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Jack Black Breaks into the Cartridge Razor Market

cartridge razor
hiFor a while a certain brand monopolized the cartridge razor category, but then smaller start-ups, like Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club, decided there was enough room and man faces for them to join in on the shaving party. And with their incredible success others are looking to join them. This spring, upmarket grooming brand Jack Black is getting in on the game just in time for pre-summer beard removal.

This isn’t Jack Black’s first foray into implements: They introduced a fancy safety razor five years back. But those old-timey options seem to be intimidating for many a man as many stick to the foolproof (re: less likely to slice your neck) cartridge versions. “Our customers are very loyal, and enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping with a brand they trust for all their skincare and shaving needs,” explains Jack Black co-founder Curran Dandurand. Finding a majority of her customers had a routine fully stocked with its grooming offerings save a razor, she knew she had to offer one to them.

Rather than rushing to bring it to market, a good amount of R&D went into the creation of the final razor. “We took our time developing and testing the razor to ensure it met the very high standards for performance that we have for every product in the ‪Jack Black line.” The result is a handle that has just the right weight to feel substantial, not heavy, and is non-slip so you can shave in the shower without fear of dropping it on your foot. Five blades and a pivoting head pretty much guarantee a super clean, close, nick-free shave.

Because life gets busy and you might not remember to re-order your grooming supplies, Jack Black offers auto-replenishment. So you will never be reduced to rubbing bar soap on your face again, or in the case of the auto-replenish cartridge option, never drag a dull, rusty razor across your scruff in an act of utter desperation. “By adding the razor as well as the convenience of auto-replenishment, ‪Jack Black has truly become a one-stop shop for all our customers’ skincare and shaving needs,” says Dandurand.

Pick up the razor on its own or get it with one of Jack Black’s popular shaving sets—Classic or Bump-Free. Order one to take care of that face sweater before the sweltering weather gets here.

Razor Handle with 2 replacement cartridges, $15, 8 replacement cartridges, $16,

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