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This hilarious list shows all the license plates Oregon rejected last year

These rejected license plates sum up how the people of Oregon ended their 2022

There’s nothing more thrilling as an adult than driving around and seeing a really funny — or really horrible — license plate. The joys of being older, right? Sometimes the license plates are so bad you wonder if someone actually paid for them, or if they were an unfortunate victim of someone at the DMV with a ridiculous sense of humor. Check out this list of rejected vanity plates in Oregon in 2022 to see which one you would cringe to get or which one you would consider paying to sport on your car.

A dog standing on top of the hood of a car with a vanity plate.

Started off strong

Right out of the gate, the good people at the DMV in Oregon had to start hitting decline on the vanity plates as early as January 4th. Guess people wanted to sober up a bit from New Year’s to make sure they really had to have that plate. The first reject of the year came in the form of a request for the plates “BTCH-1N” and “BGLZ69.” We wonder if they were for the same household. For the plates submitted on January 18th, we know the hopeful recipients of “5HTB0X” and “SHTMBL” had to be siblings.

Ones that were somewhat normal

We were a bit shocked by some that didn’t get approved. These are probably already on the road somewhere, being driven around by the lucky person that got them first. You can’t win them all.

Not offended at

  • WSKY
  • M0NSHN
  • C4MIN0
  • PIN0T6
  • BURB4N

Apparently, Oregon has a love of drinking. There are a lot of drink-related plates denied. (Maybe it’s best those plates weren’t accepted after all. Stay safe out there.)

Ones that made us chuckle

Some of these were creative and deserve to be on someone’s car somewhere. But a good chunk of these plates lets us know we are all immature at heart, and will giggle at the little things.

Plates that shouldn’t have made us laugh, but did

  • ICUP
  • BUTT
  • L7-WENI

There were a shocking number of variations of plates that wanted something close to the first three. We didn’t tally it, but after drinking references, those would maybe be the most requested. Glad to see no one really grows up, and that the movie The Sandlot will live on for-ev-er.

Finished the year perfectly

While most people were trying to get their Christmas shopping done, people in Oregon were rushing to get their last-minute vanity plates through. Or maybe the person who wanted “0 FCKS” was over holiday shopping by the December 19th no-go of their request.

Jumping to the last reject of the year, which was in under the wire on December 28th, 2022, the wanted plate made us spit out our coffee just a bit. We love a good Seinfeld reference, and the person wanting the plate “ASSMAN” earned a friend for life. Someone was trying to start 2023 off right.

Look through the whole list of plates and have the best time seeing what the party people of Oregon want everyone to see on the road. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your next vanity plate.

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