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A man holding an iced Starbucks drink.

Did you know you can get free Delta SkyMiles by drinking coffee?

If you want those Starbucks Stars to take you somewhere other than to a free drink on your birthday, turn them into Delta SkyMiles.
A shot of a beach with people relaxing and walking along the shore.

The world’s best beaches, according to TripAdvisor travelers

Make your way through TripAdvisor's top 25 best beaches in the world and see which ones you'll want to visit.
delta airlines change to alleviate pilot shortage airplane jpg

This new Delta change will make air travel better for everyone

While other airlines are still trying to figure out what to do about the pilot shortage, Delta airlines is making the first move to address the issue.
A man getting ready for bed but still on his phone.

Study: 5 sleep habits that can add years to your life

We need not only the proper amount of sleep, but more restful sleep. Good thing there was a study on all of that, and we'll share the highlights.
People kayaking down the river at the Big Bend National Park.

The most and least visited National Parks: See popular sites (or avoid crowds)

If you're looking for new spots, we have the list of the most and least visited National Parks for you to plan your next visit around where to go.
A person sitting in the living room with their feet up watching Netflix.

Survey: You’re more likely to ditch self-improvement apps than Netflix or Disney+

Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix all step up their game with killer content, while other subscriptions get pushed aside to make room in our wallet.
Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell in The Mummy Returns.

Ranked: The best Brendan Fraser movies to watch right now

To become a true Fraser fanatic, you'll need to watch these Brendan Fraser movies to know why the world will always have his back.
An image of the Meta symbol on the smartwatch face floating in air.

The rumored Meta smartwatch might not be as dead as we thought

Apple has been the dominant force in the smartwatch game, but will Meta's rumored smartwatch get the chance to compete?
A view of a beach in Florida.

Why you should avoid Florida beaches this summer (spoiler: you might die!)

If you planned to spend summertime on the sand, we're here to tell you to skip Florida beaches. We tell you the most dangerous ones to avoid and why.
A picture of the Reddit app with notifications.

This site helps you get started with Reddit (so say goodbye to your free time)

If you have no idea how to join Reddit, but you've seen the posts on Instagram and want to give it a try, there's a site to help get you started.
A snowy view with a cabin in the mountains.

These are the most incredible, picturesque mountain towns for a winter getaway

Forget about overcrowded beaches and long lines at amusement parks. These mountain towns are the best spots for your winter getaway.
A Black History Month poster with famous Black figures.

6 badass Black heroes history doesn’t remember

Every year for Black History Month, we learn about the same public figures. Here are some other Black heroes who deserve to have the same awareness.
doctor explains why power slap league is dangerous powerslap matchday2 2022 12 07 cu 1398 1 2048x1365

What experts and athletes really have to say about Power Slap League (Hint: it’s not great)

Between creator Dana White caught on video slapping his wife, and backlash from medical experts, new sport Power Slap isn't off to a great start.
workplaces can be toxic to our health stressed man at work

Have you stopped caring about work? You’re not the only one, study reveals

Burn out. Silent quitting. For the past couple of years, employees have had enough. If you don't give a hoot about your job, you're not the only one.
A collage of various license plates.

This hilarious list shows all the license plates Oregon rejected last year

Check out this list of rejected vanity plates in Oregon in 2022 to see which ones make you cringe and which ones you would consider paying for.
super bowl tickets lvii

Headed to Super Bowl LVII? Here are the best deals, according to experts

Want to watch the Eagles take on the Chiefs in person for Super Bowl 2023? Check out these Super Bowl flight deals that have been vetted by the experts.
leather boots conditioning jp valery dqryz8oyncu unsplash 2

4 things you need to know about conditioning leather boots

A quality leather boot is something anyone can have in their wardrobe. We show you how to condition yours for long-lasting wear.