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Black and white photo of Jimi Hendrix sitting in a chair, wearing a cape.

Chelsea boots are the official men’s footwear this fall — how to style your look

Chelsea boots are the official fall shoes for men because they're easy to wear and and even easier to style.
fda warns against nyquil chicken tiktok trend one of the steps in preparation a raw stuffed

FDA warns against Nyquil chicken TikTok trend (yes, really)

There's a new alarming TikTok trend on the loose. "Sleepy Chicken" is the newest fad that's just as stupid as it is dangerous.
best challah recipe

This challah recipe is surprisingly simple and will be a hit on Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is a sacred holiday celebrated with customs steeped in history and tradition, including, of course, special foods like challah.
Future virtual personal trainer service used on mobile with bottle nearby.

Future is the Future of Workouts — Get 1:1 Personal Training, Anytime, for $149

Future is a unique subscription service that gives you one-to-one personal training tailored to you and delivered straight to your phone every week.
A man in a suit listening to music while hauling his luggage in the airport.

Checking a bag? This one little hack can save you from a lost luggage nightmare

Travel chaos is all over the news lately, with many travelers experiencing lost luggage. Here's how to use an Airtag to find your wayward bag.
Juiced Bikes Scorpion

Best cheap electric bike deals for September 2022

Best cheap electric bike deals for September 2022

Here, we've rounded up all the best cheap electric bike deals you can shop today.
A pitcher of avocado oil beside a sliced avocado on a wooden board.

5 ways healthy fats can help save your life (and what you should be eating)

Learn about which fats are actually good for you, what the benefits of consuming them are, and what foods to include in your diet.
the best winter sleeping bag for trekking camping and mountaineering

Cold weather camping tips: How to stay warm in your tent through fall and winter

Cold weather can shift the whole camping experience. Here are some surefire ways to help make chilly nights in the backcountry a little more comfortable.
The trio behind brewery Japas Cervejaria.

Why Japas Cervejaria is one of the most interesting breweries on earth

Japas Cervejaria incorporates the heritage of its three Japanese-Brazilian founders, in creative and delicious ways.
University of Oregon Vrbo bedroom.

Vrbo’s top 5 fan caves for college football fans are making us nostalgic

For college football fans who travel in packs, here's Vrbo's list of popular vacation homes that scream school spirit and serve as spirited headquarters.
ufc 257 poirier vs mcgregor 2 ppv bundle deal conor v donald cerrone

UFC Live Stream: Watch UFC Fights Online From Anywhere

UFC Live Stream: Watch UFC Fights Online From Anywhere

Looking for the best way to live stream UFC fights online in 2022? We've got everything you need to know right here.
best face wash for men

Men’s grooming: What the modern day man needs to know (from head to toe)

The days of the leathery-skinned cowboy are long gone, it's the time for masculine grooming. Here is your guide on looking your best under your clothes.
Future coach stretching before exercises with calves.

The 5 Best Virtual Personal Training Services to Get You Healthy and Fit

The 5 Best Virtual Personal Training Services to Get You Healthy and Fit

Don't have time to go to the gym? No problem. Here are the 5 best virtual personal training services to get your body fit, and stay in shape!
melt shop maple bacon grilled cheese recipe

Level up a childhood fave: These are the best cheeses for a fancy grilled cheese

It's time to put away the Kraft Singles (at least temporarily) and explore some of the other incredibly melty, nutty, savory, buttery cheeses available.
Graphic of a hand holding an electric car up to an EV sign.

Want to buy an EV? These are the 5 cheapest states to charge up at home

The best states to own an electric vehicle are based on cost to charge an electric car, EV tax breaks, sales tax, and other expenses that vary state by state.
Life on the road.

I spent 3 months road-tripping: These are the 5 worst mistakes you can make

I spent 3 months road-tripping: These are the 5 worst mistakes you can make

Life on the road is hard. These road trip tips will help make it easier.
A close-up of granola bars on wooden board.

You’re being duped: 10 ‘healthy’ foods that are actually terrible for you

We have no issue with the occasional fatty food. What we do have an issue with are the foods trying to masquerade as health foods. These are some examples.
running gear and tips from a marathoner mike wardian in fletcher s cover  washington d c

An ultra-marathoner tells us the secret to race training

To complete a marathon, The Manual is here with insider tips from Mike Wardian, whose accomplishments include finishing over 300 marathons and ultra-marathons.
Bearded Man

Men’s style tips: The 15 essential rules every well-dressed man should know

Staying in style can feel overwhelming. Stay up to date and keep yourself looking fresh and in style with these 15 men's style tips.
A smart shop in Amsterdam.

A psychedelic guide to Amsterdam: What to know about getting weird Dutch-style

Ready to get weird, Dutch-style? Here's everything you need to know about taking psychedelics in Amsterdam.
The Huupe smart basketball backboard screen.

A Peloton-like hoop is coming for your driveway basketball game

Paradigm Sports founders Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed will proffer Huupe, a “revolutionary basketball technology platform” and the first smart basketball hoop.
Stellar Pizza's robotic pizza making machine.

How former SpaceX chef Ted Cizma is changing fast-casual with a pizza robot

The former chef of SpaceX is embarking on a futuristic new food project and he's got some advice on the future of the culinary arts.


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