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Afrohead XO Rum Review: The Spirit of the Caribbean


Originally produced in the Bahamas, Afrohead Rum bills itself as being born in the West Indies and treasured all over the world.

First served in 2008 in the Bahamas by Joe Farrell of the Landing Guest House and Restaurant in Harbour Island (and created by Toby Tyler, who is nicknamed “The Rum Savant”), the rum has only in the past two years or so made it to US shores.

Afrohead XO 15 is the brand’s second release and is aged 15 years in oak barrels. Their first is a younger, lighter rum, only having been aged seven years.

One of the most prominent features on the bottle, the logo, pays homage to the cultural traditions of the Bahamas, as well as to the first Miss Bahamas—Sandra Louise Young—who was crowned in 1963.

Nose: On the front of the nose, cinnamon and cloves, followed by caramelized banana and hints of oak that remind you the rum has been sitting in oak for a while.

Palate: Overall, a fairly light rum considering the age. The flavor of caramel is most prominent, followed by baked apples and citrus in the form of freshly-expressed orange oil.  You get hints of wood smoke as well intermingling, though they are not too heavy as to be distracting.

Finish: A short to medium length finish characterized by cooked banana and caramel.

Final Thoughts: As mentioned above, it is not as heavy or as silky as other rums aged to similar degrees. It is slightly less complex as well, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re working your way from whiskey or other brown spirits into the world of aged rums, this is a great place to start. It will help build your palate in a beneficial way. With an ice cube, this is a delightful sipping rum.

Afrohead XO 15 is 43% ABV and retails for $44.99.

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