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Tick on human finger

Tick safety 101: How to safely remove ticks (and avoid them in the first place)

Going out for a hike and worried about ticks? We give you some tips on how to avoid ticks while hiking to prevent Lyme disease.
A ski resort in the summer with a lake and resort buildings.

5 great reasons why you should go to your favorite ski resort this summer

There's more to just ski resorts than snow. Sure, they're the place to be in winter, but many of them also come alive during the summer months.
The view from an MSR tent looking out over camping chairs and a lake.

The worst camping mistakes we’ve made (so that you don’t have to)

I've camped enough to make all of these mistakes at least once, but the good news is that you don't have to.
Two people running in barefoot shoes on the trail

Here’s why you should try barefoot running this summer

Barefoot running has gained popularity in recent years, but what's it all about and should you try it?
A runner on a dusty track with scrubland and rocky outcrops in the background.

Garmin’s new watch features for runners and cyclists rival Apple’s smartwatch updates

Garmin has a longstanding history at the top of the active watch industry, and these new features make it even more cycling and running-friendly than before.
A view from the inside of a tent looking out on a campground.

The best camping hacks for first-time campers

Whether you're heading out under the stars for the first time or convincing your buddies it's the way to live, do it right with our camping hacks.
A fully tied figure-eight knot being rethreaded. Yellow and red rope tied around a stump on the grass.

Learn to tie (and untie) a double figure-eight knot

Learn how to tie the double figure-eight knot, perhaps the most secure knot in the world.
An Apple watchOS 10 displaying up-to-date hiking information

These new updates make the Apple Watch a hiking must-have

These new apps and features on the latest operating system from Apple make hiking even easier for all you iOS users out there.
Burton's Pride Collection 2023 consisting a hoody, a t-shirt, and a cap

Burton’s latest collaboration celebrates Pride and the LGBTQ+ community with a middle finger aimed at discrimination

Burton is celebrating Pride with new gear that takes direct aim at discrimination with a not-so-subtle message.
Four-season sleeping bag

Layer up or strip off? What’s the right way to sleep in a sleeping bag?

The age-old myth suggests that sleeping naked in your sleeping bag keeps you warmer, but is it right or should you wear clothes?
Best Waterproof Men's Jackets

How to care for your Gore-Tex gear properly for max performance

Did you know that GORE-TEX requires proper care to keep it working properly? Check out our guide to keep your gear working like new.
Water level view of man on surfboard.

Hitting the beach this year? Stay protected with one of these swim shirts

No matter why you're hitting the beach, you need to protect yourself. These swim tops and rash guards should be top of the list.
Young man hiking through the mountains.

Here’s what you should be doing with your old outdoor gear

When your outdoor gear reaches that point where it no longer serves you, there are schemes out there to make sure it can live on. These are some of the best.
new outdoor gear for camping and hiking 2023 pexels jens mahnke 776117

The camping and hiking gear we’re most looking forward to in 2023

Level up your hiking and camping trips with the most exciting new outdoor gear from our favorite brands.
Four-season sleeping bag

The unsung hero of the camping setup: Why your sleeping bag liner is essential

A sleeping bag liner lets you add warmth to your camping setup, keeps your sleeping bag clean, and avoids any nasty surprises in hostel bedrooms.
A reef knot is tied against a tree

Learn to tie a square knot to secure loads when you’re out camping

There are a lot of knots that any boater or outdoorsman needs to know. The square knot will help with tying bundles or packages.
Two people hiking the W Trek in Chile, mountains in the background.

Set yourself up for success on your next long-distance hike

To be able to successfully complete your next long-distance hike, you need to be prepared. Here are the best ways to set yourself up for success.
Best Tips for Camping in the Rain

Don’t let rain dampen your trip: Tips for camping in bad weather

Getting into the great outdoors means exposure to the elements. Follow our top tips to avoid getting soaked when camping in the rain.
Snowboarder with orange board

Winter may never end! Here’s how to snowboard in spring the right way

Spring riding is one of the best parts of any snowboard season, but finishing the season on a high needs some planning. Here's how to do it properly.
2023 summer x games 2016xgamesaustin1175

The X Games is planning a west coast takeover this summer

The X Games is returning to California this summer with a full slate of skateboard, BMX, and motocross events.
Skinning knife

These are the best skinning knives to up your hunting game this year

Skinning your game doesn't have to be a hassle. For your next hunting trip, be sure to come prepared with one of the best skinning knives for 2023.
burton snowboard retro collection boards ss23retroboards tahoeca blatt 7342

Burton is re-releasing some of its most iconic snowboards ever and we want them all

Burton has re-released some of its most iconic snowboards of all time, ushering in an era of retro-cool boards with modern clothing to match.
Screenshot from a video of an incredible helicopter rescue in Europe.

No room for error — watch as this skiing rescue pilot shows off his skills

This rescue helicopter in Europe hovers just inches from the mountainside during a daring rescue of an injured skier.
trew spring snowboarding gear 230228 ss23 le skieur lw anorak tline 1472 medium

TREW has created winter wear specifically for spring (yes, really!)

Spring snowboarding comes with its own set of demands. Get it right this spring with the new gear setup from TREW.
A circle of Isle SUPs laid out on the lawn on the island where they're made.

New inflatable paddleboard from Isle promises to eliminate every ‘con’ from the category

Isle's new inflatable paddleboard lineup brings portable paddleboarding to the masses without all the headaches typically associated with inflatables.
Low-angle closeup of man walking in hiking boots on the trail.

Get the right hiking boot fit for long days on the trail

Looking for a new pair of hiking boots but don't know how they should fit? This guide explains exactly how to fit hiking boots.
A man in a green and gray jacket whittles a stick to a sharp point

Stranded in the woods? You need to know how to make a spear

A survival spear is an essential tool to protect yourself against predators and to hunt for your food if you're stranded in the backcountry.
Snowboarder with orange board

Is the long ski and snowboard season all due to climate change?

Much of the western U.S. has enjoyed record snowfall, and skiers and snowboarders are rejoicing – but it may be because of climate change.
Walking uphill in the Quiksilver High Altitude jacket

Review: Has Quiksilver nailed the modern-retro snowboard jacket?

I took the Quiksilver High Altitude Jacket to Japan for a month to see how it performed, and here's what I found.
A man on a beach using a smoke signal.

These SOS signals could save your life

Whether you're lost in a forest or trapped in a confined space, be sure to read up on our list of SOS signals to save you from potential danger.
Dangerous hiking at Mount Washington

Type 2 fun: Do we love to suffer?

There are different types of fun when it comes to any outdoor experience, and this article looks at the psychology of enjoying your time outside.
Rhythm Rentals in Japan

Rhythm Rentals review: If you’re hitting the powder in Japan, you should leave your snowboard at home

Dragging ski and snowboarding gear on long-haul flights is expensive and hard work. Use Rhythm Rentals instead for awesome equipment and great service.
Skier digs out fortunate snowboarder stuck in tree well

Watch as this skier saves a snowboarder stuck in deep powder

Watch as this skier finds a snowboarder buried underneath a tree in this viral video.
Man with backpack looks out over Yellowstone National Park's wilderness on overcast day

What’s the difference between 2 and 3 layer Gore-Tex?

As part of the description on a waterproof jacket, you'll see that it says 2, 2.5, or 3 layer GORE-TEX, but what does this really mean? We'll take a look.
A person snowboarding down a hillside.

Going snowboarding in Hakuba for the first time? Here’s what you should know

I spent a month in Hakuba, Japan, snowboarding almost every day and exploring the local town at night. Here's what I can tell you for planning your trip.
In a fishing kayak at sunset

Cast away in one of these top fishing kayaks

Take your angling to a whole new place by hitting the water. These fishing kayaks are perfect to try new spots and expand your fishing horizons.

Start your fire the primitive way with this bow drill method

Primitive firefighting methods are hard work, but they're an integral part of being a knowledgeable survivalist. Learn to make a bow drill fire with this guide.
win splitboard snowboard from twix mars wrigley doughboard

You can now enter to win the weirdest (and maybe coolest?) splitboard we’ve ever seen, from TWIX

With its design contest finalized, TWIX is now giving away 110 of its weird and wonderful splitboards.
bluebird backcountry skiing

Summer skiing? California ski resorts have so much snow, they’ll be open until July

With record snowfall on the cards and a late season, ski resorts in California are going to be open for skiing until at least July.
the best thermals for men aop a young man in merino wool thermal underwear comfortably climbs

Why wool base layers are a winter sports must-have item

Here's why you should never wear cotton in the winter months, and why Merino wool is, in fact, all it's cracked up to be.
Collection of survival food and dehydrated meals.

Stock up for emergencies with these great survival food packs

Having a survival food kit stashed away in your apartment or your car might come in handy sooner than you think. Here are the best survival food kits this year.
k2 mindbender boa boots f23 130 iso front large

K2 releases the first ever freeride ski boot with BOA lacing system

K2's long-running relationship with BOA has led them to this, the Mindbender BOA, the first freeride ski boot with an integrated BOA system. Check it out.
never summer tests snowboard on ice desktop 1400x large

This is nuts: Never Summer tested its newest snowboard on a lake of pure ice

Watch as Nick Larson hits the ice to prove that the 2024 range of Never Summer snowboards have the ultimate edge control in any conditions.
backcountry skiing camp in colorado debuts telluride helitrax brett schreckengost 3

This might just be the ultimate backcountry skiing and camping experience

If you're serious about hitting the slopes and finding fresh powder this winter, check out what's on offer from Mountain Trip.
Slopestyle course at the Olympics.

What’s still to come in the Snowboard World Cup? All dates and venues

From Alpine races to freestyle competitions, there's plenty of action still to come this winter from the best snowboarders in the world.
Couple on snowboards

This is why snowboard boots have forward lean

Whether you're using rental boots or looking to buy your own, you'll have noticed that snowboard boots all lean forwards, but why is that?
winter hiking boots

The best winter hiking boots: Don’t leave home without one of these great picks

Cold weather calls for winter hiking boots. We picked these options for their warmth, water-resistance, support, and traction.
boarding for breast cancer lyp web btbounds dewtour rideday feb2020 walsh 71

Boarding for Breast Cancer wants everyone to ‘love their peaks’

Boarding for breast cancer is raising awareness and funs at ski resorts around the U.S. Find out how you can get involved.
The limited edition Twix Doughboard on a white background

You can now design your own splitboard, courtesy of… Twix?

Who hasn't dreamed of designing their very own splitboard? Well, thanks to Twix, you could see your design on the mountain this winter.
ski season preview gear buyers guide cover

How to buy the right ski gear this winter: A complete guide

It's time to head to the mountains for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding. If you're wondering what to wear, here's everything you'll need in ski gear.