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Product Review: Finally, an Easy-To-Use Skincare Line for Men of Color

Ceylon Skincare Review

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When it comes to grooming options for men of color, there’s still plenty to be desired. After all, we have specific skincare concerns like hyperpigmentation (aka dark spots) caused by acne scarring and sun exposure. That’s why Ceylon entered the market in 2017. The Black-owned brand relies on a three-step skincare routine featuring a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that are made for men who have higher levels of melanin in their skin.

In a time when interest in male skincare is rising, plenty of grooming brands include people of color in their ad campaigns, but their ingredients don’t always cater to the men they’re featuring. That’s why we wanted to give Ceylon a try.


The brand’s ethos is to create a melanin-positive line that’s gentle and effective, and the proof is in the pudding (or formula, rather). The main ingredient in Ceylon’s products is tea tree oil, which is a natural alternative to treating acne as opposed to Benzoyl Peroxide, a popular zit-fighting chemical that can cause a washed-out complexion for people of color. Tea tree oil can also cleanse and moisturize without stripping your natural oils. Dry skin tends to be more visible on men with darker complexions, which is why moisturizing is so important. Ceylon’s toner contains witch hazel, a herbal plant that helps relieve inflammation, reduce irritation (hello, razor burns!), and that keeps your skin ultra hydrating while achieving pH balance so your mug looks firm and supple.


Ceylon packaging is minimal, giving all of the attention to the most important part, the products, which is incased in order of use: Detoxifying Facial Wash, Hydrating Toner, and the Clarifying Moisturizer with very short, easy-to-follow directions on the side of the packaging. We particularly love this intuitive design, because guys (myself included) can be put off by a grooming product if it involves too many instructions. Another bonus is that the products are all of TSA-approved sizing, so you won’t need to transfer them into smaller bottles when we all start traveling again.


Ceylon Skincare
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The standout star of the line is Ceylon’s toner, which is incredibly soothing, preps my skin for the rest of my grooming products, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Putting on the toner is like adding a refreshing splash of lavender and chamomile to my skin, and helps calm my mind.

As a male of color (and grooming writer) I’ve tried tons of products. Some of them were so amazing that they found a permanent place on my skincare counter, while others I’ve found to be ineffective at best, and damaging to my skin at worst. Ceylon’s hydrating toner has definitely earned its place in my medicine cabinet. Especially during the summer months when my skin takes a big beating from the sun, it’s never been more important for me to find products that can give it some TLC.


At $34.95 for the complete set (you can buy each product individually for $14), Ceylon comes in at a relatively affordable price. The line effectively targets the concerns most men of color deal with — acne, razor bumps, and hyperpigmentation. After a week of using the products, I saw my skin looked clearer and more even, so this line is a no-brainer for me.

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