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Bottle of olive oil

Try these delicious foods high in vitamin E for skin, hair, and heart health

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant. Learn about the foods highest in vitamin E here.
TUT Fitness accessories.

The TUT Fitness review: Do you need this affordable mini home gym?

The Tut Fitness home gym can be assembled just about anywhere. But do you need it?
Man doing dumbbell rows.

More reps or more weight: Which is actually better for your fitness goals?

Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or give your athletic performance a boost, figuring out the best weight and reps to use is vital.
Man running on street by a body of water.

Best running shoe deals: Nike, Asics, Adidas, and more

Runners and style enthusiasts can get in on some savings with a new pair of running shoes, and we've tracked down the best deals out there.
Custom gummy vitamins

Smart nutrition: Benefits of personalized vitamins and supplements

Each one of us is unique and personalized vitamins and supplements are the wellness industry's latest advancements in optimizing our health.
Saltines on a plate for the Military Diet

Everything you need to know about the Military Diet plan

The Military Diet encourages rapid weight loss. Learn about whether it's healthy and a good option for you.
Fruit Salad

What is the healthiest fruit? 5 items you should be eating daily

The healthiest fruit is not a single fruit, but rather a variety of fruits that offer a range of nutritional benefits.
Shirtless man with his hand on his lover belly

Kegel exercises for men? Yes, you also need to strengthen your pelvic floor

We often hear about Kegel exercises for women, but Kegel exercises are also important for men. Find out about Kegel exercises for men here.
Two people hiking together

8 healthy benefits of hiking you need to know

Whether you're an avid hiker or not, you should take a look at these benefits of hiking to get you inspired to plan your next trek.
A man sleeping peacefully in his bed getting a good night's sleep.

How does melatonin work and how much do you need?

Learn how melatonin is created in the body, the types of people who should take it, and the possible side effects of taking melatonin supplements.
Lemon water with whole lemons

Do you know about these 5 benefits of drinking lemon water?

Drinking lemon water can clear up your skin, aid digestion, and more. Learn how to boost the effects of your lemon water and what to do with the peels.
Man stretching his hamstrings

5 fantastic dumbbell hamstring exercises to take your gains to the next level

Discover five different exercises that only require dumbbells to strengthen your hamstrings and take them to the next level.
Cracked coconut served on a wooden plate.

8 healthy facts about the benefits of coconut water

Regularly drinking coconut water can keep you hydrated, your skin healthy, and more! Read on to learn about why you should have this beverage daily.
Man doing alternating forward lunges in front of a laptop at home.

8 best at-home HIIT exercises to help you get ripped

Kick into shape and/or get ripped with these easy-to-do HIIT exercises.
Bodybuilder doing shoulder press

The 13 best shoulder workouts for an outstanding upper body

Build bulletproof shoulders that are strong and healthy and that make fitting into shirts a challenge by doing these 8 best shoulder exercises.
pull up bar

These are the 5 best supplements for muscle recovery

To help support your fitness journey, explore these 5 best supplements for muscle recovery.
A close-up of a male athlete's quad muscles.

Do these quad exercises to build leg size and strength

The legs are the foundation of fitness, so start your leg day right with the best quad exercises to help build mass, strength, and power.
Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid mattress side view

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid is the company’s most popular mattress for a reason

The Posturepedic Hybrid is Sealy's most popular mattress for a reason, integrating virtues of soft and firm mattresses to create one that will please anyone.
Man wearing shorts holding weight doing a seated side twist on an exercise mat in the gym

Effective core workouts: 4 seated ab exercises better than sit-ups

These 4 seated ab exercises are better than sit ups for strengthening your core
Clarence Hairston

How to do a perfect pushup every time, according to a pro trainer

The pushup isn't just a body weight exercise, according to trainer Clarence Hairston. Learn how to do a pushup with his expert tricks.
red teapot and white cup on wooden table outside with green trees in background

Black tea vs. green tea: Which offers more benefits?

Comparing green tea and black tea, how they're made, and the benefits
Pvolve workout mat.

Pvolve is the best new way to feel the burn (and no, it’s not just for women)

Pvolve has a lot going for it. See if the new fitness platform is right for you.
Pair of dumbbells and a resistance band with handles.

Resistance bands vs weights: Which are better for building muscle?

Discover whether using resistance bands or weights will help you hit your muscle growth goals more efficiently.
Man and kids with bocce balls

Bocce ball – here’s everything you need to know about this ancient game

You don’t have to be a professional to play bocce ball. People of all ages, fitness levels, and skill levels can set up a game and play just about anywhere.
A man walking towards a rocky point overlooking a lake

How many calories does hiking burn per hour?

Hiking is a great way form of exercise and can burn a lot of calories. Find out how many calories you burn hiking.
Sole cyclist on an open road

How to train for your first century bike ride (tips to help you get you through all the miles)

Once new cyclists start gaining miles, a century ride, or a 100-mile bike ride, usually becomes a goal. With these training tips, anyone can succeed.
Assorted vegetables sold at a market.

The Whole30 diet: Everything you need to know

The Whole30 diet is a 30-day dietary reset program designed to help you identify trigger foods. Is it the reset you need?
fish oil bottle and supplements and fish on a white plate on white table in kitchen

Most people don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids — here’s why that’s a problem

Here's why the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids are essential
A man sitting on a wall and holding a glass of beer by the sunset.

Should you wait to drink alcohol after working out? Your questions answered

Rewarding yourself with a cold one after exercising seems harmless, but should you wait to drink alcohol after a workout? Let's find out.
Bounty of healthy vegetables

These are the healthiest vegetables you need to start eating now

The healthiest vegetables for men to eat pack the most nutrients per calorie and contain disease-fighting antioxidants. Ahead, learn the best vegetables to eat.
Image from the 2019 USA Triathlon Foundation Fantasy Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The best swimming workouts, according to a former USA triathlon coach

This 21-day crash course on swimming by former triathlon coach Scott Bay has been condensed into six workouts you can learn and try out to strengthen your core.
Baby spinach

The important health benefits of magnesium you need to know about

Magnesium is an essential mineral with functions from muscle contraction and relaxation to blood pressure regulation. Find the benefits of magnesium here.
Foods high in vitamin A.

Improve your skin and eyes with these delicious foods high in vitamin A

Vitamin A supports the immune system, skin, eyes, and reproductive functions. Find the foods highest in vitamin A here.
Avocado cut in half

5 fantastic mood boosting foods to incorporate into your diet

These 5 foods that boost serotonin into your diet are not only delicious but can also give you the serotonin boost you need for a great mood.
Two fried eggs and salmon served on a blue oval plate.

Try these 11 foods high in vitamin D for healthy bones

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health and hormone production. So, start improving your health and diet with these delicious foods that are high in vitamin D.
Fresh broccoli in a bowl

Cruciferous vegetables are the secret to a healthy diet — here are 9 you should be eating

Discover nine different cruciferous vegetables that can give you a health boost when implemented into your diet.
Handsome young man doing exercise with muscle therapy foam roller

5 effective foam roller back exercises your body will thank you for

Discover five foam roller exercises you can implement in your mobility routine to stretch out your back.
A man and woman laughing after a workout

Do men or women benefit more from exercise? The answer may surprise you

New research suggests that women may benefit more from physical activity than men, especially in terms of reducing cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk.
Wooden spoon with large flakes of salt

Does salt break a fast? The answer may surprise you

If you've ever fasted, you might have wondered "does salt break a fast"? We'll break down everything you need to know about consuming salt during your fast.
Man lifting deadlift bar

These are the 3 types of exercise you should be doing for better mental health, study says

Exercise has been shown to improve symptoms of depression, new study finds.
Black and white picture man shirtless doing cable pushdown exercise in the gym

Overhead tricep extensions vs. cable pushdowns: Study says one of these builds more muscle

Overhead tricep extensions vs. cable pushdowns: interesting new research shows one of these tricep workouts builds 40% more muscle
Stefan Svitko using a foam roller

Massage gun vs. foam roller: Which is better for recovery?

Is it better to use a foam roller or a massage gun to aid muscle recovery after a workout? We consulted with a specialist to learn their relative merits.
Melissa Boyd

A pro fitness trainer tells us exactly how to do a lunge the right way

Want to learn how to do a lunge properly? Tempo Head of Fitness Melissa Boyd has broken it down from your first lunge to your last. So get to stepping.
Friends sharing a meal in a restaurant

Intuitive eating is different from any other diet: 5 tips you need to know to succeed

Intuitive eating isn't just a fad diet; it's a whole new way of approaching your relationship with food.
candy sugary colorful treats in glass jar on white table

These are the best ways to crush sugar cravings on the keto diet

Here are some top tips to crush sugar cravings and stay in ketosis on the ketogenic diet
measuring tape wrapped around a silver fork on orange background

The pros and cons of counting calories for weight loss: What you need to know

Here are the pros and cons of calorie-counting for weight loss
man running in shorts outside on the road

The best Puma running shoes for men in 2024

We take a look at the best Puma running shoes for men, including the best options for novices, trail runners, and much more.
collagen powder

Does collagen count as protein? What you need to know about counting your protein macros

Your daily collagen supplement should not count towards your protein macro goals. Here's why.
man practicing tai chi

Can tai chi lower blood pressure? A new study suggests it can

A recent study suggests tai chi might also be useful in helping to lower blood pressure.
a lineup of garmin watches

There’s a new Garmin watch that’s perfect for beginner runners

This new addition to Garmin's Forerunner line is affordable and features advanced fitness metrics, wellness data, and built-in GPS tracking.