin of moisture, it also does the job for après pounding the pavement.

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