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Harry’s Anti-Dandruff Line Review: A New Haircare Line That Gets the Job Done

Harry's Products

Perhaps you first learned of Harry’s through the brand’s line of well-appointed shaving products. The company has branched out over the years to offer an ever-broader array of men’s grooming products, all of which seem to offer accessible grooming solutions at solid price points. And now,  the brand’s considerable knowledge and experience is being directed toward a new line of hair and scalp care products,  specifically targeted towards anti-dandruff grooming solutions. 

We’ve always kept a close eye on what Harry’s has been doing, and this unique five-piece set (featuring items like an anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner, a scalp scrub and a scalp cream) was of particular interest. Heading into the fall and winter, where dry skin can mean irritation in many forms, we were eager to check it out. Read on for our review of the latest Harry’s grooming launch. 


We specifically tested out the scalp cream and scrub, plus the anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner (an extra-strength shampoo and conditioner option is also available). The <a href=""><span style="font-weight: 400;">scalp scrub</span></a> , a personal favorite of ours, features ingredients like tea tree oil to help with inflamed skin beneath your air, along with peppermint oil for a refreshing finish, while the scalp cream (made to be used daily) uses alba bark extract and is meant to exfoliate and hydrate your scalp.

The anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, on the other hand, is notably made without parabens, sulfates or dyes, a touch we appreciate, and it also includes alba bark extract, creating a thick lather that hydrates your scalp. Taken all together, it makes perfect sense why Harry’s designed such a cohesive scalp care system (more on that in a moment). 


Harry's Scalp Scrub

Harry’s products consistently pop off the shelves both in-store and digitally for the brand’s unique and instantly recognizable design aesthetic. Think sleek and modern, yet poppy and decidedly fun. The Harry’s mammoth logo gets prime bottle placement on the array of dark teal and bright blue bottles, and the product line is pretty pleasing to look at. The design doesn’t go over the top, and that’s a good thing in a world where branding can lean hyper-masculine in regards to grooming products. 


Given that this writer in particular suffers from an itchy scalp and dandruff pretty consistently, the line really was a welcome relief. The scalp scrub specifically gets the job done, acting as an immediate exfoliator without leaving the scalp feeling itchy or dried out. It’s welcome relief right away, designed to be used just once a week before shampooing. 

As to the shampoo  itself, it provided a rich and thick lather that really penetrated dry skin and offered what amounted to instant refreshment (although results can take up to a week to really sink in, pun intended). The scalp cream, as Harry’s describes it, feels “light and silky,” and it’s tough to disagree with that assessment. You can feel the nourishment it provides your scalp after just a few days of daily use, and take it from this writer: That’s really a positive benefit. 

Another added benefit? None of these products require a substantial amount of labor or too many instructions to follow, and that’s a positive if you’ve got other steps in your grooming routine you need to get done (a la shaving using Harry’s razors, for example). Granted, it’s more involved than simply using a regular dandruff shampoo, but the pay-off really exists if you’re willing to go the extra mile (or, given that these products are so easy to use, let’s call it a half-mile). 


Harry's Shampoo

Given the fact that you can get each of the three products mentioned in this review for less than $25 total altogether, we’re willing to call the new Harry’s scalp care line a great value. Again, you’re still spending more than you’d spend on a regular bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo on its own, but that’s a price we’d be willing to pay, and hopefully … you’ll feel the same way. Invest in your scalp care with Harry’s, and reap the rewards this season. 

An even cooler part of the whole deal? The brand teamed up with up-and-coming basics brand Entireworld to throw in a black tee with the whole set for the first 1,000 customers. This is a color you should definitely feel more confident wearing now that your dandruff is under control. We know that’s certainly how we feel.

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