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A close-up view of a man applying lotion to his hands.

Will goat milk soap actually help your dry skin problem?

Is goat milk soap good for your skin? We investigate the benefits for dry skin and other skincare issues, disadvantages, and more.
A Starbucks cup sitting on a counter inside of a store

Low-sugar Starbucks drinks: Start your new year cutting sugar

Cutting sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health. These are the low-sugar Starbucks drinks you should order.
Hands toasting with moscow mules

Keto drinks: These low-carb cocktails are perfect for your New Year’s Eve party

These low carb cocktails won't make New Year's Day such a struggle.
hangover bed water

How to prevent a hangover: 4 steps you should always take before heading to bed after a busy night of drinking

While it's not possible to always prevent a hangover, it's best to do what you can to reduce symptoms before they occur
Eggs in a carton

Why are eggs so expensive? What pasture raised eggs, cage-free eggs, and organic eggs mean

Ever wonder why eggs are so expensive? So have we - so we dug in to find out what pasture-raised eggs, cage-free eggs, and organic eggs really mean
Man in pain on the couch

Constipation when traveling is a real problem: How to overcome it and enjoy your vacation

Constipation when traveling is a real problem. Why it happens, and how to overcome it to enjoy your vacation
A person wearing an Apple Watch while working out.

Apple Watch set for major redesign with new health monitoring features in 2024

The 2024 version of the Apple Watch will definitely look like an Apple wearable, but it may pack new features, according to a new report.
saffron flowers

What is saffron and why is it so expensive?

Ever wondered why such a small amount of saffron is so expensive? We explain what saffron is, why it costs so much, and how you can use it
Parmesan cheese

How (and why) parmesan, pecorino romano, gruyere, and asiago cheeses may help with digestive issues

Think you should avoid cheese when you have digestive issues? Think again! How parmesan, pecorino romano, gruyere, and asiago may help
supplement gummies

Magnesium glycinate gummies: All the benefits, and why you should be using them

Magnesium glycinate gummies: What they're used for, why you should be chomping them down, and why people love them
Two bowls of bone broth

Our bone broth recipe is embarrassingly easy and better than store-bought

This bone broth recipe is really easy, incredibly good, freezes well, and is cheaper (and better!) than store-bought
Black cup of coffee next to a pastry

Why is mushroom coffee suddenly so popular? We’ll tell you

Mushroom coffee is suddenly really popular, but why? We go over its benefits and the most popular brands
A bowl of a keto-friendly dish on a table

Beware the keto flu: What it is and how to keep it from ruining your keto diet

The keto flu can be one of the downsides of starting a keto diet. This is what you need to know.
Japanese beef on teppanyaki

Why grass-fed beef is worth the hype

Grass-fed beef is now found everywhere, and we tell you why it's worth the spend.
Carrot soup

4 delicious crock pot recipes: These low-carb, keto-friendly soups are perfect for winter

If you're craving a soup in the cool weather, these low-carb foods are easy to make in the slow cooker or crock pot.
brown eggs

Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and more: Egg nutrition, explained

The humble egg is a nutrition bomb. We dig into its benefits, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, and more.
Man sleeping soundly in a white T-shirt

The secret to biohacking sleep quality is a painfully obvious lifestyle hack

The foods we eat can help us biohack our sleep quality. This is what you need to know.
Sankt-Petersburg/Russia - July 21 2019: McDonald’s worker holding bag of fast food. Hand with a paper bag through the window of mcdonalds car drive thru service.

Keto diet breakfasts on the go: How to order at Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A

Eating a keto diet? How to order breakfast at McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A — and not break your diet.
Man running outside

Maximize your cardio workout with these easy tips and tricks

Cardio usually isn't fun, we know, but these tips and tricks make your cardio workouts a bit more pleasurable
Yoga class

Surprising mental health benefits of yoga – reduce stress, ease anxiety, and more

Yoga can have a fantastic effect on our mental health. These are the benefits of yoga you should know.
Pouring apple cider vinegar on a spoon

Can apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?

Apple cider vinegar plays a major role in weight loss plans for many. Here's why.
American Heartland Theme Park and Resort aerial

A Disneyland-sized theme park is coming to … Oklahoma? (and former Disney creators are behind the design)

If traveling to California or Florida is a hassle, there will soon be a new Disney theme park rival in Oklahoma.
Deviled eggs

Deviled egg recipe: From basic to advanced, just in time for Thanksgiving

The best deviled egg recipe is subjective, so we're giving you 4 options to choose from.
Person holding an espresso martini glass placing coffee beans as a garnish.

Moscow mule, espresso martini, and more: How to put a fall twist on classic cocktails

We all love a classic cocktail like a Moscow mule or a vodka cranberry. Celebrate the season by adding a fall touch to these drink favorites.
Man in yoga pose outside

4 yoga poses to build core strength you can do anywhere

Strengthen your core muscles with these effective yoga poses.
Thanksgiving side dishes with a turkey

Forget green bean casserole: These Thanksgiving side dishes are healthier than the classics (but still delicious)

Instead of green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, serve these delicious, healthy Thanksgiving sides.
Olive oil and lemon

How to choose the healthiest cooking oil for every meal

Which cooking oil should you use. Learn which ones are the healthiest and which ones to avoid.
Horizontal view of man's folded hands while doing pilates

Pilates equipment for beginners: Transform your home into a world-class Pilates studio

Want to get the best at-home Pilates workout? Read our guide to find out exactly what you need.
Lean meat with vegetables

Stop ordering DoorDash: Healthy dinner ideas and tips when you work 40+ hours a week

It can be difficult to eat healthy when you work 40 (or more) hours a week. These tips and healthy eating habits can help.
Cut open cayenne pepper

The surprising health benefits of cayenne pepper

These are the health benefits of cayenne pepper (and how to incorporate it into your diet).
Ribeye steaks, raw

Everything you need to know about the Lion Diet

Fad, or functional? Here's everything you need to know about the Lion Diet
Spaghetti squash in a pile

Spaghetti squash: Your new favorite low-carb fall vegetable swap

Spaghetti squash is something many pass by at the grocery store, but we've got a ton of reasons you should pick one up next time.
Serving egg bites garnished with fresh chives on a white plate.

An easy egg bites recipe to rule them all: How to make your own Starbucks egg bites

Do you love Starbucks egg bites? Our egg bites recipe is better, faster, and you don't have to leave home!
Baked roasted hasselback chicken stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach

Chicken dinner ideas: Hasselback chicken takes 30 minutes, and it’s incredibly tasty

Need chicken dinner ideas you can rely on any night? Try Hasselback chicken! It takes 30 minutes to prepare, and is incredibly tasty.
Chia seeds, flaxseeds, and others

Chia seeds, cranberries, flaxseed & more: Report highlights why you need to be careful when eating some superfoods

Chia seeds and other superfoods are great, but not if you have a food sensitivity.
Weight loss scale

How to lose weight this fall – 5 food tips from an expert

While many people are tempted to cut calories, Our expert notes that eating too little is actually counterproductive, forcing the body to hold on to weight.
man drinking water outside

Electrolytes are important: Your complete guide to buying electrolyte powder

You know you need more electrolytes, and electrolyte powder is a great way to get electrolytes - but how do you pick a good powder?
Chocolate collagen powder shake

How to use collagen powder in your daily diet routine

We have several creative, tasty ways to include collagen powder in your daily diet routine — and no, it's not just a bunch of smoothies.
Banana and berry smoothie

Smoothie recipes tips and tricks: Make your life easier (and make better smoothies) with these simple insights

Smoothie recipes are easy to come by, but our tips and tricks will help you create your own magical concoctions
Raw steak on cutting board

The carnivore diet: Is it right for you?

The carnivore diet is wildly popular, but is it right for you? We get into the pros and cons of the carnviore diet.
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is overrated – here’s how to make healthier pumpkin spice coffee drinks at home

Tired of going to Starbucks? We don't blame you. Here's how to make your own pumpkin spice coffee drinks at home.
Healthy foods and groceries

Healthy eating on a budget: 9 tips for making your groceries go further

Healthy eating can get expensive — but not if you follow these great tips.
Sporty man training on walking treadmill at home

TikTok just found out what a walking pad is, and it’s going viral. Do you need one, though? We help you decide

TikTok just found out what a walking pad is, and it's suddenly all the rage. Should you get a walking pad, though? We help you decide
man holding massage device

Therabody releases 3 new devices – PRO Plus, Sense, and Relief – that look the same, but are actually unique

Therabody has released three new devices, all with essentially the same form-factor, but each offering a unique way to use them for recovery

A new cardio workout, incline walking, is all the rage on TikTok – but is it any good?

TikTok is saying incline walking, a new type of cardio workout, is a game changer - but is it?
Man treadmill running

TikTok thinks ‘cozy cardio’ is a thing – but is it? We find out

TikTok thinks there's such a thing as "cozy cardio" — but is there? We dive in and find out.
A bowl of a keto-friendly dish on a table

You’ve reached a weight loss plateau: Is fat fasting the fix you’ve been looking for?

There's nothing more aggravating than reaching a weight loss plateau. We discuss what fat fasting is and how to determine if it can help you lose weight.
Three coffee cups at a coffee shop

Light roast vs. dark roast coffee: Which is better?

If you're looking for a caffeine fix, learn the differences between light roast and dark roast coffees.