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There’s a McDonald’s in Sweden you can actually ski-through like a drive-through

We'd snowboard through this ski-through McDonalds, but whatever

The McSki in Sweden during ski season.
mcdonaldslindvallen / Instagram

There’s nothing you want more after a challenging day on the slopes than — a Big Mac? It seems that way in Lindvallen, Sweden, where a ski-through McDonald’s location creates some chatter. This shouldn’t feel too off-base for a McDonald’s, though, since there is a location in Canada with a drive-through large enough for tractors to get through for an egg McMuffin. If grabbing a Big Mac sounds like the best way to end a day on the bunny slopes, then this ski-friendly McDonald’s has your attention.

The digital machines inside the McSki in Sweden.

Ski up to the next window, please

Take the ski lift, but grab nuggets at the bottom

The McSki in Sweden is the only ski-compatible McDonald’s in the world. About 200 miles northwest of the capital of Stockholm, the adorable McDonald’s fits right into the ski resort theme with its woodsy, lodge-like exterior. Just ski right up to the window and order anything you could at a regular McDonald’s, like a McFlurry (tell us if their machines work), or enjoy something unique from McSki, like donuts or macarons. A specialty everyone would appreciate is the hot chocolate, which is perfect for warming up after freezing your butt off trying to stay upright on the green runs.

But if you don’t want to stand out in the snow and cold while eating your fries, there is an inside McCafe and seating area that holds up to 140 I’m Lovin’ It customers. The inside is modern and chic, with plenty of digital machines for you to take your time completing your order. If you choose to go in, there are places to hold your skis and helmets outside to keep things as neat and dry as possible. They thought of everything.

The inside of McSki in Sweden.
mcdonaldslindvallen / Instagram

The McSki is a Swedish ski resort staple

McSki has been open for some time

While it’s recently getting its 15 minutes of fame, the location has been open for decades, debuting in 1996 at the bottom of the ski resort. We don’t mean to upset you, but you need to know the location is only open during the main season, which starts in November. When you search for it or try to order, it should say it’s temporarily closed to let you know when the season is over.

The reviews are positive

While the reviews from people who have visited are a bit old (by about 10 years), they are all happy customers. From how fast their orders get taken care of to how good the food and drinks are, the warm service could melt the snow outside.

The comments on some Instagram posts about the location aren’t so nice, asking why a healthy country like Sweden would want a McDonald’s there, but there’s a Burger King not too far away, so what’s the big deal? We know American fast food locations in other countries use different (and better and healthier) ingredients, so we’re sure the items are up to standard.

Participating in any kind of outdoor activity works up an appetite, so maybe it’s not so bad that you could glide on by to pick up a large fry to re-energize. We’ve seen shipping containers turned into Starbucks stores in Taiwan and a converted train station turned into the world’s largest KFC in Baku, Azerbaijan. Now you know about the world’s only McDonald’s you can ski through, and it’s only a few thousand miles away in Sweden.

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