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Pink Gin Review: Yes, It’s a Thing

pink gin

While you may have never heard of pink gin before—and I’ll be honest, I hadn’t either—its roots go back over a century. Originally, pink gin was a cocktail from England that dates to the mid-19th Century. Made with Plymouth gin and Angostura bitters, the story goes that the pink gin was created by the Royal Navy as a way to make the bitters more palatable, since bitters were commonly used to cure seasickness.

The Bitter Truth has resurrected the drink with one of their latest releases, Pink Gin.

Nose: The nose is slightly medicinal, with licorice and fruity-lemon notes standing out more than anything else. These scents fade into a sweet, floral air.

Palate: This gin is soft of the palate and has a little thicker mouth feel than most other gins. The flavor of juniper is there, but it is overshadowed to a large extent by licorice and fennel.  This might seem odd for a gin, but you have to remember that this is a gin based on a cocktail in which the secondary component was bitters.

Finish: A Short, sweet finish. Some herbal notes are there, mixing with just a hint of sweet warmth on the fade.

Final Thoughts: I was hesitant at first before opening this spirit because I hadn’t seen the story behind it. Without knowing that pink gin was originally a cocktail, it could easily be conceived of as another gimmick meant to sell a product. That being said, this is a gin lover’s gin, not just for the subtle juniper notes and the pleasant mouthfeel, but for its attachment to an historical gin moment.

Also, I can’t get over this description of the gin, found on The Bitter Truth’s site: “This minx is not just a common gin with a fake tan; it’s a sophisticated metro-sexual in a salmon jumper.”

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin is 40% ABV and retails for $39.99.

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