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These are the best airlines for every type of traveler

Have certain requirements for your travel needs? Look through the best airlines to fly to find your match

Are you the kind of traveler that needs to know the flight will always leave on time? Or that your precious fur baby will travel as safely as possible? Or how about the passenger that needs to know the seat isn’t going to break your spine during the flight? Flying with a dog, wanting the most comfortable airline, or the one that will get you there without an issue – the best airlines to fly in every category are right here, thanks to a study conducted by WalletHub.

WalletHub compared 11 airlines — the 9 largest U.S. air carriers, plus two regional ones — across 14 different metrics, including cancellation and delay rates, baggage mishaps, and in-flight comfort. The study also took into account cost so that low-cost carriers wouldn’t be penalized for not providing amenities their passengers don’t expect.

Flight attendants checking on passengers.
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If you want a relaxing flight

We all want to spread out as much as possible, enjoy that elbow room, and get a snack we’ll like, so pick the airline for those amenities and more like Wi-Fi and the most leg space.

The top airlines

  • JetBlue
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Alaska Airlines

The airline that will get you there

Reliability is always important. Who wants to wait forever to board – if your plane leaves at all – or wants to worry about if your luggage will make it to the same spot?

The most reliable

  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • SkyWest Airlines

More specific categories

If you take out the price, what’s the thing that matters the most? From the safest airlines to the ones that are the best for flying with a dog, we have the top picks.

Airlines that treat pets like people

Flying with your doggo won’t have to be a hard decision. There are plenty of airlines that pride themselves on being pet-friendly.

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • SkyWest Airlines

Airlines that don’t allow pets

If you always travel with your four-legged child, there are airlines that won’t even let you take them along. (And if you have dog allergies, these might be the airlines to consider).

  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Envoy Air
  • Southwest Airlines

For those that want the safest airlines

Knowing which is the safest airline is on everyone’s mind. No one flying who hits a bit of turbulence doesn’t think “this is it” for at least a second.

  • Envoy Air
  • Spirit Airlines

Envoy took top honors as the safest airline to fly in 2023, with Spirit taking second place. Good to know those cheaper prices with Spirit (winning as the most affordable airline) aren’t taking away from quality control.

A Delta Airlines plane making ready to take off at the airport.
Sven Piper/Unsplash

The best airline overall

If you don’t care about any specifics and only want to know the best airline that will take care of everything you need across the board in an above-average way – we get you.

  • Delta Air Lines 
  • Spirit Airlines 
  • SkyWest Airlines 

Comparing all the metrics against each other, Delta and Spirit are the airlines to cover all of your bases, with SkyWest not far behind.

No matter what way you have to travel, we have the airline rankings for every need. Everyone has non-negotiables when it comes to flying. Whatever yours are, you’ll be able to find your airline match. 

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