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The Piaget Polo Date 150th Anniversary Edition revamps a classic watch

See what 150 years of craftmanship look like with the Piaget Polo Date limited watches

The Piaget Polo Date duo.

What does a luxury watch company do for its 150th anniversary? The only answer is to release a limited line of watches. And Swiss company Piaget did just that. The Piaget Polo Date collection comes with one for the fellas and one for the ladies, but both pieces exude a quiet luxury on their own. Playing up the nostalgia note but giving collectors a fresh take, Piaget took their 1979 hit the Piaget Polo, gave it a shine, and made it the star for the company’s 150th anniversary, debuting the Piaget Polo Date. 

His and hers, Piaget edition

The Piaget Polo Date watches.

The 150th-anniversary release consists of two watches — one for him and one for her. The Piaget Polo Date watches don’t reinvent the vintage version from the 1970s, but the new ones bring a level of sophistication to the model.

The one for him

The updated version for him is 42 mm in size, has a round face, and has a brown rubber strap. The details on the face and the hands are rose gold. There are not many changes from the original, but sometimes, little tweaks go a long way.

The one for her

The watch for her is a bit more detailed. For this one, Piaget took the 36 mm option and gave it a beige rubber strap, allowing it to match the brown watch. But this move with the strap was huge, as it replaced the old metal bracelet and leather strap previously offered. This made it the first time the 36 mm came with a rubber strap and the first time the two watches had the same strap style.

This one also has the rose gold accents on the face and the hands, having the set match without it being too matchy-matchy.

What sets the 36 mm apart from the 42 mm is the ridiculous detail with the sparkle factor. The beige version has 91 diamonds around the circle of the face. Yes, 91 shiny reasons to grab that watch. To make it even more elegant, the beige version also has gems in each marker on the face.

The anniversary details for both

Besides the matching rose gold accents and rubber straps, the watches have another fun detail in common. On both models, if you look at them second hand, you’ll see a special “150” to give a bow to the 150th-anniversary date. We love hidden Easter eggs.

If one — or both — catches your eye, you will want to act quickly, as Piaget only produced 300 of each watch for the anniversary. 

Piaget has had a steady run since it started in 1874, but the drop of the Piaget Polo watch in 1979 was when moves really started to be made. The luxury brand did it again with the reimagined release of the Piaget Polo Date duo, showing that it’s not hard being in business for 150 years when you know how and when to pull a new trick out of the hat. 

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