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Air traveler entering information at a Global Entry airport kiosk.

Global Entry has a new app that will let you skip the kiosks

This mobile app from Global Entry will make getting through U.S. Customs a snap.
A side by side of the new and old Chronomaster Original watches.

Zenith watches have a new addition: A Chronomaster Original with first-ever feature you’re going to love

Zenith Watches has unveiled the new Chronomaster Original, boasting a first-ever dial feature you're going to love.
Environment-friendly grooming and bath products beside a plant on a surface.

From Dove to Dr. Squatch, the best bar soaps under $20 to buy right now

Over liquid body wash? If you're searching for a new favorite shower product, here are our picks for the best bar soaps that will have your skin thanking you.
A view of a BermudAir flight in the sky.

This new airline only has business class seating, and it might be the smartest thing we’ve ever seen an airline do

Ever flown business class? It's great, and this airline offers flights that are all business class.
A close up of the first painting Bob Ross painted on his TV show.

A Bob Ross original from his first show heads to auction, bids start at $9.8 million

Ever wanted to purchase a Bob Ross painting? Now you can - if you have $10 million to spare.
Portland, OR, USA - May 7, 2023: Apple Music Classical and Apple Music app icons are seen on an iPhone. Apple Music Classical is a brand-new standalone streaming app for classical music lovers

Apple has a classical music app you’ve probably never heard of, and just purchased a record label to support it

Apple Music has classical music, sure, but most of its catalog is hosted in another app - and Apple just bought a record label to support it.
A person doing yoga outside of a she shed.

She shed? Yoga studio? Man cave? For $11k, this incredibly nice Costco shed can be whatever you want – with a catch

If you have the space, this $11k Costco shed is everything you could imagine.
TSA security line.

TSA PreCheck adds 4 airlines to program – and here they are

TSA PreCheck is a popular program, and you can now use it on four new airlines.
A brown Rolex watch.

Watch theft is a big deal, and Rolex is stolen more than any other timepiece: Report

While watches are a great investment, they're prone to theft, and Rolex is more sought after by thieves, one report claims.
Man waiting for flight at airport.

Brilliant travel hack could save you a ton when booking international flights

Want to save a bit of cash when booking international flights? This travel hack might do the trick.
A surprised man holding his head.

Struggling with a receding hairline? How to fend off male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is inevitable for some, but it doesn't mean you have to give up. Here's how to hang on to hope — and your hairline — as long as possible.
A person holding up their passport in an airport.

This is how strong the U.S. passport really is

Other countries were expanding their guest list, but the U.S. wasn't adding anyone onto theirs. Here's where the U.S. passport landed in the updated rankings.
A family playing a game of pepper pong.

Pepper Pong wants to be the pickleball of table tennis, but it’s really just an old-school NERF game

Pepper Pong wants to be pickleball for table tennis, and it kind of is - except it's really just dusting off a classic NERF game.
Various iPhones on a table.

If this iPhone 15 rumor is true, you’ll only need one cable for (almost) all of your Apple stuff – so stock up now

Apple is believed to make USB-C the standard charging and data port on iPhone 15, which means you'll be able to have one cable to rule them all.
Baseball game at the Coliseum in Oakland.

The Oakland Athletics are heading to Las Vegas – but one more MLB team wants to move, too

The Oakland Athletics are heading to Las Vegas, and now another MLB team might leave town.
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Did you know Costco has a secret online store named Costco Next? It's true! Here's how to access it
OMEGA Seamaster watch.

Dress like James Bond: Roger Moore’s Omega Seamaster is for sale

Look like Bond, James Bond, by owning the OMEGA Seamaster 300M 50th Anniversary watch that belonged to one of the most iconic men to play the role.
The Longines HydroConquest watch.

Longines releases new HydroConquest GMT, combining elegance at a reasonable pricepoint

Longines' new HydroConquest GMT is great every day, and indispensable when you cross time zones.
A Breitling Navitimer watch.

New Breitling Navitimer comes in a dark steel and gold colorway exclusive to the U.S.

Breitling unveils a new Navitimer Colorway that's only available in the U.S.
A Starbucks cup sitting on a counter inside of a store

Starbucks is going to stream the Taylor Swift Eras tour setlist on a loop because why not

Starbucks is streaming the Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist to encourage people to actually go inside.
A cruise ship in the water.

There’s a ridiculously easy way to tell how clean the cruise ship you plan to book is

Before you book your next trip, know which cruise ship offers you pristine conditions so the only thing you'll need to worry about is which activity to do next.
A flight attendant checking on the inside of a cabin on an airplane.

Pilot’s speech on plane etiquette goes viral (and he makes some good points)

The flight industry is facing shortages and other challenges, and there is one pilot that wants us to know some things before our next time flying on a plane.
Traveler carrying a laptop checking flight schedule.

Now is the time to book a flight for Thanksgiving and Christmas: Holiday travel tips from an expert

From knowing when to book flights before prices get crazy and the seats get scarce to which days are the easiest to fly on, we have the holiday travel tips.
Man waiting for flight at airport.

Looking for an affordable flight for your summer vacation? One report tells you which airports have the lowest fares

Some airports are cheaper to fly into or out of, and now we know which offer the most affordable flights for your summer travel plans.
Tourists in France taking pictures in a busy spot.

A study says these European countries have the most pickpockets

We have the spots pickpockets love and how to thwart their efforts. Know which countries are high-risk for personal theft and how to avoid being a victim.
A person holding up their passport in an airport.

Will Americans need a visa to visit Europe in 2024? The new requirements, explained

While it won't be a huge hassle, if you don't know about the extra step for U.S. passport holders to travel to Europe, your trip could end at the airport.
Man with a beard standing on the beach.

7 essential travel tips if you’re dealing with a heat wave

If your travel plans are too bright, keep these tips in mind to stay cool and safe in a heat wave. We want you to have fun without turning into a melted mess.
man sleeping on a plane

10 great tips for sleeping on a plane (even if you’re stuck in coach)

If you haven't nailed down a routine to fall asleep on a flight, we have the tips for sleeping on a plane, no matter what section or seat you'll be in. 
Airport security barriers with long line in background

These frequent travelers could face additional TSA security screening at the airport

The airport security line is the bulk of our wait when traveling. Here's why the Clear airport security program isn't going to save you as much time anymore.
A man dressed stylishly holding onto a shoulder bag

These are our favorite online shopping sites for affordable (yet stylish) clothes for men

Want to update your style but your wallet is saying no? We know where to get cheap clothes online, so you'll refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank.
A businessman with backpack and briefcase.

Backpacks vs. briefcases: Which style is better for work?

The backpacks vs. briefcases debate. That is, do you lug your stuff to the office in a briefcase? Or do you pack it all in a backpack when you need to commute?
A man in white sweater touching his aching stomach.

Is there a cure for IBS? Here’s what the experts say

If IBS is a part of your life, here's what the experts say about what causes it, if there's a cure, and how to live with the disorder more comfortably.
An airport passenger waiting for a flight looking out the window.

A new study reveals the airlines people complain about most

Tweets were analyzed and data was collected to come up with the airlines and airports people complained about most, and what their dissatisfaction was about.
AirFly device, headphones, passport, airpods, and plane ticket spread out on red table.

This must-have travel accessory is nearly weightless and costs less than $55

The AirFly wireless adapter from Twelve South is going to be your new best friend whenever you leave the house, wherever you go, but especially when you fly.
Buddhist Temple in Hawaii.

This U.S. attraction is TripAdvisor’s top travel experience in the world

TripAdvisor released its list of the best things to do, and a U.S. attraction landed at number one. See where people say is the top place to visit.
united airlines app changes phone

Does air travel stress you out? You’ll love these changes to the United Airlines app

The United Airlines app will make sure you know where your flight is, and will help if anything goes wrong. Here are the updates you're going to geek out over.

The best Val Kilmer movies of all time

Choosing the best examples from Val Kilmer's vast filmography is difficult, but we've narrowed down our picks to our 9 favorites that you can stream right now.
A busy airport with people getting in line at check in.

The U.S. airports with the shortest (and longest) security wait times

See which US airports have the shortest TSA wait times to help you keep your calm, and which ones might make your nostrils flare with impatience.
A person on a plane on their laptop and phone.

What to bring on a plane: Experts reveal what should always be in your carry-on

Have no idea what to pack in your carry-on? Our friendly experts put together the list of what to bring on a plane, so you don't have to stress about it.
Nixon Time Teller Solar Watch

A popular Nixon watch gets a solar-powered upgrade

Nixon took a classic staple and gave it a feature that's all about the sunshine. Here's why you should get excited about the Nixon Time Teller Solar collection.
wes anderson asteroid city inspired airbnbs processed with vsco c1 preset

These unusual Airbnbs are straight out of a Wes Anderson movie

The more unique Airbnb gets, the more we want to stay there, and that concept is being cashed in right now thanks to Wes Anderson's latest film.
A Qantas flight crew walking through the airport.

Not sure how to get over jet lag? A new report reveals Qantas has cracked the code

If you'd like to do more sightseeing and less napping, Qantas airline found ways for you to fight the effects of jet lag if you have a long flight ahead of you.
Rows of eyeglasses.

A guide for choosing the best glasses frames for men

Find the right glasses frames for men for your head shape to put your best face forward. That's why you need this guide to find your face's perfect match.
An aerial view of the coast of Miami beach.

8 Miami travel mistakes you should avoid

There are a few things we all do wrong when it comes to making our way down to Miami. With the help of a few veteran experts, know what rookie mistakes to skip.
A hotel room bed with room service tray at the foot.

Report: These are the weirdest room service requests hotels get

Do you go for the usual hamburger for your hotel room service order? Then this list of strange requests will have you tilting your head in confusion.
An American Airlines airplane in an airport.

Travelers are going to hate American Airlines’ newest policy change

One specific downer when flying is that darn baggage fee. You might be more upset because the American Airlines baggage policy changed, and not for the better.
jacques marie mage johnny cash sunglasses collection

Jacques Marie Mage debuts Johnny Cash-inspired retro sunglasses

Luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage has a new collaboration that will have us jump through a ring of fire to grab a pair.
Someone going over their financials.

Why you should start pouring more into your 401k and IRA

We'll break down how people feel about retirement planning — and why you need to get started on yours if you ever want to stop working.
A view of a crowded airport with people sitting in the seats.

New government data reveals getting a cheap flight is as easy as picking the right airport

A bit of fun government data was released on how to find a cheap flight, so everyone can afford to see more destinations. Let's see what it says.
Hamilton Boulton Watch

Want to dress like Indiana Jones? You can with this incredible Hamilton watch

You must choose. But choose wisely. Pick this Hamilton watch to add to your list of Indiana Jones items to wear while you rewatch the entire franchise.