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There’s a new list of best airports, and this is the only U.S. airport on it

The best - and only - U.S. airport to make the world's top 20 list is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Everyone has their whole set of rules and preferences when flying. Some of us just want to get on that plane and get the heck to our destination. Others prefer to fly through airports that offer other things to do before they board their flight. If you are one of those who love to fly out of the top airports because you make a whole experience of it, book your next flight through one of these top airports in the world.

People going into shops inside of an airport.
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The top 3 best airports in the world

The rankings were recently released by aviation rankings organization Skytrax. Rankings are always a little subjective, as everyone has different qualities they want an airport to have, but these top airports were crowned at the World Airport Awards.

Singapore Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport has been named the best airport for the 12th time, so it’s safe to say they know what the public wants. Not only do they stay one of the top airports in the world, but they also took home top honors for World’s Best Airport Leisure Amenities and World’s Best Airport Dining.

Hamad International Airport

The Hamad International Airport might feel a little wounded coming in second this year, as they won top honors the last two years. But they did take home other number-one spots for Best Airport in the Middle East, Cleanest Airport in the Middle East, and World’s Best Airport Shopping.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

The Tokyo International Airport rounds out the top three, but it also won World’s Best Domestic Airport, Best Airport PRM & Accessible Facilities, and maybe the most important (to the public) award, World’s Cleanest Airport.

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North American winners

North America only has two airports in the top 20, but that’s better than zero.

Vancouver International Airport

The only airport in Canada that made the list is Vancouver International Airport. They landed at number 20, but they did win Cleanest Airport in North America, so we’d say that is one giant point in their favor.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

The best U.S. airport — and the only U.S. airport that grabbed a spot — is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, flying in at number 18. It earns the title of the best airport in the United States for making the list solo, and it also won the award for Best Airport in North America, which is a huge honor.

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From worst to best

The biggest rags-to-riches story to come out of the awards is about LaGuardia Terminal B. LaGuardia Airport is usually on the list of the worst airports in the United States, but they have had enough.

A complete face-lift didn’t go unnoticed, and it was awarded World’s Best New Airport Terminal for the year. The other amazing honor for Terminal B is that it became the first North American terminal Skytrax has ever given a 5-star rating.

While you’ll have to book an international flight to check out the majority of the best airports in the world, you could make it something to look forward to. The next time you travel and get to the airport three hours too early so you don’t miss that flight, we hope those airports live up to every expectation.

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