Make Piña Coladas Easy with New Rum from Don Q

Don Q Pina Pineapple flavored rum
Summer may be starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a good time for a piña colada. The fresh flavors of the pineapple combining with the sweet creamy coconut? And the rum! Oh, the rum. Who wouldn’t want that at all times? Sometimes, though, you might not have everything on hand to make the delicious cocktail, leaving you in the tropical lurch. The latest flavored expression from Don Q, Piña, seems to be making an effort to help that by cutting down on the number of ingredients needed to make a piña colada.

Using a base of Don Q Puerto Rican rums that have been aged between one and one-and-a-half years and one hundred percent natural pineapple, a fruit native to the island, Don Q’s sixth generation rum maker Roberto Serrallés and his team have created their fifth flavor expression since the first, Limon, launched in the late 1990s.

Don Q Pina Pineapple flavored rum

Appearance: Mostly clear but with the slightest hint of yellow coloring—like a really light white wine.

Nose: A mix of fresh and fermenting pineapple. There is a good amount of thick sweetness mixed with a little tropical zestiness. A little bit of white rum is evident, but its hard to find under the pineapple notes.

Palate: Somewhat viscous on the tongue. Ripe pineapple and cane sugar are the primary flavors. Tropical and fairly light considering the sugar content.

Finish: The typical rum flavors come through on the finish. Rounding these out are hints of red apple. A short, sweet finish overall.

Final Thoughts: This is a mixing rum. Ideally, as the title of this piece indicates, in a piña colada, where all you would need to do is add coconut water and bam, now you just need to wait to get caught in the rain. Other tropical cocktails that need a pineapple infusion (or you happen to not have pineapple juice on hand) would be good for this, too—Blue Hawaiis anyone? On its own, it might stand up as an after-dinner drink when consumed neat, but you’d be much better served pouring it over some ice cream or even soaking some fruit in it before grilling them.

Don Q Piña is 30% ABV and retails for around $14.

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