Best Rums for Mixing to Turn Any Night into Island Night

rum for mixed drinks like mojitos
Whether it’s a mojito, Cuba Libre, daiquiri, or a dark and stormy, it’s time to whip out some of the best rums for mixing up a great cocktail.

As long as the right rum is grabbed, rum cocktails can be the perfect drink for a summer evening and it’s important to find some of these best rums for mixing to ensure the night isn’t ruined because of a drink gone bad.

Many of these can also be sipped on the rocks — an entry into longer aged rums, which can be a treat (even for those who claim to disdain rum).

(Pro tip: Take a cue from the Cuban bartenders who make their ubiquitous $3 mojitos with full jigger of the Havana Club 3 Años, before adding a good pour to top off the drink. And check out the rum winners of The Manual Spirit Awards 2018.)

Flor de Caña 4 – $21

Flor de Cana Rum

Aged for four years, Flor de Caña 4 is clear as water and light-bodied making it perfect for light mixed drinks, even as simple as rum and tonic.

The coconut, vanilla and light barrel notes are enough to keep up with a bit stronger mixers as well, so grab a Flor de Caña 4 and enjoy the toasty sugar cane finish.

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Bacardí Superior – $15

Bacardi Superior

A rum list wouldn’t be complete without Bacardí, especially a list of mixers. The brand is almost synonymous with rum and its cheap price tag doesn’t take away from its distinct flavor.

Its vanilla, cooked sugar, and extremely light oak can balance a cocktail without getting lost, but it can also let the mixer shine as if its meant to take a back seat.

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Papa’s Pilar Blonde – $30

Papas Pilar Blonde

Named after Ernest Hemingway’s beloved fishing boat and now distilled near his house in Key West, Papa’s Pilar Blonde is a perfect match for Hemingway’s favorite cocktail, the daiquiri.

Light gold and slightly sweet with strong citrus notes, Papa’s Pilar is perfect for kicking classic clear rum cocktails up a notch. Blonde rums like Papa’s Pilar Blonde often make for some of the best rums for mixing as it falls into a zone of perfection standing up to its drink mate.

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Mount Gay Eclipse – $21

Mount Gay Rum

Established in 1703, Mount Gay is by all accounts the oldest manufacturer of rum.

Darker in color and heavier in body than the previous two entries, Mount Gay stands up better to mixers like Coca Cola for a classic rum and coke, garnished with a lime wedge of course.

Aged in Kentucky oak barrels, the rum’s floral and fruity notes are balanced by smoke and vanilla.

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Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados Rum – $25

Grande Reserve Barbados Rum

Through a complex aging process, beginning with two years bourbon barrels in Barbados then a year in small oak casks in France, the Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados Rum is aged for three years but carries a color hinting at more.

The amber colored rum is packed with tropical fruit as well as a strong-layered vanilla from the bourbon aging. Its complexity and strength allows it to shine through in with stronger mixers like ginger beer.

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Last updated September 5, 2018, to include details of The Manual Spirit Awards 2018.


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