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These are all the premium packages for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

You want to take a trip to Las Vegas for the Grand Prix? Here are the tickets prices

A view of the Vegas strip at night.
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The last time the Formula 1 Grand Prix happened in Las Vegas was in 1982, when “Eye of the Tiger” was popular on the radio and Rocky 3 was showing on the big screen. Ford was also dominating Formula 1, and it was a Ford Cosworth DFV engine that emerged on top at the 1982 Las Vegas Grand Prix. It has been 41 years since the Formula 1 Grand Prix last took place in Las Vegas — but it’s coming back in November for a thrill of a race!

Coincidentally, Ford also announced it’s returning to Formula 1 by partnering with Red Bull, but we won’t see the results until 2026. All things aside, the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix will close the curtain in North America before the season finale in Abu Dhabi. This means we will probably know who will be crowned the world champion in the Las Vegas Grand Prix — unless it would be too close to call until the Abu Dhabi season finale.

Whatever happens, this will be your chance to have the party of a lifetime and witness the most prestigious motorsport series in the world. If you don’t want to miss it, here are the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix ticket options.

A rendered image with aerial view of Las Vegas Grand Prix.
Formula 1

The Paddock Zone

If you want to access the most exclusive area of the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Paddock Zone is where you should be. With the Paddock Club ticket, you can catch up on the action while seated above the F1 team garages and have the opportunity to watch the mechanics change tires in less than 5 seconds next to the pit lane.

Another exclusive perk of the Paddock Zone is that you can interact with legendary F1 drivers and team members in the backstage area. The tickets will give you access to the Grand Prix for five days while enjoying complimentary food and drinks at the paddock club. It doesn’t get better than this!

Skybox lounge in Las Vegas
Formula 1

East Harmon Zone by Virgin Hotels

The East Harmon tickets are available in five packages — Skybox, Main Grandstand, East Harmon Zone Grandstands, Red Bull Energy Station, and Oracle Red Bull Racing Grandstand. The Skybox ticket starts at $10,000 per person, and it comes with four days of access to a vantage point where you can watch the race from start to finish. In addition to that, spectators at the Skybox will enjoy live music and complimentary food and drinks with a dedicated service manager.

You can access the Main Grandstand for four days below the Skybox with a $2,500 per person ticket. It also comes with inclusive food and drinks but is limited to non-alcoholic beverages. Similarly, the East Harmon Zone Grandstand package offers the same perks you will find in the Main Grandstand, but spectators have three days of access to the event.

But if you want to enjoy DJ sets and live performances while sipping cocktails and eating world-class cuisine, the Red Bull Energy Station would be your ideal location for three days. Alternatively, buy tickets to the Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Grandstand at the East Harmon Zone for three days.

The Heineken House in Las Vegas
Formula 1

North and South Koval Zones

The North and South Koval Zones three-day tickets are available in two different packages — Private Suites and Koval Hospitality. The Private Suites are located at the North Koval Zones with exquisite lounges to watch F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battle it out on the race track while enjoying inclusive food and drinks. However, Formula 1 hasn’t disclosed the ticket price of the Private Suites package, but you can inquire on its website.

If you prefer live performances and DJ music, purchase the Koval Hospitality package for $8,000 and book a seat at the Heineken House. The Koval Hospitality ticket includes food, beverages, and premium cocktails. Another option would be the Legacy space right next to Heineken House — but it’s curated for fans who want exclusive access to F1 legends.

Rendered image of fans attending the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix
Formula 1

T-Mobile Zone at Sphere

The Sphere Grandstands three-day passes are available for $2,000, including food and non-alcoholic drinks. If you want a cheaper alternative at the Sphere Zone, you can buy the General Admission three-day tickets for $500, including food and non-alcoholic beverages, but you won’t be assigned seats while watching the race.

Formula 1 has also announced that Major Lazer, Mark Ronson, and J Balvin will headline the live performance at Sphere stage.

Formula 1 driver exiting turn.

West Harmon Zone

Spectators on the West Harmon Zone will have the opportunity to watch the F1 supercars racing on the final stretch of the circuit. If you want access, tickets start at $1,500 per person for three days, and you get to enjoy food and non-alcoholic drinks as part of the package.

Club SI balcony view
Formula 1 / Club SI

Las Vegas Boulevard

If you want to party like a rockstar in Las Vegas during the Grand Prix weekend, you can book a reservation at Club Paris or Club SI on Las Vegas Boulevard. From the cuisines, beer, cocktails, and wine to the DJ’s live performances and interactive games, you will have everything you need to have a memorable experience. To top it off, you can watch all the Formula 1 supercars hit top speed at the Las Vegas Strip while enjoying drinks on Club Paris’s balcony or Club SI.

The three-day pass at Club SI is priced at $7,000 per person, while Club Paris is slightly cheaper at $5,500. But if you prefer to watch the race away from the clubs, you can purchase a three-day ticket to access the Mirage Zone Grandstands or the MGM Zone along Las Vegas Boulevard.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

The F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix will start November 15th with the opening ceremony and end on November 19th on a Sunday. However, the practice will begin on November 16th, and the qualifying sessions happen the next day. Since it’s Vegas, the F1 race will start at night from 10 p.m. PST on November 18th, and it will be epic!

If you don’t want to miss it, we recommend you buy the tickets on the official F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix website as soon as possible before they’re all sold out. Also, don’t make these mistakes when you travel to Las Vegas. 

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