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5 Does-It it-All Balms to Save Your Skin this Winter

best winter balms
There’s no way around this season’s effects on your face.

The cold winds that blow in the winter will mess with your skin in very uncomfortable and unattractive ways. Blame the dryness for sapping you of moisture, frigid gusts that can cause something akin to a sunburn, or hail hitting you in the face. You’re not imaging things; the forces of nature are conspiring against you. You’ll have to take extreme measures to make yourself presentable like slathering yourself in a salve that would seem far too thick in warmer months, but will help heal while steeling your skin against the harsh elements. We rounded up five multitasking best winter balms designed to be applied from your head to your heels.

Beardbrand Utility Balm


If the brand’s name doesn’t make it obvious, you can use this all-natural balm to condition and tame your beard. But it also softens weather-weary skin with a trio of butters—mango, cocoa and shea. $32,

Jackson’s 04 Organic Coconut Melt


Coconut oil has been called a cure-all and while the jury is still out on that bold claim, everyone can agree that it does a pretty solid job of hydrating parched body parts. $16,

Dr. Rogers Restore Healing Balm


When the forces of nature have had their way with you, leaving you red and with a burning sensation, this skin-saving salve will help make things right (and less itchy) with loads of healing glycerin and protective castor oil and wax. $80 for 8 oz.,

Valmed Military Hudsalve Balm


If this salve stick is good enough for Swedish soldiers (for who it was originally created), than it should be fine for you. It’s designed to heal and protect skin in the most extreme conditions so perfect for when winter adventuring gets intense. $8,

This Works Turbo Balm


Tuck this tiny jar of Cocoa Butter and Tahitian Monoi Oil packed balm into your coat pocket so you can treat chapped lips, cuticles and cheeks anywhere and everywhere. $22,

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Katie Dickens
Katie Dickens is a Manhattan-based beauty and grooming writer. She has held staff positions at Glamour, In Style, People…
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