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Bill Roberson

Bill Roberson

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Bill’s work.

What kind of motorcycle should I get? A guide to the best motorcycle types

Looking for a motorcycle? This comprehensive guide walks you through the different types of motorcycles on the market, from baggers to sport bikes.
harley street rod

Throttle Jockey: 2017 Harley Street Rod, Specs and More

The Harley Street Rod looks much like its Street 750 brother, but it's actually a very different animal in many important ways.
v twin engine

Throttle Jockey: Harley Rolled out New V-Twin Engine, so We Asked Bill Davidson all about it

It's not every day that Harley debuts a clean-sheet redesign of their primary power plant, so we talked to Bill Davidson about the new V Twin Engine.
Indian motorcycle's history

Throttle Jockey: relax post-ride with a new book on Indian Motorcycle’s History

Perhaps no American motorcycle brand has as much of a story behind it as Indian. Now, Motorbooks has released a new tome about Indian Motorcycle's history.
throttle jockey suzukis sv650 multi use do it all fun machine is just right zsv top

Throttle Jockey: the Suzuki SV650 do-it-all fun machine is just right

In the category of Motorcycle That Does Pretty Much Everything Well, the long-running Suzuki SV650 is a perennial winner. For 2017, it's even better.
throttle jockey motorcycling to the power of three zcanam spyder group top2

Throttle Jockey: Motorcycling to the power of three

Think riding a trike is for 5-year-olds? Think again: three-wheelers are packing tech, power, style and improved safety into hard-charging road machines.
throttle jockey ural still makes em like they used to zdust donut

Throttle Jockey: Ural still makes ’em like they used to

You love three things: sidecar motorcycles, classic looks and tough-as-Russian-nails performance. Fortunately, Ural motorcycles is here to serve your needs.
throttle jockey the classic and new motorcycles of royal enfield zroyal 1

Throttle Jockey: The utterly classic (and new) motorcycles of Royal Enfield

Looking for a motorcycle that's capable, simple, affordable, and classy at the same time? Royal Enfield of India has just what you're looking for.
throttle jockey harleys cvo pro street breakout is low but not slow z2016 hd

Throttle Jockey: Harley’s CVO Pro Street Breakout is low – but not slow

Harley-Davidson is solidly embracing the power-cruiser segment and one of the new entries is the 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout.
throttle jockey yell yahoo in your helmet with harleys hotrod low rider s zlrs top

Throttle Jockey: Yell YAHOO in your helmet with Harley’s hotrod Low Rider S

Recently, the folks at the Bar and Shield generously invited me to take a two-day spin on their "new" Low Rider, the sinister and simplified Low Rider S.
throttle jockey harleys expanded sportster lineup has a bike for everyone zsportsters top1

Throttle Jockey: Harley’s expanded Sportster lineup has a bike for everyone

throttle jockey scared of the shifter hondas dct has you covered honda top1

Throttle Jockey: Scared of the shifter? Honda’s DCT has you covered

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be like learning to fly a helicopter: every limb and sense is involved in the process. Now, there's a shortcut.
throttle jockey tour in high style on the new indian springfield z2016 top4

Throttle Jockey: Tour in high style on the new Indian Springfield

Indian has apparently taken all my advice (or just totally read my mind) and released the Indian Springfield, a full-on vintage touring bike. Let's go!
throttle jockey motofocus on the go anywhere kawasaki klr 650 zklr top4

Throttle Jockey: Motofocus on the go-anywhere Kawasaki KLR 650

Set up with legal knobbie tires and additional carrying capacity, riders around the world have circled the planet on their trusty Kawasaki KLR 650s.
throttle jockey bmws new scrambler mingles with customs at the one show z2016oneshowtop

Throttle Jockey: BMW’s new Scrambler mingles with customs at The One Show

BMW brought a new bike - the R nineT Scrambler - the Portland's One Motorcycle Show, but against this kind of eye candy, it was a wallflower.
throttle jockey harleys classic xlcr lives on in the new low rider s hotrod 3093top

Throttle Jockey: Harley’s classic XLCR lives on in the new Low Rider S hotrod

At long last, Harley-Davidson has resurrected - for the most part - the iconic XLCR "Cafe Racer", but now it's called the Low Rider S.
throttle jockey filling that need for speed kawih2top

Throttle Jockey: Filling that need for speed

Spring, while not really "in the air" just yet, is approaching, so I'm starting to get that itch that can only be scratched with serious velocity.
throttle jockey mind the darien gap gaptop

Throttle Jockey: Mind the (Darien) Gap

The Darien Gap is one of the few places on Earth with no roads through it. Now, a group of ADV riders will try to cross it - along with two continents.
throttle jockey bone up on bmws bikes with two big books zbookstop

Throttle Jockey: Bone up on BMW’s bikes with two new books

Two new books detail BMWs offerings over the years, causing many a show to pile up in my DVR while I soaked in the details of BMW's storied machines.
throttle jockey get hip with triumphs stable of capable retro britbikes 2016 triumph t120 top2

Throttle Jockey: Get hip with Triumph’s stable of cool new retro Britbikes

Some up-close inspections and seat-of-the-pants impressions indicate that Triumph has likely taken retro to the next level - the performance level.
throttle jockey bmw gets small and dirty scrambler25top

Throttle Jockey: BMW gets small – and gets dirty

There are two new BMWs headed to showrooms that should pique your interests, no matter what kind of riding history you have.
throttle jockey triumph pumps up the bonneville thruxton models andthruxtonr1top

Throttle Jockey: Triumph pumps up the Bonneville, Thruxton models

Since the re-booted Bonneville and Thruxton arrived in 2001, fans have been asking for more power. Their prayers have now been answered - big time.
throttle jockey single cylinder motorbikes simply a complex world royal enfield continental gt

Throttle Jockey: Single-cylinder motorbikes simplify a complex world

With rare exception, early motorcycle engines were one-cylinder machines, also known as singles, thumpers. Why are they are still around today?
throttle jockey little big bikes pack some serious fun tu250x 2 top

Throttle Jockey: Little Big Bikes pack some serious fun

Motorcycle makers used to offer small-displacement bikes that were also big enough for adults. Now, the trend is back. Let's call them Little Big Bikes.
throttle jockey gilding the lily on a harley davidson cvo bagger top

Throttle Jockey: Gilding the lily on a Harley-Davidson CVO bagger

Despite the cost, complexity, and general overkill the 2016 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide provides, I was grinning the whole time I was aboard.
throttle jockey that special bond between man and low rider tjtop

Throttle Jockey: That special bond between man and Low Rider

Everyone has their Goldilocks bike, a machine that satisfies your lust but adds in something more, something that makes you right with the world.
throttle jockey hit the streets in style on harleys fierce forty eight hd48tanktop2

Throttle Jockey: Hit the streets in style on Harley’s fierce Forty-Eight

Harley-Davidson's sporty line up of middle-weight "Forty-Eight" cruisers are cool, capable and fun to ride.
throttle jockey honda finally brings the africa twin to usa adv riding dr650 top

Throttle Jockey: Honda finally brings the big Africa Twin to the USA

The long wait for a modern dual-sport from Honda is finally over. The Africa Twin arrives early next year.
throttle jockey 5 tips for a great motorcycle tour tour1

Throttle Jockey: 5 tips for a great motorcycle tour

There is no better way to see the world than on two wheels. Here are some tips to making your motorcycle tour fun, safe and memorable.
throttle jockey rise fall and of the 300 ktm390top

Throttle Jockey: Rise, Fall and Rise of the 300

250cc too small and 600cc too big? Check out the new crop of 300cc (or so) motorcycles that are just right.
throttle jockey new think ujm hondas that do it all honda ctx 10

Throttle Jockey: New-think ‘UJM’ Hondas that do it all

Honda is working hard to get new riders on bikes, so they've come up with some novel two-wheelers.
throttle jockey stuart parrs collection of dream bikes stuartparr onbiketop

Throttle Jockey: Stuart Parr’s collection of dream bikes

Stuart Parr is a film and music producer, and he’s got a thing for vintage motorcycles. Now, part of his collection is on display in New York City.
throttle jockey riding in honor of those who served and died pgr14top

Throttle Jockey: Riding in honor of those who served and died

In 2005, a small group of motorcyclists formed the Patriot Guard Riders, or PGR. Here's why - and how - they honor veterans and others.
throttle jockey desert dirtbike getaway part 2 top1

Throttle Jockey: Desert dirtbike getaway, Part 2

It's time again for a journey to the far reaches of Oregon's desolate southern corner for some time away from cell phones, work emails and, yes, family.
throttle jockey way off the beaten path se oregon top

Throttle Jockey: High desert getaway

Riding in the Southeast Oregon badlands, you can get very and possibly fatally lost unless you have a knowledgeable guide along on the ride.
throttle jockey triumph bonneville the practical modern classic 9

Throttle Jockey: Triumph Bonneville, the practical modern classic

Technology, when properly married to a classic form factor, can be a wonderful, capable and stylish thing.
throttle jockey singles therapy on yamahas sr400 retrobike sr4005top

Throttle Jockey: Singles therapy on Yamaha’s SR400 retrobike

The retro Yamaha SR400 isn't a lot things. It’s not fast. It’s not loaded with tech. It’s not modern. But all of those things work in its favor.
throttle jockey italian beauties on parade ducatitop2

Throttle Jockey: Italian beauties on parade

Modern tech and the demands of riders today mean that bikes like these are likely to remain artifacts of glory years gone by. Appreciate them while you can.
throttle jockey just one bike yamahas fj 09 triple does it all yamaha irl9top

Throttle Jockey: Just one bike? Yamaha’s FJ-09 triple does it all

One trend I’m happy to see is the return of the “standard” motorcycle, a do-everything bike that can work and play. Yamaha's FJ-09 caught my eye.
2015 Suzuki GSX R 750

Throttle Jockey: Legacy of the original speed demon

It would not be a stretch to say the original Suzuki GSX-R750 had nearly as much of an impact on motorcycling as the 1969 Honda CB750.
throttle jockey brassy classy blacksquare cb550 bobber top1

Throttle Jockey: Brassy, classy Blacksquare CB550 bobber

There's no shortage of custom bike builders these days, but every now and then, you find something special - really special.
throttle jockey rites and rides of spring opener top3

Throttle Jockey: Rites (and rides) of Spring

Need an excuse to get your gear on and check the tires? Find a "spring opener," a ride organized by you, your buddies or a local club.
throttle jockey spring return to riding pro tips tuneup1

Throttle Jockey: Spring return-to-riding pro tips

If you're like most fair-weather riders, you're probably pretty amped to get back in gear and get back out on the road. But hold on a minute...
throttle jockey indians dark horse big bore cruiser cheap indian 19

Throttle Jockey: Indian’s blacked-out Dark Horse cruiser is a bargain

Indian has introduced the Chief Dark Horse, a stripped-down, murdered-out version of their basic bike, the Indian Chief Classic.
throttle jockey will polaris make first really good electric bramoo empulse r 3

Throttle Jockey: Can Polaris bring some cool to electric motorcycles?

What will it take to get motorcycle riders to really consider buying an electric bike? With Polaris' recent acquisition of Brammo, we could soon find out.
throttle jockey custom cool shines one show top

Throttle Jockey: Custom cool, Portland flavor at The One Motorcycle Show

Show goers were treated to a palette of bikes spread across 22,000 square feet of floor space, a wide selection of beverage choices and multiple bands.
throttle jockey new think scooters will blow away preconceptions t max

Throttle Jockey: New-think scooters will blow away your preconceptions

Don’t tell the bros down at the clubhouse, but I have a soft spot for scooters, especially the new ones.
throttle jockey time pass gas ride electric cbxwallowas370

Throttle Jockey: dreaming of rides past – and of those to come

Most motorcycle owners own more than one bike, just like most people own different cars over time. Some stick with you long after they're gone.
throttle jockey reaching far horizon dualsportadvdesert3

Throttle Jockey: Reaching for the far horizon? ADV bikes can get you there

The ADV magic really hits when you circle those three or four days on your calendar, load up the side cases, turn off the phone and seek the far horizon.
throttle jockey motorcycle myths dont believe em motorbike

Throttle Jockey: Motorcycle myths? Don’t believe ’em

Motorcycling has had more than it’s fair share of negative stories over the years, so here are some myths and truths gathered from behind the handlebars.