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Westward Whiskey

Westward American Single Malt Whiskey has a Pacific Northwest Soul

House Spirits, the Oregon-based company that brought us Aviation Gin, is back at it with the smooth, malty Westward American Single Malt Whiskey.
2018 GMC Terrain Yellowstone Trip Press Image12

Touring Yellowstone National Park in the 2018 GMC Terrain

Driving the 2018 GMC Terrain during a snowstorm in Yellowstone National Park was the perfect test for this small SUV. Read on to see how it performed.
Infiniti Q60 press

Why the Infiniti Q60 Coupe was a Surprisingly Perfect Pick for a Southern Road Trip

We took a 2017 Infiniti Q60 for a spin through the South to see what it could do. The new coupe from Nissan's luxury brand elicited a mixed response.
Tsubo Kenson

Tsubo Kenson Sneakers Should Be Your New Go-To Casual Shoes

After wearing a pair of Tsubo Kenson Mid Sneakers around for a few dozen miles, we can tell you that they are perfect go-to casual shoes.
sneakers book

New Book Documents the Foundation and Transformation of Sneaker Culture

The 'Sneakers' book looks into the history, currency, and future of the sneaker world. It's a in-depth study of industry, fashion, and culture.
The Replacements

The Replacements’ Newest Album is a Blast from the Past

'For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986' captures an amazing performance from The Replacements — the first time the concert is available in high quality audio.
Vintage Tattoo Flash

Discover the Art and History of Ink in ‘Vintage Tattoo Flash: Volume II’

Seen on skin, tattoo flash is merely ink in the eyes of most viewers. Seen in the pages of 'Vintage Tattoo Flash: Volume II,' it is art.
Cold Specks Press Shot

Cold Specks Opens Up on Her Third Album, ‘Fool’s Paradise’

On Cold Speck's third album, 'Fool's Paradise,' Somali-Canadian artist Ladan Hussein constructs a new sound from the elements of her previous two LPs.
visit the best bourbon bars in country bar getty images

Visit the Best Bourbon Bars in the Country

Here are some of our favorite bourbon bars across the United States. We hope you're thirsty, because you're going to want to visit each and every one.

We’re Dancing in Defiance with Antibalas’ New Album, ‘Where the Gods Are in Peace’

"Where the Gods Are in Peace," the second album from Antibalas on Daptone Records, encourages listeners to stand up against exploitation and displacement.
big gin peat barreled gin in lap of man in lawn chair outside

Captive Spirits Distilling’s Big Gin is Aged in Peat Barrels for Four Months

Seattle's Captive Spirits Distilling has released a new peat-barreled version of their flagship product, Big Gin. It's lightly smoky and delicious.
G-Form Elbow and Knee Pads

Protect Your Joints from a Downhill Disaster with G-Form Elbow and Knee Pads

If you're pushing yourself to new limits and need more than just a helmet for cover, try G-Form elbow and knee pads. Now test ride approved!
Grooming Lounge Products

Pamper Yourself in the Manliest Manner with Grooming Lounge

A typical guy reviews Grooming Lounge products for men's grooming and hygiene needs, including shaving creaming, shampoo, body wash, and more.
A Giant Dog

Heart, Humor, and Punk Rock on A Giant Dog’s Latest Album ‘Toy’

A Giant Dog's fourth album, Toy (Merge), finds the quintet honing its sound into brief but but boisterous gems filled with humor and genuine emotion.
texas bbq

The Home of Texas Barbecue is its Hill Country–We Drove it All in a Chevy Silverado

We were invited down to Texas Barbecue country to tour some of the state's best BBQ joints in a Chevy Silverado. Boy, did we have a great time.

Men’s Activewear Review: Stylish Apparel that Won’t Break the Bank

Men's Activewear: Upgrade your apparel with these stylish pieces that won’t be a weight on your wallet. From compression shorts to hoodies, it's all here.

Basil Hayden’s Rye Whiskey Review

Basil Hayden's is already known for having a high rye bourbon, and now it has jumped into the rye whiskey game with their newest release.
Tommy's Batch, Stock-Man-Drinking-Whiskey

Tommy’s Batch Booker’s Bourbon Review

Check out the latest in the Booker's Bourbon Batch Collection, the 2017-01—Tommy's Batch, named after Tommy Crume, one-time distillery manager at Booker's.
Groom-Hero-Shot Les Industries Groom

Les Industries Groom is the Luxurious Canadian Shave You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Les Industries Groom created a line of men's grooming products that are luxurious and smell great. We had the opportunity recently to try them out.

The Bar Cart Bible: The Cocktail Book for the New Home Bartender

Check out our review of the Bar Cart Bible, the perfect book for the new home bartender. It'll get you up to speed on all your cocktails.

Review: Arbikie Potato Vodka, The Scottish Vodka You Want, but Can’t Have (Yet)

While you may not think of Scotland as a producer of spirits other than whisky, think again. Check out our review of Arbikie vodka.
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Changed Tom Brady’s Life and it Can Change Yours, Too

The Four Agreements is a self-help method that offers simple ways to combat the self-limiting beliefs that create suffering and stress on a daily basis

Review: Philly’s Patriotic Spirit, Bluecoat Gin

Check out our review of Philadelphia's own Bluecoat Gin. It's an American Dry that's more than just patriotic, it's unique.
clyde may's

Review: Clyde May’s Slammin’ Alabama Bourbon

Known for their "Alabama Style" whiskey, Clyde May's is back this time with a straight bourbon whiskey. Check out our review of it!
dusk high performance activewear clothing

Dusk Launches High-Performance Activewear Line for the Minimalist

Dusk activewear isn't flashy, but that's cool. It's not supposed to be. It's made to look good and perform.

Afrohead XO Rum Review: The Spirit of the Caribbean

Born in the West Indies and enjoyed worldwide, check out our review of Afrohead XO, a rum aged for 15 years in oak barrels.
vdka 6100

VDKA 6100 Review: New Zealand Born, Globally Bred Vodka

Interested in trying a new vodka made in New Zealand but that has a global appeal? Check out our review of VDKA 6100 to find out more.

Unearthing the World’s Best Dressed Men in We Are Dandy

From America to Africa to Asia, dandyism is a way of life. It is fashion in the best sense, self-esteem through style. We review the book: We Are Dandy
frontier whiskey

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Review: Straight From the Barrel

Check out Bulleit's newest release, a barrel strength version of their frontier whiskey, made from a high-rye mash bill (one-third rye, two-thirds corn).
bully boy

Bully Boy Estate Gin Review: Essence of New England

Want a gin that distills the essence of New England? Bully Boy Estate Gin is here to help.
single barrel bourbon

Review: Baller Single Barrel Bourbon

Check out our review of Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, a wonderful cousin of Wild Turkey's other great products.
review ardbeg uideagail

Review: The Best Ardbeg There Is?

We review Ardbeg Uigeadail, often see as the best Ardbeg expression. Find out if we agree.
Hip Hop Raised Me

“Hip Hop Raised Me” Defines the Ebbs and Flows of the Genre

A new book is out on the history of Hip Hop. "Hip Hop Raised Me" is an excellent look into the past, present and future by DJ Semtex.
Jazz: The Iconic Images of Ted Williams

Photography: An Iconic Retrospective for the Jazz Age

Ted Williams was a notable 20th century music and civil rights photographer. A compilation of his photos have been released celebrating the music he loved.
pink gin

Pink Gin Review: Yes, It’s a Thing

The Royal Navy started it, you can finish it. Check out our review of The Bitter Truth's Pink Gin.
michael strahan

Wake Up Happy with Advice by Michael Strahan

With a little grit and a positive attitude, you can Wake Up Happy like Michael Strahan, a former professional football player turned television personality.
history of vice

Our Favorite Vices From A New Book on Bad Behavior

Author Robert Evans' new book "A (Brief) History of Vice: How Bad Behavior Built Civilization" goes deep into the world's most famous historical vices.
canadian club rye whiskey

Canadian Club 100% Rye Whiskey Review

Canadian Club steps it up by producing a single-grain rye whiskey. Set aside your assumptions and settle in to find out if it's worth it with this review.
langlys rugged reputation shifts from bags to clothing langley jacket

Langly’s Rugged Reputation Shifts from Bags to Clothing

Langly released a new line of clothing this week, including a Langly Jacket. We reviewed this All-Weather Zip and found it to be a great to stay dry in.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Review

There isn’t a single thing about the 2016 MX-5 that’s revolutionary. It has three pedals, a handbrake, a naturally-aspirated engine, a rear-wheel drive setup, and a manual folding fabric roof.
black cow vodka

Review: Vodka Made From Cow’s Milk

Check out our review of Black Cow Vodka, the world's first vodka made from pure milk. You heard us. Milk. As in the white stuff that comes from cows.
Ducati XDiavel

2016 Ducati XDiavel Review

Ducati’s XDiavel is a cruiser/sport bike hybrid that introduces two opposing camps of riders to an exciting new riding experience.
humito, smoked tequila

Maestro Dobel Humito, the World’s First Smoked Tequila

Maestro Dobel has unveiled Humito, the world's first smoked tequila—and we tried it! Check out our review of Humito here.
2017 Mercedes-Benz E300

2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 First Drive Review

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 combines semi-autonomous genius with frugal engineering and driving precision to elevate the midsize luxury sedan class.
the manual tried gocubes chewable coffee for a week heres what we learned gocubessplash

The Manual Tried GoCubes Chewable Coffee For A Week: Here’s What We Learned

We tried GoCubes chewable coffee, see the results here!
throttle jockey yell yahoo in your helmet with harleys hotrod low rider s zlrs top

Throttle Jockey: Yell YAHOO in your helmet with Harley’s hotrod Low Rider S

Recently, the folks at the Bar and Shield generously invited me to take a two-day spin on their "new" Low Rider, the sinister and simplified Low Rider S.
DPS Skis Tour1

Ski Season Preview: DPS Skis Tour1

No company we've seen is building better backcountry skis than Utah based DPS Skis. Their Tour1 construction is positively amazing.
Video Round Up

Video Round Up: Ski Season Edition

We've unearthed quite a few gems of unadulterated ski porn this season. Enjoy this week's Video Round Up.
Beer Enthusiast Manual Featured Image

High on Hops: Haynes Beer Enthusiasts’ Manual

lessons layering commune de paris fw14 940

Lessons in Layering – Commune de Paris FW14

Lessons in Layering – Commune de Paris FW14